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~Rock bands~

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Who's is your favourite rock band, that's if you had to choose?


I would have to go with Good Charlotte (Shut up, OG_M don't say nothing) Of course that is a Aussie band, OG_M Aussie not ozzy :rolleyes:

I love their songs: "The Anthem, Boys & Girls & Lifestyle of the rich & famous)

There are so cool...I am kind of getting bored with R&B...That sh!t never seems to change. redface.gif

Profile of the band:


Name: Joel aka Sickboy (Vocals)

Status: Single

D.O.B.: March 11, 1979

Hometown: Waldorf/ Naptown

Height: 5 ' 9"

Eye Color: Brown

Present Hair Color: Black

Clothing: Diesel, Dickies, Docs, studded jewelry, and belts,

t-shirts, eastcoast clothing, evolve clothing, boxers (sometimes boxer briefs)

Pets: Cash (the #1 stunner)



Food: Cookies (snicker doodles), and anything home cooked

Color: Baby blue

Movie: Any Star Wars and Trainspotting

T.V. Show: The Simpsons, martin, southpark, and seinfield

Cereal: Cinnamon Life

Star Wars: Episode 1

Famous Chick: Natalie Portman

Holiday: Christmas

Restaurant: Rubio's (on the west coast) Acme ( in Naptown)

Rapper: Tupac (the greatest of all time)

Person In History: Elvis, or James Dean

Ice Cream: Mint chocolate cookie

Super Hero: spiderman


Other Things I Love: Anything starwars, going to the movies by myself, cooking, toys, sushi, girls, spiked hair, piercings, tattoos, the east coast, the west coast, clean socks, jewelry, getting mail, shopping malls, veggie burgers,


Things I Don't Love: Waking up, wasabi, rainy days, humidity, every math teacher I've ever had, manual labor, 6th & main, bitter ex-football players


Musical Influences: The smiths, the cure, beastie boys, weezer, cash money millionaires, green day, goldfinger, mxpx, social distortion, depeche mode, the lemonheads, ben lee, the clash, Jimmies chicken shack, Tupac, Fiona Apple, bjork, everclear, nirvana


Favorite Part Of Being In GC: Our fans are always really cool and interesting people, and traveling around the country, and hopefully the world, meeting them is awesome. Especially with my bros.........


Hobbies: I love collecting Mcfarlend action figures, and many other toy action figures, I also collect crucifixes, I like to read, and I love hanging out with my family and my dog cash.......


I would like to say thanx to everyone who's checked out our website, bought our album, or come to our shows, your support means the world to us, and we really do appreciate everything. We're doing our best to represent you all, thanx. See you at the show!


Nickname: Lil' Billy (guitar)

D.O.B: june 15, 1981 Height: 5'11"

Eye Colour: blue

Hair Colour: black

Hometown: Naptown, MD

Sign: Gemini

Status: Single

Gear: Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Mesa-Boogie Amps, Boss Effect Pedals

Clothing: Dickies, Puma, East Coast Clothing, Volcom, Tribal Gear

Pets: Dogs (Bunji, Sam, Cash), Cats (Nelly, Nelson, Stellar) and 127 hamsters

Favourite Colour: Black

Favourite Music: Silverchair, Incubus, Deftones, Michael Jackson, Lit, Linkin Park, Orgy, Korn

Hobbies: collecting toys (star wars, simpsons, comic book characters), buying new clothes, playing music, hanging out with friends

Loves: drawing, comic books, cartoons, girls, going online, music in general, sleeping, tattoos

Doesn't Love: "I don’t dislike too many things except for snakes! I don't have much of a tolerance for really fake people either. I'm actually pretty content with everything." People who don't use their blinkers, really lazy people, meat, annoying people, turtlenecks, snakes.

First Concert: New Kids on the Block

Previous Jobs: McDonalds, Ledo Pizza, Assistant for his mum

Person you wouldn’t mind stalking you: Mandy Moore

Favourite Food: peanut butter, food with peanut butter in it, pizza, sushi, bean burritos

Favourite Movies: Star Wars, The Crow, Who framed Roger Rabbit?, Nightmare before Christmas

Favourite Star Wars: Episode 1

Favourite TV shows: The Simpsons

Favourite Cereal: anything with marshmallows in it.. lucky charms, boo berry

Favourite Holiday: Christmas

Favourite Rapper: Don Gilmore

Favourite Restaurant: Taco Bell

Favourite Ice cream: Ben and Jerrys Peanut Butter Cup

Favourite Superhero: Batman

Favourite Part of being in GC: Getting to meet new fans across the whole US every day with my best friends.

Facts: Billy drives slow because hes afraid of cops. He used to be in a band called Overflow.


Nickname: St Paul (bass)

D.O.B: October 5th 1980

Height: 5'9"

Eye Colour: brown

Present Hair Colour: blond

Hometown: Waldorf

Status: Single

Gear: 5 string Tobiaz Killer B, David Eden World Tour Amp, David Eden Cabinets

Clothing: Doc's, East Coast Clothing, Dickies, Band t-shirts

Pets: Max, Sweat Pea, Cash (the biggest playa in Naptown)

Colour: black or grey

Favourite Music: Pixies, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sebadoh, Skinny Puppy, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tand, Tool, The Misfits, Lagwagon, Rage Against the Machine, New Order, Fugazi

Hobbies: playing video games, reading, writing poety, hanging at Gievel's house with my troop from high school, playing my bass, hanging at my house with my family, going to the movies, driving around Waldorf thumping some hip hop.

