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American soldiers in Somalia

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Ciidamo Maraykan ah oo soo dhoobtay Deeganka Raaskambooni ee Koofurta Dalka Soomaaliya


Kismaayo-05.May.2004 Wararka ka imaanaya Magaalada Kismaayo ayaa sheegaya in ciidamo Maryakan ah ay shalay soo dageen deegaanka Raaskambooni oo 190 km dhinaca Kenya kaga beegan Magaalada Kismaayo.


Ciidamadan Maraykanka ah ayaa wararku sheegayaan inay halkaasi yimaadeen shalay galinkii hore iyagoo ku hubaysan hubka nuucyadiisa kala duwan sida gawaarida gaashaaman iyo Diyaaradaha Khumaatiga u kaca ee loo yaqaan Helecobtarada.


Ciidamadan oo tiradooda lagu qiyaasay ilamaa iyo 100 askari waxaana la sheegay in dageen oo ay fariisin ka samaysteen Halka lagu magacaabo Kayuungo oo ka tirsan deegaanka Raaskambooni oo ku yaal cirifka ugu dambeeya ee xuduudka Soomaliya ay la wadaagto Dalka Kenya.


Ciidamadan Maraykanka ah ayaa sida wararku nagu soo gaarayan waxay ka soo kicitimeen Xeebaha magaalada Mombaasa ee Dalka Kenya oo ay ku leeyihiin saldhigyo badeed malatari.


Ilaa iyo haatan xukuumada Maraykanka gaar ahaan waaxaheeda Gaashandhigu wax war ah kama soo saarin ujeedada ciidaman iyo tagistooda deegaankaas iyadoo ay jiray in dhawaanahan ay Ciidamada Maraykanku gaafwareegayeen hawada Soomaaliya,iyagoo sheeganaya inay ilaalo ka hayaan firxada kooxda Al-Qaacida oo laga cabsi qabo inay Soomaliya gabaad ka dhigtaan ka gadaal markii salka lagu rujiyay hogaamintii Talada Dalka Afganistaan ee dhaqdhaqaaqa Taliban-ka]

Dhanka kale Ciidamada Maraykanku waxay sidoo kale tiro ka dhawr jeer tageen ama ay ku dhawaadeen Jasiiradaha Soomalida ee ku yaal Badweynta Hindiya gaar ahaan kuwa Jula jawaay iyo kuwa kale ee ka agdhow.


Sidoo kale Ciidamadan Maraykanka ee yimid deegaanka Raaskambooni ayaa waxay ku soo aaday xili Xukuumada Kenya ay ciidamo soo dhoobtay xuduudaheeda ya la wadaagto Soomaaliya.


Maraykanka iyo Kenya ayaa dhawr jeer waxay afka ku balaariyeen in Soomaaliya halis badani ka jirto oo ay hoy u tahay kooxaha argagixisada ah ee sharci ka boodka ah.

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Somalia abuzz with glimpses of Al-Qaeda boss


Reuters Nairobi May 4: Cyberspace is the only sure place to find the man the United States says is Al-Qaeda’s top Africa bomber, a master of concealment still at large despite a 5-year-old manhunt.


The baby-faced features of Fazul Abdullah Mohammed peer mockingly from the Federal Bureau of Investigation most wanted website, which offers $ 25 million for help in hunting the Afghanistan-trained militant.


Washington says Fazul is a key suspect in the 1998 bombing of the US Nairobi embassy which killed more than 200 people within minutes of a blast at the US mission in Tanzania.


The elusive Comoran-born Fazul, aged about 30, also masterminded an attack on an Israeli-owned hotel in Kenya in November 2002 that killed 15 people, US officials say.


Failure to apprehend the slender militant has strained nerves along Africa’s eastern seaboard, where terror-related US travel warnings have hit once lucrative tourism income.


The trail grows warmest in Somalia, the chaotic country where Fazul, an accomplished linguist and computer expert with at least 18 aliases, is believed to have been hiding for most of the past 12 months.


In many ways the ruined country is a logical choice: after 13 years of militia anarchy it has no government or police and is too dangerous for western investigators to visit often.


