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More confusion over so-called PL Agreement

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I hate these little snippets whereby folks change the topic simply to avoid the real argument.


So Siad Barre or not, those roads would have been built in Somalia either way. And ironically it was Siad Barre who has reduced the Somali people into butchering each other on basis of clan membership.

WTF are you talking about?! Somalis have been butchering each other because of clan membership for centuries - before, during and after the Colonial Era! How is that Siyad's fault? Its human nature to blame one man (i.e. Siyad Barre) for all our problems and misery. And who knows whether those roads would be built or not? My point is - which you're trying to avoid - the now ever-important north-south artery through Somalia was built under Siyad's leadership. Hell, Garoowe was a dusty little village before that road was built through it and Reer Nugaal began to move en masse from the coast (degmada Eyl). Similar situations ocurred because of that highway.


Like I said, let's stick to the topic - and let Gen. Siyad Barre RIP.


hopefully Geedi will concentration on
his people
in the south and get their act together.

Iga raali noqo, Adeer. Anaaba kaa daran oo la murmaaya xoolaha daaqa. Both you and your corrupt morals can RIP!

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Speaking of Garoowe being a little dusty village prior to the new road build by the chinese, can I remark that it was proposed by clan elders to Mr Hassan Farah Abshir to also cover degmada Eyl, hence because he was very close to the relevant authorities and the president marxuum Maxamed Siyaad Barre (illaah ha uu naxariistee asaga iyo intii muslim ah oo geeriyoodey aygoo ashahaadanaayo) to get his signature but Xassan out of xaasidnimo to his own people lost the petition and it was never presented to the president.


Now the city of Eyl is deprived and undeveloped. It urgently needs investment and capital. First of all we need a road that connects Eyl City to the Capital of Garoowe.


If we get a paved road then the possibilities of the City of Eyl developing and becoming a tourist spot amongst Somalis will likely increase.


So lets hope that the money we get out of the deal is put where it is needed.


We desperatly need new roads that connect Eyl City to Garoowe and the rest of Nugaal, Sool and Garacad, another road that connects Gaalkacyo with Garacad, and a road that connects Xaafuun and Bander Bayla to the already existend road network build by the chinese.


Thank you.


P.S. Arguing about Siad's reign isn't constructive it will only further devide our people. Siyaad was a man who was an accomplished man with many talents, when he spoke the whole room silenced because he was an able speaker and communicater who could influence people.


During his reign the nations of Africa looked up to Siyaad because he a was strong character.


I would substitue our "garbage existence" anytime with the glory days of Siyaad's reign, where Somalia was actually held high amongst the world community and now we're the lowest of the low.


Like all man he had his shortcomings but on the other hand no-one is perfect.


Don't get me wrong here, many of my people have been mistreated and abused, we as a family had our future secured because my father and mother had a good education, they spoke many foreign languages but they had all to give it up because there life were endangered. So they had to go to live in exile even before the 77/78 war with Ethiopia.

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Thank you for that!


Originally posted by Yoonis:

Mr Hassan Farah Abshir...First of all we need a road that connects Eyl City to the Capital of Garoowe.

Don't get me started on Xasan Abshir - he's a traitor of the highest caliber. Thus, why he's still involved in Somalia's dirty politics (because no man with a conscience can be part of today's Somali politics).


Anywho, there's always been plenty of talk about finally connecting Nugaal's two major districts, namely Garoowe and Eyl. Awoowe Mire Awaare (Allaha u naxaristo) used to work hard to try and raise money and encourage foreign investment to build the Garoowe-Eyl road. But his efforts didn't work because, back then (mid-90s), political stability in NE Somalia hadn't been reached yet. But his original spirit has yet to rest. Sooner or later, we'll connect Eyl to Garoowe (insha Allah).

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Waqti dheer baad sugi


Geedi will concentration on his people in the south and get their act together

His people.....Hmmmmmm...I thought he was your prime minister which I guess would make his people.


Back to the topic.....These men dat are heading Pland, and other tribal fiefdoms in Somalia are just here to benefit themselves N they would enter into deal as long as they get piece of the pie.

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Sticking to the topic? The topic is over, THE DEAL IS GOING THROUGH. I said from the beginning that it would and nothing could stop it.So what is the issue here? Puntland admin said it would go through with it and it is. I heard so much talk about, our land is not for sale and other garbage, but now that the deal is finalized, the arguement is over.

