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The Future

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Hey O have been reading a book that contains many of the Hadiths. And I haave to tell you Things don't look good for muslims right now. There were many hadiths that told about things that are happening now to the muslims that the prophet said about 1500 years ago. prophet "PBUH" said that The Muslims be like meat thrown into a pack of dogs. The pack of dogs would be the non-muslims just killing us. Then one of the sahabi's said is this because they are few. And the prophet said no there's many muslims it's just that they're like the foam in a river. What he meant here is that they're widespread and not united dispersed throughout the world. There fore lacking unity and power. He also added that the muslims would go in the muslims loved the love of this world and therefore they're weak in faith and they wont fight even though they're getting slaughtered. example of this is Palestine without a dought.


There's another hadith that told of how the muslims would be victorious and prosper in their early years and then there will be catastrophies that will fall on them one after the other and one when we experience one and then we see the next one we would say this is much worse than the last. This hadith is excelent because it tells how we enjoyed our first 1000 years in islam and we were prospering and then these events happened. First the Fall of the Moors in spain. Then The Crusades capruring Jerusalem. The defeat of the Ottomans by the British and the allies. The Occupation of the muslim world in the early 1900's by Eropean powers in the early 20th century. The Land of Palestine taken by the the british as a territory and then handed over to the Children of Israel. And then the taking over of Jerusalem by Israel. The bombing of Iraq. Then the massacre of the Bosnians and Kosovans. And now all muslims being called terrorists.


I'll continue later i have to go now.

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Asalaamu Calaykum,


Future looks bleak, but inshallah islam will be revived.


The blessed prophet s.a.w said that at the begining of every new era there would be a mujadid (a reviver), so inshallah we have something to look forward to.


Just putting a happy note to it smile.gif

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