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Hate It or Love It- El Señor Presidente Yusuf knows how to stand his ground!

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Originally posted by Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar:



Uustiis igu daranba.





Let us debate in a respectable manner, folks.

:D I think a few SOLers feel the same :D


A&T said:


Adeer, by trying to paint a monster as a man of substance, you forfeited your legitimacy to get engaged with real debate. When you get out of your tribal nest, I will be more than willing to try to reason with you, even from apparent 'underdog' position you have condemned me to be. When you judge yourself to be the maestro singlehandedly,I feel it is quite showing. Feeling big often is the result of being small- actually.



Sheekadu way dhamaatay dhe :D

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