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Sooner or later, we'll connect Eyl to Garoowe (insha Allah).

Some Reer Eyl pirates have hijacked a Ukrainian ship with 22 Ukrainians on board, demanding $700.000 dollars. So maybe that bumpy road from Sinujiif to Eyl will be paved sooner rather than later. smile.gif


On a serious note, this piracy is increasing. It has been kicked off by the Reer Bari, now it has become a fashion throughout the Somali coast. You just purchase a boat, GPS and Radio equipment to track those scumbags down, a machine gun and paint "Somali Coast Guard" on the sides of the boats and before you know it, you're enjoying freshly made Bortuqaal in your new mansion in Bosasso. No more financial worries, you're set for life.


PS Finally the BBC has come to senses:



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Somalipride what do you know about HAFZA (Horn of Africa Free Zone Authority). Are they doing anything in PL now?


Are they related to consort / range deal?


The Puntland State of the Federal Republic of Somalia has commissioned October 2004, HAFZA Ltd. of Alberta, Canada to be the operating body for establishing several free zones throughout Puntland. HAFZA Ltd. trades under the business name of the Horn of Africa Free Zone Authority (HAFZA).


The philosophy of HAFZA is that, although it is a private corporation, it is to be considered as one of the government’s tools so as to enhance the region economically. HAFZA proposes to achieve this with the development of new and/or redevelopment of existing sea and airports throughout Puntland.... all operating as Free (tax exempt trade) Zones.


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Well the deal is not going ahead my friend , I fear a civil war will take place before that happens. We can speculate all we want, that the deal is done and Range resources has the permission of the TFG, but the matter is, either we lose these odfend, fraudulent and immoral individuals in my opinion, and find an alternative company with a respectfull past. Or we might aswell wait for some dire repercussion.




On a lighter note - Sky, where in the BBC artical did you read about the Eyl pirates? I'm really interested.



A Recent artical released by -



A Punt too far?


Steve Rotherham



Tuesday, October 18, 2005


PERTH exploration minnow Range Resources has had its astonishing deal for exclusive petroleum and mineral rights in the Puntland region of Somalia called into question by the Somali government.


In a letter to the Australian Stock Exchange but not released to the market, Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi said the deal with the regional government in the eastern Somali state of Puntland was invalid because only the country's transitional federal government could negotiate the sale of mineral and petroleum rights, The Age newspaper reported.


Gedi has offered to cooperate in any investigation into Range Resources's claims, according to the newspaper, which said it had obtained a copy of the letter.


This contradicts a statement on Range Resource's website, which reads: "The Transitional Federal Government of the Republic of Somalia has provided written approval with regards to the validity, operation and effect of the Puntland agreement subject only to amendments being made to the Contract of Work to reflect the constitutions of both the Federal and Puntland Governments."


Range Resources has also said the government of Puntland was democratically elected and independent and had the power to negotiate and sign the contract with Consort Private.


On October 5, Range announced it had agreed with a foreign company, Consort Private Ltd, to buy 50.1% of the sole and exclusive rights to all mineral and oil exploration and development in Puntland.


Consort Private is believed to operate through a London law firm and to be registered in the Maldives. It signed a contract with the Puntland government on August 30 at Dubai's Hilton Hotel.


Range Resources plans to fund the deal through a $3.45 million rights issue.


The deal between Puntland and Consort has been very controversial in Somalia and has increased tensions between the federal and Puntland governments.


On August 28, just two days before the contract was signed, the Somali prime minister warned foreign companies and investors that local administrations could not legally negotiate contracts over natural resources.


"Foreign companies should desist in attempts to deal with local authorities ... without prior written consent from the federal government," Gedi said.


"Any violation of this will result in negative consequences and the responsibility will lie with the culprits. Until the government puts in place specific legislation for natural resources management, such as a national hydrocarbon law, it will be categorically impossible to give concessions."


Meanwhile, a Somali resource and management consultant living in Melbourne has also weighed into the debate, criticising the Range Resources deal on several grounds.


Dr Ali Abdullahi M Barkadle said the Puntland contract gave an unfair advantage to Consort Pty Ltd and Range Resources by lumping together mining and oil concessions and giving the whole state – roughly 212,000 square kilometres – to a single company was unheard of.


"It seems the negotiators had a very limited understanding of the mining and oil industry or were in need of quick money, Barkhalde said.


