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The Zack

Woman divorces her husband because..

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Loool, I can't watch the video, but I can guess from the comments! lol I agree with Juxa and co, really it is nice for someone to be caring, respectful and loving, but nice is a different thing altogether. Nice guys, are just that nice, they treat you like you are disabled (insist on doing everything for you, as if before them you didnt exist)worry and talking about your issues more than you, they suffocate you with their feels, who wants to know how you are feeling every nano second of the day and generally just make you wanna become a runaway bride. It is a horrible feeling to be nearly worshiped or put on a peddle stool, constantly complimented or adored.


Everything is good in moderation, you will just end up feeling suffocated, overwhelmed and resent such nice person- and probably feel guilty for being ungrateful too. :P


I would divorce him too- unless of course she married him like that in which case why is she surprised? :confused:

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