Loves: reading Shakespear amongst many other awesome authors, my family, my bed at home that I never see, my GC scooter and my pets

Doesn't Love: being homesick, not having enough underwear or socks on the road, humidity, dumb muscle heads, my high school math department and the fact that I can actually miss Waldorf.

Favourite Food: anything Italian

Favourite Movies: Jacob's Ladder

Favourite Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Favourite Cereal: Golden Grahams

Favourite Person in History: Doc Holiday

Favourite Rapper: Prodigy

Favourite Restaurant: The Palm in NYC

Favourite Famous Chick: Christina Ricci

Favourite Ice cream: cookies and cream

Favourite Superhero: mighty mouse

Favourite Part of being in GC: the fact that I get to do all of this with my best friends


Name: Benji aka "Kid Vicious" (guitar/vocals)

D.O.B: March 11, 1979

Hometown: Waldorf/ Naptown

Status: single

Pets: Cashdog

Height: 5' 7

Eye Colour: brown

Present Hair Colour: black and pink

Clothing: my bondage pants/shorts, grinders, chuck taylors, t-shirt, Eastcoast clothing

Gear: soldano hot rod 100, marshall vintage series cabinet, 68' telecaster, custom 22 prs.



Food: free food, pizza

Colour: black and baby blue,

Movie: another state of mind, Sid and Nancy

TV Show: the Simpson’s, Saturday night live, 7th heaven (Jessica Beale)

Cereal: count chocula or Boo berry

Star Wars: the empire strikes back

Famous Chick: Jessica Beale

Holiday: Christmas

Restaurant: Acme Bar&Grille in Annapolis

Person In History: Martin Luther King Jr.

Super Hero: the toxic avenger


Other Things I Love: 63' Chevy impala, punk rock shows, punk rock girls, girls with tattoos and piercings, goth girls, old clothes, old junk stores, my bicycle, cashdog


Things I Don't Love: humidity, politicians, food poisoning, and anything else I might not like at that certain time


Musical Influences: Minor threat, Rancid, Government issue, Greenday, the clash, Ben Lee, the sex pistols, the beastie boys, Apoptygma Berzerk, MxPx, Oasis, Nirvana, Evan Dando, Dave Grohl, Everclear, Mc Hammer, Goldfinger


Favourite Part Of Being In GC: being able to hang out with my best friends and do what I love to do the most.


Hobbies: I like to hear new bands in spare time, people watch, get coffee and have good conversation, go to shows, play with cashdog.

Oh, Benji & Joel are kind of cute...Who are your favourite rock bands? :confused:

Blink 182 are kind of cool :cool:

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ill keep my comments about good charlotte to myself.

rock, classical rock there is no messing with coldplay, i love them.


others would be rage against the machine

the white stripes

the hives

dave matthews band

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Miss_lexus> i agree wid u on good charlotte, i think they are pretty good...

ma list is....

creed,matchbox20,evanescence,limp bizkit,liz phair,nickelback sure there is more but thus all i can think about now....peace

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OG Moti   

Rock band ozzy one(Mizz_lexus Aussie -is when u want to respect them- but i dont smile.gif ) , and good one? and u guys calling them great band, oh my god u guys just insulted not only rock music but the whole music world by calling ozzy band cool and good, i dont beleive this is hapenning, if bob marley was a live he would said "To rock to cry, reggie is the crowd, life is weird, i wish i was dead," then he would taken a deep breath of finest jamaican weed and dropped dead, guys dont wake the dead rock men from their graves please...


and what is this i got tired of R & B ofcourse u would when u listening to ozzy R & B u would, who wouldnt...


somealien dont keep it, express, say u hate their name and u sure hate their music and say it out loud and add u wish they were not born in this world, be expresive dont keep the sadness in ur heart spillet out.... it is unhealthy to keep things... peace


p.s shut up to me? mizz lexus? i will say this

This morning i woke up tears in my eyes cause i heard that mizz lexus got banned last night lool

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^ its a profile..what did u expect for her to create the profile out of the blue?


The ones i love her..Creed, Matchbox20, Coldplay, Nickleback and Davemathews band...i dont know Good Charlotte look like a hybrid between punk and pop..not a very good combination.

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A young mohammed attah no plane lessons cocaine lessonsjust a plot of towers Before they crashed and divided the towers I'm hurtin' working hard to reprovide the towers, like Bring 'em back up, lift 'em back up *****z back up, or lift us back up>>>> Juelz



"Got Problems,i worship the late prophet tha Great Mohamed,Atta for his courage behind tha wheel of tha plane" - Prince Juelz




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Shut up, mate

This morning i woke up tears in my eyes cause i heard that mizz lexus got banned last night lool

Huh? :confused: OG_M I know you would have missed me ;)


Section6er, seriously you think you are funny with those pictures, Attention seeker, Trying to get Rudy’s attention, Uff :rolleyes: God bless that Mohammed.


Jawahiir smile.gif


Mindstate, Ouch~ redface.gif

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