"Puntland can be divided into many blocks using modern GIS systems. The area of 212, is too huge for a viable study to be done on. Even multinational corporations with huge budgets for explorations cannot bite into such a huge cake without damaging shareholder value."


Barkhadle also said the Puntland government had handed over areas that have been in "force majeure" without due consent from original concession holders.


"Somalia had issued a number of concessions and prospecting licenses to a number of International Oil companies in the 80s when Hunt oil discovered oil in Yemen that protruded into Somalia," he said.


"Ownership questions still remain since most of these companies declared force majeure."



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email to:


Dear Mr. Rotherham,


Did you contact the company before writing this article?


Did you review Range's Oct. 10, 2005 Announcement " GOVERNMENT SUPPORT FOR PUNTLAND AGREEMENT"? See below.


Did you check-out the background on Dr.Ali Abdullahi M Barkadle and ask why he would be saying what he is about Range? See below.


Did you see or review the BBC Monitoring Africa article (Excerpt from report by Somali independent Shabeelle Media Network website on 7 October): Somalia: Rift over oil exploration in Puntland reportedly resolved ? See below.


Did you review or see the "Ministers Speech " made in Dubai on Aug. 30, 2005? See below.


Mr.Rotherman once you have reviewed all of this material would you be so kind to reply to me as to your thoughts and views.





10 October 2005


Company Announcements Office

Australian Stock Exchange Limited

20 Bridge Street

Sydney, NSW


By E-lodgement




In reference to the Company's announcement last Wednesday, 5 October 2005 and following a number of shareholder and media queries in respect of the regulatory approvals required from relevant Somalian and Puntland government bodies in order for the Heads of Agreement to take effect, the Company is pleased to advise the following:


􀂾 the Puntland Government has already provided Consort with in principal approval for the deal as contemplated by the Heads of Agreement with Range. Range and Consort are currently procuring the formal mechanical approvals required under the Puntland Agreement itself but does not see the process as potentially affecting any of the material terms contemplated by the Heads of Agreement; and


􀂾 the Transitional Federal Government of the Republic of Somalia has provided Consort with written approval with regards to the validity, operation and effect of the Puntland Agreement subject only to amendments being made to the Contract of Work to reflect the constitutions of both the Puntland and Transitional Federal Governments. The Company views these amendments as more mechanical in nature and does not foresee any major problems in satisfying the regulatory approvals required as conditions precedent under the Heads of Agreement.


The Company looks forward to updating shareholders as to the progress of the Puntland project and the satisfaction of the various conditions precedent.


Yours faithfully


Company Secretary



It begs the question why these articles are being printed. The source seems to be in question as to his motive. The individual giving the information to the press is:



The writer Dr.Ali Abdullahi M Barkadle is a Resource and Management consultant to Lundin Petroleum AB and other International organizations he is also the Chief Executive of Amsas consulting, and was a former Presidential candidate for the Federal Republic of Somalia. He can be contacted at



Motive might be that he did NOT get the deal that Range/Consort did and that the fact he was NOT elected President for the Federal Republic of Somalia.



The state of Puntland on the northern parts of Somalia has agreed to work with Amsas Consulting on the best ways of bringing investors into the Oil and Gas sectors of Somalia.


In a closed door meeting between the President of Puntland HE Adde Muse Hirsi and the Chief executive of Amsas consulting Dr.Ali Abdullahi they came to the conclusion that new concession proposals will be passed to investors in the Oil and Gas sectors. The federal government and the state of Somaliland are also having contacts with Amsas Consulting on the best ways to bring investors into these sectors.


Amsas Consulting are experts in Project Management in the mining and upstream oil industry. We have done projects in Zambia, Zaire, and Kenya with other activities on the pipeline in Somalia and Sudan.


Puntland was at the center of oil explorations in the 80's when Conocco, Amoco(now PB), and Agip had concessions in Blocks 27,28,31,32, and 35.


According to experts in the fields of oil and gas, Somalia is going to be where the next big oilfields are possibly going to be discovered. The country has not seen any exploration since the mid to late 80's.



Somalia: Rift over oil exploration in Puntland reportedly resolved


BBC Monitoring Africa


8 October 2005


© 2005 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved. No material may be reproduced except with the express permission of The British Broadcasting Corporation.


