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A 11 Month old child dies ...

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ST. PAUL, Minn. -- An 11-month-old girl is dead after falling from the window of a ninth-floor apartment in St. Paul.


The Saint Paul Police Department has identified the baby as Ilhaan Hassan. According to police, Hassan fell from a ninth floor bedroom window, as she and several children were jumping and playing on a bed just below the screened window.


Anthony Parker was outside with his two young daughters at a playground below the 24-story high-rise Tuesday night and saw several children "leaning back and forth" out of an apartment window.


Parker tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press the children, about 7 to 10 years old, were laughing and giggling. He says the window screen appeared torn. Parker says seconds later he heard a "loud smack" and the baby was unconscious on the ground.


After that, the witness says the children in the window began screaming and crying.


Police arrived at the apartment building about 7:20 p.m. The girl died shortly after she was rushed to Regions Hospital in St. Paul.


A statement released Wednesday afternoon by the management of Skyline Towers apartments read "As recently as July 14th this unit had been inspected and the screens were intact. "


"The windows in apartments have safety locks on them and the screens do not open," the statement continued. "Every apartment home will be contacted again to ask residents to advise staff immediately if a screen needs repair or replacement."


An autopsy will be performed but police say it appears the incident was an accident.


Regions Hospital says it has treated seven patients who have fallen out of home windows so far this year and 44 in the last five years. The hospital says most of those have been children ages three and younger.


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alle ha u naxaristo cunugta yar..ehelkedeena sabar iyo imana haka siiyo! I can not imagine what the mother is going through...


*He says the window screen appeared torn.


I don't want to judge but the window screen must have had a gaping hole, for the little girl to actually fall off the window!..


Inkasto qadarta alle marnaba la segeen hadana in walidiintu extra cautious noqdaan way wacantahay..



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