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Somaliland Final Election results are out

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The election results are finally all out.The National Electoral Commmission has declared the the Hargeisa region elections this morning on Somaliland TV.Hargeisa region was the last region and Kulmiye has taken the region....


Heres how the new 82 member parliament will look like pending ratification of the final result by the Supreme court....






Somaliland now has a parliament controlled by the 2 opposition parties but they failed to get enough seats to get an outright 2/3 majority.That means Kulmiyes plan to impeach the president and fire the government has been put on hold for nwo at least.UDUB still holds the largest number of seats with 33 but UCID and KULMIYE now have 59 seats enuff to dictate policy to the government.From what I have heard the 2 opposition parties have already started negotiating.On their agenda is who should get the post of speaker and pundits think UCID and Abdirahman Cirro, a career diplomat will be chosen for that post while Kulmiye will get the deputy and 2nd deputy speaker.This completes the Somaliland democratization process.A process that was done with little or no outside help.The people I believe were once again the ones who made the difference.They came out in full force and elected in the most civilized of ways and my hat is off to them.


I understand now that this is out of the way, next on the agenda is the 2nd local government elections coming up in roughly 2 years, followed a year later by the Presidential elections and from what I hear Riyaale will not be running then due to poor health(might be a lil to early make predictions now)but then again people within the ruling party UDUB I understand are in search for an electable leader and I have heard of several high profile members of UDUB have already positioned themselves as likely successors to Riyaale but I will hold onto that for now ....


The biggest winners of this election is of course Faisal Ali Waraabe and UCID who a few months ago were only a party on paper since they did not have a say in government affairs but are now considered by all to be the kingmakers.


Now my question to our inhouse Somaliland pundits will this new parliament be more effective than the old one and what should we expect from them?????

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UDUB won, again.. A bit dissappointing, but it seems the ******NO TRIBAL NAMES PLEASE******are still years ahead in SL power politics, and rightfully so.


Gen. Siad Barre's fascistic Imperial Viceroys, particularly the likes of Gen. Gani and Gen. Morgan,

Two out of three of those men are dead, Allaha u naxaristo. I wonder what you get from your continuous insults against dead men. :confused:


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Now my question to our inhouse Somaliland pundits will this new parliament be more effective than the old one and what should we expect from them?

Well, the general expectations are indeed very high. This is a different parliament, a more educated one, one which has the mandate from the people.


Nothing was ever going to happen overnight and it could take years for the effects of any legislation to work its way into the culture of the country. So in that regard, I think most of Somalilanders understand that it'll take sometime for the new Parliament to get up and running effectively before any tangable difference is observed.


The immediate impact, however, will surely be felt heavily by the UDUB government. No longer will it be allowed to steal the ball let alone running with it out of the stadium. That is what its all about.


Personally there are a couple of pressing issues that I would love for the new parliament to put forward.


1. One Is the issue of the "emergency laws" where five to seven men act as marshal courts and sentence citizens without any lawyer or anything, I would like to this completely abolished.

2. Second is the issue of "Radio Hargeysa"; the very first Somali radio first went to air in the 1950s. Radio Hargeisa is regarded as the birth place of modern Somali art/literature and produced most of Somali people's great talents. Together with Hargeisa National Theatre, they were the platform that helped our literature to grow.


I would like to see this Radio become a fully government funded Independent Institution much like the BBC. It's freedom from financial institutions such as the city, commercialisation through advertising and other economic means should be avoided as strongly as possible purely to promote this independence.


3. The third issue I would like our new parliament to address is the government's refusal to allow independent radio stations from operating in Somaliland. This does not go very well with our democractic aspirations, so the new parliament should immediately pass relevant laws in regards to this issue.


However, my only concern is that, if that scenario were to bare fruit, and both opposition parties agree among themselves, as to who shall be Speaker and the Deputy-Speakers from their bulging ranks; that in a sense, effectively rules out any role for Mr. A. Jirdeh

Not necessarily. He can still stand for the position and take his chance. It doesn't mean that every MP will necessarily follow how the other Party members vote. Some might cross the floor and vote for candidates from other parties. That is still a possibility. I agree, Mr. A/Qadir Jirde is a great asset for the new parliament.

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Not asking for much but a couple of things from this new bunch of parliamentarians.

1. Transparency - Open government where the MP's can scrutinize everything from the budget to any financial dealings of senior members of the administration they wish to.


2. Protection of Minorities - I hope UCID live up to the promises to champion the rights of people considered to be minorities. Don't know if the new parliament will have any members from these groups, if not, then the new MP's have even more responsibility to make sure the 'minorities' have a say.


BTW - Congratulations to the new women MP's.



Fosiya Yusuf Xaji Aden

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^^^^^Dawaco baa laga hayaa walee reer aan aqaan weligood ma guraan.



It does not require a rocket scientist to figure out UDUB (Riyaale's party in simple terms to avoid confusing you further)has lost the election to the opposition parties and what you also dont know is Riyaale has already left an indelible mark on Somaliland history but I will not even try to explain that to you....



For Jirdeh to come even close to the speakers seat Riyaale and UBUD have to work magic on the new parliamentarians but I do agree he's the most qualified.

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It looks like we have a deal between UCID and Kulmiye. UCID will get the chairmanship, Kulmiye will secure the deputy chairmanship.



Labada xisbi mucaarid oo durba qeybsaday jagooyinkii ugu sarsareeyey baarlamaanka oo aan waxba u reebin xukuumada talda haysa, maxayse xukuumadu maagan tahay


Hargeysa-(HWN)- Labada xisbi mucaarida ayaa doorashadii golaha wakiilda ee dalka ka qabsoontay 29/9/2005 ayaa waxay heleen kuraasta aqlabiyada baarlamaanka cusub ee shacabku soo doortay waxaanay heleen 49 mudane.


