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  1. We do not have time to entertain why Somalis have to fight or who is with Ethio or against or whatever problems you guys have, except pray for you. We are busy building and strenthening our institutions. We know what Ethio is interested to do: divide Somalia into another three small different countries. You guys invited Ethiopian army into Somalia to score a point, and do not tell me you did not know Ethio never wanted Somalia that was united. Well said. At least someone can be honest about his position and explain themselves. Somaliland whether it acheives International recognition or not right now! Is all but a Fully functioning Country. The same cannot be said of the south of course, but with the ethopian sposnered warlords and their consistent interefrence in the post state colapse of 1991 thats not a supprise either. What is supprising is the extent to which some somali's as individuals will blindly follow and propagate a cause based purely on their tribal allegiance to it and nothing more. Southern somalia had been invaded long before the TFG for its own benefit "invited them in", they inturn used this and their forces to benefit themselves from this. Fully ignoring the long-term damage they would do to the prospect of the south enjoying peace and stability again. The poster i have quoted quite rightly highlights this is only to stop any likely hood of the south returning to peace and order.
  2. Compare and contrast the different thinking behind the two different blocks involved in facilitating or directly participating in the aggression against the ICU and the somali people. Its interesting that whilst the egptian minister along with the EU (who have expressed serve reservations regarding the TFG and its legitimacy) to note that they urgers true reconciliaition and a comprehnsive one at that. Whilst the us one of the arcitects of this conflict and financier of both the ethopians and the warlord's of the TFG instead choises to have a broadside against the now ousted but still extremely popular ICU when praising the Ugandan Peace keepers. It's telling that reference wasnt made to the ethopians, the fact that there isnt a peace to keep in the true sense of the phrase.
  3. Allah ha u naxariisto London these day's sadly has an a cute culture of voilence met with lil or no custodial sentences.
  4. Indeed. When all indicators point to an escalation of the aggression by the ethopians, the likely result is no tangible prospect for peace & lil to be optimistic about. Besides we have the TFG to contend, a silent and US Enslaved UN and an ever growing US military presense and intervention in the region. The only people who can and are rejoicing at the moment it seems are the tribilists happy to see their kinesment in power at all costs. Oh Ethiopia's government has repeatedly said its troops would retreat from Somalia as soon as a complete African Union peacekeeping force is deployed. But observers say the weak transitional government can neither function nor survive without Ethiopian protection. Just like to highlight this as often as i can, as some people here would like to suggest otherwise.
  5. Are we sure were are not mixing up Ethopian troops with this so-called Somali National Army? Forgive the Sarcasm but thats the kind of bull-xaar some supporters of this TFG like to perpetuate! I wonder whether we will be able to get as much news coverage into this latest act of aggression and intimidation violating international law's etc etc. Independent sources at the meeting told Garowe Online that the Ethiopian military informed the clan elders from Galgaduud region in central Somalia to peacefully transfer weapons and prepare for the arrival of an Ethiopian contingent Any optimist care to still suggest that this TFG is running the show? Dictating matters? Look's like Somalia is slowly being colonised.
  6. ^ LOL ^ Oh Allah, Revealor of the Book, the One who is quick in judgment and Defeater of the enemies, defeat the crusader Ethiopians, and their brothers among the disbelievers and those who are in their ranks. Ameen. May allah give them success in this regard.
  7. A Reuters witness saw several veiled women running away from police on Wednesday. Subhanallah what immensily idiotic and backward people these so called leaders continue to show. National police boss Abdi Hassan Awale said the weapons were unearthed at a Koranic school in northern Mogadishu. "For children to be taught in a house with all these weapons buried underneath it, is against our religion," he said. AU officials say they would either destroy the firepower or keep it in custody. what a joke!
  8. Massacre of the looters Inc" and so on. Now now before anybody decides to send any ethopians my way, and just quoting what i am reading. LoL perhaps i am being a bit of a.............hmmmm nitpicker but what the French.connection.united.kingdom? lol Duke how do you get away with making such statements like this? Who's on your payroll lol La xawla. I havent read any news reports of any "looters" that were Massacred, i dont know if you would like to provide such an article for me to reverse my conclusion? We have all however read, and seen with our eyes the news reports that show the massacare of innocent civilians, the rotten corpses not allowed a dignified burial, the shelling of hospitals and the destruction of the Capital's business markets and infstructure. We have also read several articles and news reports that describe A/Y as a warlord and this TFG as an embrassement to the many international organizations who have decided to fund this Gang. So you to be able to side step all of this, and defend without any logic, reason objectivity senstivity and normality this TFG suggests quite clearly that yes old "uncle" is the primary root for support and that is trully pathetic and sad. But hey dont worry your not alone, the somali population suffers this in General.
  9. Paragon This, however, is something I doubt. If anything, I believe reer Afmadow are simply uniting their efforts with the boys that have the 'big Ethiopian guns', which heralds the best chance of success ABWAAN loool ...Afguduud army so hadda waad qiraysaa inuu Itoobiyaan yahay, because as far as I am concerned no Somali troops took over Mogadishu and THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS. lol. No your both are wrong, and the rest of the the international media organisations on the ground. The TFG forces are/have taken controll of the capital mogadisho in a sweeping and successfull secuirty clampdown, where the ethopians were confined to the baraks oh and there wasnt any american help either lool.
  10. What a joke. Perhaps a sympton of the disorder incompetence and lack of anything reslembing lawful behaviour that is to follow
  11. its shamefull isnt it ^^ But then i dont want to be banging my head against the whole so i'll stop myself before i go further.
  12. However the case might be, I don't see how one could say the TFG is "hiding" behind ethio and american military support as the TFG forces are clearly at the battlefront themselves, but I take it as you were using just another meaningless metaphor. If it wasnt such a sad state of affair's i would be laughing, but it's trully pathetic to not at least acknowledge this fact. Its widely accepted that the TFG would have been rowtted as the warlords in Mogadisho were rowted had it not been for teh Foriegn intervension. Ok i shall leave you be if you cannot substantiate what you claim on here ok lol.
  13. Why do u think our brothers in ogedaan continue to be under occuption all though their fight is haaq and they are Muslimeen? Why in Falisteen they continue to be under occupation all though they are Muslimeeen and their fight is haaq? Why did the Sayidka and Darwish lose to the Europeans although their cause was haaq? Any answers yaa Geel? Allahu Yaclam is my sincere (note sincere) answer. Its Allah who grants victory in this life or the hereafter. Laakin in none of the above examples you've given has there been such trecherous act's of voilence perpetrated by so called leaders on their people. And thats the acid test here. If you want to draw any meaningful comparasions perhaps you should like at similar recent conflict countries with similar societial structures as the somali people. Namely Iraq & Afganistan. In both cases not unlike somalia a foreign power, at the cost of the civilian population has struggled and imposed a government on the people and peace remains elusive whilst death and destruction a normal daily occurence.
  14. Interesting to note no contributing thoughts from proponents of the TFG on S.O.L on here!