But it has drawbacks for the Comoran too: it is a gossipy society where a stranger’s presence is quickly noted.


In the most violent region, the south, it is not hard to find people who say they have seen Fazul. While the FBI reward might inspire unwelcome creativity in informants’ reports, sightings of Fazul or his associates have sometimes proven very reliable.


In March 2003, a suspected associate of Fazul, Suleiman Abdalla Salim Hemed, a Yemeni, was captured in Mogadishu with the help of warlord Mohammed Dheere and is now in US custody.


Hopes rose of a usable lead to Fazul, but he slipped away.


In late 2003, some militia bosses and ordinary residents reported Fazul audaciously moving around Mogadishu with a team of bodyguards recruited from a variety of Somali clans.


“We get a look at him two or three times a week,” one of Mogadishu’s top warlords told Reuters in January 2004. “He is guarded by a dozen or so bodyguards.”


This year, militia sources say, Fazul has sought sanctuary among the mixed-race, minority communities that live in villages dotted along the coast between Mogadishu and the Kenya border.


His Comoran looks blend in well with the coast’s Benadir and Bajuni people of mixed Somali, Arab, Persian, Portuguese and Malay ancestry. Some of these settlements — ancient communities a world apart from Somalia’s major inland nomadic clans — speak a dialect of Swahili, one of Fazul’s five languages.


Reliable or not, that account fits with Fazul’s known method of “hiding in plain sight”: adopting the guise of an itinerant Islamic preacher, he settled in a very similar isolated Kenyan coastal village, Siyu, in 2002, evading detection for months.


“We hear this man is wanted. Well, I can tell you he stayed here without a problem,” Aliyow Haji, an elder in Gendershe village south of Mogadishu, told Reuters in early April.


Local residents said that every morning during a recent visit Fazul exercised on a beach near Gendershe before an outbreak of factional fighting prompted his team to leave for the Hamar Jajab district of south Mogadishu.


In a report by a militia on his movements from February to mid-April, Fazul visited southern Kismayo port, the villages of Kudha, Madhomo, Darusalam and the inland town of Dinsor, where he apparently traded precious stones.


“Some of those coastal communities are extremely remote, to the extent that he could hide but he couldn’t do much. For Fazul it would be the equivalent of putting yourself under house arrest,” said US Somali watcher Mr Ken Menkhaus.


Somalia’s political and militia leaders, themselves collectively responsible for 13 years of bloodshed among their own people, are hardly the most credible of informants.


But the sightings by ordinary people beg the question: if Fazul is so visible, why does no one apprehend him?


The answer comes in two parts, Somalia watchers say.


US policy is that arrests of Guerrilla suspects in East Africa should be made by the “host nation” in order to build a cooperative relationship with Washington and, in Somalia’s case, perhaps also to avoid mishaps in a violent country where US military intervention has a sorry record of failure.


That puts the responsibility squarely on Somalia’s de facto government — the warlords. But they are reluctant to act.


The militia bosses recall that Dheere became unpopular among many factions in Mogadishu because of Hemed’s arrest, which was seen as an anti-Islamic favour to imperialist Washington.


Secondly, capturing Fazul could mean killing his bodyguards, which will involve clan blood feuds, and perhaps also complicate ties with hardline Islamist elements. Just to catch a suspected militant — a matter of no importance to ordinary Somalis simply struggling to survive — the risks just are not worth it.


“We will let him be... It will cause us a headache if we intervene,” the Mogadishu warlord said.


Brigadier General Mastin Robeson, commander of a US task force based in Djibouti, told Reuters he did not know where Fazul was, adding that it was difficult to work discreetly on the ground with friendly forces.


“There are a number of people who have been allegedly sighted but when we investigate those with host nations, frequently those are not true,” he said.


“At this point we do not have him pinpointed,” he said of Fazul. “It’s difficult to get anybody who can ‘blend in’ to the countryside, particularly if what you’re trying to do is get host nations to take the lead.”

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If this report is true, it will be another attempt by the US military to divert the world attention from what is happening in Iraq right now. Nice try huh :D

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^^lol! I think your right there. What worries me is America's motive in Somalia.


It's a bit surprising that a 'super power' like America is struggling to find this geezer in a 'land of anarchy'.


