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Official Champions League 2006/07 Thread

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Liverpool's penalty hero burgled


Liverpool FC's heroic goalkeeper Pepe Reina was burgled on Tuesday night as he was helping send the club through to the Champions League final.

The 24-year-old Spaniard saved two out of three spot kicks in a penalty shoot-out against Chelsea at Anfield.


But he returned from celebrating the win in the early hours of Wednesday to find his home in Woolton, Liverpool, had been ransacked.


A number of high value items and the player's Porsche Cayenne were taken.


Paperwork taken


The grey-coloured car - which has Spanish number plates - was found burnt out in Fleetwood Walk at 0630 BST.


Merseyside Police said the burglary happened sometime between 1900 BST on Tuesday and 0045 BST on Wednesday.


Officers were called to the address at 0145 BST after Reina discovered the break-in.


The goalkeeper, who joined Liverpool in the summer 2005, does not want to comment on the incident.


As well as the car, officers said paperwork, jewellery, and a Bang and Olufsen entertainment system was taken.


Footballers targeted


Reina is the latest in a line of footballers who play in the city to be targeted by burglars, often while they were taking part in matches.


The home of his fellow Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek was burgled in June 2006 while he was on holiday in Poland. His Porsche, jewellery and football memorabilia was taken by thieves.


Daniel Agger, who scored for Liverpool on Tuesday night, had his home in Wirral burgled in September 2006.


In the same month, Reds striker Peter Crouch's house in Alderley Edge was hit by thieves while he was on England duty.


Meanwhile, Dutchman Andy Van der Meyde - who plays for Everton - was burgled twice in 2006.

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Humiliated United, slaughtered by the giant world class Milan, and outplayed, Milan scored 3 classic goals.


It is Liverpool-AC Milan final again, would Milan get the revenge, just as Chelsick wanted the revenge from Liverpool last night, it would be a final to watch indeed.

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What a lovely couple to watch Kaka and Seedorf :D:D:D


Just hope they don't drug test Milan... Gattuso looked really high on something.

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Didnt see last nights game (i was fast asleep). Got up at 1.30am to the sound of a text msg stating Liverpool vs Milan final. Nostalgia hit me as i remembered the final of 2005.


All roads lead to Athens.

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Vintage Performance by Milan!


United were taught how to play proper FOOTBALL...not the mickey mouse sort of football they play in the Premier League :D:D


Italians are masters when it comes to man-marking, they knew United will be puppets on Kaka-Seedorf strings once they stopped Ronaldo which they easily did and there went United's hopes...Gennaro Gattusso had Ronaldo in his back pocket and you could tell Ronaldo was intimidated by him if not scared... :D:D


I believe Milan could've beaten any team in the world last night because everything about them was great...the passing, the movement, the composure and the vision...and United did the opposite to everything Milan did...That's the difference between Average players and Great Players which Kaka & Seedorf certainly are.


I got my predictions WRONG pretty badly when I said it will be United-Chelsea final but NEVER AGAIN and this time I'm not going to repeat the same mistake and would rather go with the majority and the majority expects Milan to lay the ghosts of Istanbul to rest...



Milan is too great to lose two consecutive finals to ONE a team that is very inferior to them in every department and I believe Liverpool used all their luck of this decade to win that final...however, I wish my brothers Northerner & Ugaaska Ireland Nuune ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD.



Salam Aleikum W.W



Peace, Love & Unity.

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Frank Lampard
is to be questioned about the
Reina burglary
as he is unable to account for his whereabouts between 19:45 and 22:15 hrs Tuesday night.



2. In the wake of the ]
GMTV competition
Man Utd
are to sue U.E.F.A for being entered into a competition they had no chance of winning



are you having this problem too?


"I wonder if anybody could help me, I seem to be having problems with my sat-nav. I think it must be knackered as I can't find
Manchester or Chelsea anywhere in Europe
... "


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Originally posted by Northerner:

^^Ronaldo realised he wasnt playing against Portsmouth iyo Charlton!

..iyo Lefribuul icon_razz.gif

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