Excerpt from report by Somali independent Shabeelle Media Network website on 7 October


A disagreement which has been going on between the Jowhar-based faction of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia [TFG] and the [breakaway] Puntland administration, with regards to Puntland's decision to carry out oil exploration, is said to have been resolved.


A six-day meeting between TFG officials and some Puntland ministers was today concluded in Jowhar, HQ of the Middle Shabeelle Region. The meeting focused on how to resolve the rift which had cropped up between the TFG and Puntland on a [foreign] firm reportedly interested in oil exploration in Puntland regions.


In the end, the meeting was attended by the TFG prime minister, Prof [Ali Muhammad] Gedi, who stated that the disagreement has been sorted out. He said the issue was merely about how to reconcile some constitutional clauses on exploration and distribution of the Somali [mineral] resources in general and, in particular, an oil exploration deal signed between Puntland and foreign firms.


Mr Gedi underscored that the discussion has finally come to fruition, adding that the agreement would be included in what had already been agreed upon between Puntland and the oil drilling companies.



Ministers Speech


Good evening to all of you distinguished guests. Tonight the 30th of August 2005 we

signed a historic contract here at the Hilton Dubai between Puntland Government and

Consort. This contract, like Dr Black, just mentioned went through a lengthy 7 month

discussion between the parties, tonight is the conclusion of that hard work. The contract

is based on the exploration and exploitation of the minerals in Puntland.


Our country needs a lot of development and there is been a lot of speculation for quite

sometime that we have a lot of wealth in our subsoil, and because of our limitations to

research it or even dig it, we decided to give to a company that can help us develop it so

that our people can take advantage and move forward like other countries did in the past.

The people that worked to make this night possible showed us a lot of strength and

courage, they were a lot of lies said about them, not only in Somalia but also abroad. It

involved foreign countries and companies whose sole interest is to keep Puntland as a

reserve and come and develop it as they please. Consort and Dr Black are showing the rest of the world that Puntland is open for business. They saw with their own eyes that

what is on the newspapers is not the whole truth. The picture that they give about

Somalia is inaccurate, and based on their experience in Puntland, Consort is willing to

come and do business with us.


As the Government of Puntland we have no intention of taking anything that is not ours,

we only want to develop what belongs to Puntland.


I want to thank everybody who worked towards the realization of this contract, beginning

with the president, Consort people, and other dignitaries of the government.

A special thanks to Liban Bogor, who for the last six mont hs forgot about his family, and

put aside his own work to make this concession agreement something that both parties

agree on.


I want to tell you distinguished guests, that as of today there is a mountain of work

waiting for Consort and the government, but I am confident that we are both going to rise

to the challenge. As a government will promise all our efforts to help Consort do their



Thank you, and now let me welcome the president to the mike.

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On a lighter note - Sky, where in the BBC artical did you read about the Eyl pirates? I'm really interested.

I'm looking at the bigger picture. Other articles that were published later reported that the pirates are from Eyl. The BBC didn't have that info at that particular time.

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indy7424, I am not sure about Hafza but i´ll ask around. There are many people that want to establish free zones in Puntland, but I will try and find out about them.

I recentely got back from Puntland and realized how serious the situation is and how people are living. The people virtually have nothing, while we live in our modern countries people there are in a really bad condition. We can no longer wait for something to happen for us, and we need to start doing something with our land. Believe me, Gedi claimed the letter was wrote before he had met the puntland delegation. Regardless, the exploration will start soon.

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Originally posted by somalipride:

Regardless, the exploration will start soon.

Of course it will! It'll start and stay in and around Qardho district, so that the land who's inhabitants sold out Somali national territory will be exploited first - and the rest of PL (and Somalia) can take notes in the mean time. Good luck being a guinnea pig, dude. icon_razz.gif

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The talk was first that "the deal would never go through", then it was that "somali soil was not for sale". Now i am hearing, it will but only in Qardho, lol. GEDI AND HIS STAFF WHO CANT EVEN GET THEIR OWN TRIBAL PEOPLE TO LISTEN TO THEM IN MOGADISHU; HAVE NO INFLUENCE IN PUNTLAND. There is absolutely nothing anyone can do to stop the Puntland Admin from exploring any region of their territory. 15 years has been too long and the people who are in a horrible situation need help. Come with something productive and meaningful, and stop the constant complaining about this and that. I just recentely returned and saw how the people are living and let me say that THEY CAN NO LONGER WAIT; and any business deal is better then none.

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