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cynical lady

Troll, Shaah, Cakes and Sheeko

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Juxa;976277 wrote:
Salaam alaykum and jumce wanaagsan

dear Juxa,


thank you for this salams and good friday greetings. it brought a big smile to my face.


greetings are important, ma garatay? we ought to greet each other more, ruunti.


this really made my day today.


thanks again, inabti. :o



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^ LOOOL, folks love to go to Mr Alpha's Cantarabbaqash corner, i think you should consider signing an agreement with him.




Maanta waxaan booqday dalka Youtube si aan uga ogaado heerka ay dadka gaaban uga noolyihiin iyo xaaladahooda.

> Barnaamij qaas ah oo hada kahor laga soo daayay telefishenka SLNTV baan markaas daawaday, natiijaduna waxay ahayd mid aad ii qancisay.

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Salaam alaykum people.


This place ma dhiman karo inagoo joogna although young Alpha is doing great job and has given us our last rites.


bal warama?

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