Honestly, if he really is in Somalia (which I doubt) it would be really easy for them to catch him. They’re even offering 25milion dollars for the dude - which warlord would pass that up?



Anyhoot- ppl check this out... man! I thought this wanted thing only happens in cowboy flicks :rolleyes:









Aliases: Abdallah Fazul, Abdalla Fazul, Abdallah Mohammed Fazul, Fazul Abdilahi Mohammed, Fazul Adballah, Fazul Abdalla, Fazul Mohammed, Haroon, Harun, Haroon Fazul, Harun Fazul, Fadil Abdallah Muhamad, Fadhil Haroun, Abu Seif Al Sudani, Abu Aisha, Abu Luqman, Fadel Abdallah Mohammed Ali, Fouad Mohammed





Dates of Birth Used: August 25, 1972;

December 25, 1974;

February 25, 1974 Hair: Black

Place of Birth: Moroni, Comoros Islands Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'3" to 5'5" Sex: Male

Weight: 120 to 140 pounds Complexion: Dark

Build: Unknown Citizenship: Comoros, Kenyan

Languages: French, Swahili, Arabic, English, Comoran

Scars and Marks: None known

Remarks: Mohammed likes to wear baseball caps and tends to dress casually. He is very good with computers.





Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was indicted on September 17, 1998, in the Southern District of New York, for his alleged involvement in the bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya, on August 7, 1998.





The Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, is offering a reward of up to $25 million for information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction of Fazul Abdullah Mohammed.








FBI Most Wanted

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Originally posted by B_A_L_L_E_R_Z:


And he lives in West London ;)


Great! I smelis (smell) wealth :D


*need to start hanging out in wembly* :cool:

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^^That won't happen dearest. My friends at the FBI will be there to protect moi :D


Now, tell me. Do you want to come to some sort of a compromise with me? ;) Say, if you tell me about your brothers’ whereabouts - I might share some of my wealth with ya. You don’t have to feel bad- I’m sure Guantnamo Bay – will do him a world of good. Anything is better than hanging with those wolves from Wembley, I’m sure :D



Anyways… back to the topic. Sorry LST smile.gif


I think there is something very sinister about the placing those American soldiers in Somalia.

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LST-About the US military occupation in part of Somalia-I think BUSH is looking for a campaign booster since elections are in the vicinity :( -you know so that he could add to his white-house CV apart from capsizing Sadaam and alike icon_razz.gif . Besides, weren't they keeping an eye on the "somali-shores" to begin with(I mean overlooking the somalian coast from D'Jibouti and Kenyan Coast by way of Indian Ocean)?


Ameenah-the suspected mastermind has similar name to MOI ;) (I hope my phones are not tapped-lord of mercy) :D .

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“We hear this man is wanted. Well, I can tell you he stayed here without a problem,” Aliyow Haji, an elder in Gendershe village south of Mogadishu, told Reuters in early April.


“We will let him be... It will cause us a headache if we intervene,” the Mogadishu warlord said.


Guys, this tells you wadaadadu ninkay wataan looma geli karo. Make friends with Al-itihaad if you want to be safe in Somalia.

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^^^How he said it could use some presentation, but there aren't any people in the world who talk more then Somalis.


As Ken Menkhaus said "there are no secrets in Somalia". :D

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Originally posted by Mad Mullah:



I'm going to Somalia this summer. I'll be keeping my eyes wide open for these guys.


The hell with this fazul dude, I'll be looking for Osama bin Laden himself fo sho!


What shall I do with 25 million USD......


I would make it all 20 dollar bills and swim in the money like in the cartoons and buy my hooyo a big big villa in Mecca!


$25 million of Fiat money???? Thanks, but I'll pass on that.


I hope you don't think for moment it's right to sell out (literally) an alleged muslim militant (info from the same people who 'produced' The Bay of Pigs, WMD and Operation Iraqi freedom at Abu Graib). If this guy did what they say he did, then that's an issue between him & Allah.


But, handing over Muslims to Kaafirs to be tortured and killed, and you'll do it for money, then you'll take that money and buy your mom a Mecca..... check your priorities

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