Hadaba waxay arintani gilgishay xukuumada talada haysa oo arintan layaab ku noqotay, waxa beryahanba sida laga war qabo aad loo hadal hayey sidee labada xisbi mucaarid sadexda xubnood ee ugu sareeya baarlamaanka ee kala ah gudoomiyaha, gudoomiya kuxigeenka koowaad iyo gudoomiya kuxigeenka labaad.


Ayaa waxa shir ay kaga arinsanayaan labada xisbi mucaarid ay yeesheen sida aanu ilo xogagaala aanu ka helnay ayaa waxay isla meel dhiheen labada xisbi mucaarid inay jagooyink ay u kala qaataan sidan:


Gudoomiyaha uu yeelandoono baarlamaamka cusub waxa qaadan doona xisbiga UCID waxaana noqondoona musharixii ka soo baxay Gobolka saaxil uguna codka badnaa Mudane :Cabdiraxmaan Ciro


Sida ay wararku nagu soo gaadhayaan in xisbiga KULMIYE-na qaatay labada xubnood ee kala ah gudoomiya kuxigeenka kowaad iyo gudoomiya kuxigeenka labaad sida ilaha ku dhowdhow aanu kahelnay waxay yihiin xubnaha ay xisbiga kulmiye ay u soo taageen jagadaasi waa sidan


Mudane C/casiis samaale Iyo mudane Maxamed Cumar xaashi


Oo aan naloo kala cadayn sida ay u kala qaateen labada jagood, waxa halkaa waxba ku waayey xukukmada madaxweyne rayaale oo sadexdii xubnood ee ugu sarsareeyey ay labada xisbi mucaarid ay kala qaateen.



Wariye Mustafa Janaale

Hadhwanaagnews Reporter


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Interview with Abdirahman Ero next most likely Parliament Speaker.





C/raxmaan Cirro oo ah xubinta uu xisbiga UCID u soo taagay jagada gudoomiyaha baarlamaanka ee cusub iyo wuxuu xisbiga kulmiye ka qabo arintaa ! Waraysi ay Hadhwanaagnews la yeelatay. Mudane Cirro waxaana la yeeshay Wariye Mustafe Janaale



Hargeysa-(HWN)-S:> C/raxmaan sidaad ka warqabtid beelahii laga tirada badnaa waxba umay soo bixin. Haweenkiina waxaa u soo baxay maxsuul aad u tiro yar, haddaba sidee ayaad u aragtaan xisbi ahaan in lagu daboolo arimaha oo ay uga muuqan lahaayeen muraayada Somaliland?


J:> Bismillahai Raxmaani Raxiim Horta waad salamantihiin shaqaalaha Hadhwanaag. Marka xiga, muwaadin kasta oo reer Somaliland ahiba waxa uu xaq u leeyahay inuu u tartamo doorasho kasta oo dhacda, laakin doorashadan waxaynu ka helnay waayo aragnimo. Dadka laga tirade badan yahay maaha suura gal inay tartan noocan oo kale ay ku yimaadaan markaa waa daldaloolooyinka inoo soo baxay markaana waxa loo baahanyahay in laga tashado oo sidii ay dadka laga tirda badan yahay loo raadiyo sidii ay uga mid noqon lahaayeen golayashaa deegaanka, kuwa baarlamaanka, iyo golaha dhexe xukuumda maadama ay dhulka deegeen u yihiin, oo aynu xeerarkeena aynu dib ugu noqono.



S:> Mudane C/ramaan dhawaanahan waxa isa soo taraayey inuu xisbigu kuu soo sharraxay jagada gudoomiya nimada. Oo sida uu gudoomiyaha xisbiguba sheegay inaad adigu gudoomiyaha u taagantahay, adiga C/raxmaan ahaan ma jago markii hore ku sii qoondasnaydbaa mise waa mid imika kugu dhalatay?


J:> Kollay waxay ku xidhan tahay waxa soo baxa oo markii hore waxaynu ku jirnay doorasho. Waa la tartamayey kollay waan soo baxay. Mudanayaasha intii guulaystay iyo intii laga guulaystay hawl badan ayey u galeen halka uu xisbigu taagan yahay. Waxa noo muuqatay fursadaasi inuu xisbigu qaato, markaa go’aanka kale ee ah inaan anigu u tartamo jagada gudoomiya nimada go’aanka xisbiga {ayaa} iska lahaa.


S:> Sida beryahanba la isla dhexmarayey waxaa la sheegayaa in aydaan shirarkii aad a yeelateen xisbiga kulmiye in aydaan weli ku heshiin jagada gudoomiya nimada adigu maxaad arintaas ka odhan lahayd ?


J:> Kullamo waanu la yeelanay xisbiga Kulmiye, wax lagu kala kacayna majiro, arrintuna meel wanaagsan ayey maraysaa. Waxaanan filayaa inaad wiigan soo socda aad natiijada aad ogaan doontaan oo waxan filayaa inay is af garad ku dhammaato haddii Eebe qadaro


S:> Cabashada ugu badan ee mucaaridku waxay ahaan jirtay dawladanimada iyagoo ku andacoonaya oo leh golayaashii cid na matashaa kumalihin, mucaaridkiina {hadda} waxa u soo baxay 49 mudane; Waa maxay waxaad isleedihiin waxa uu kaga duwanaan karo baarlamaankan cusubi aqalkii hore ee golaha wakiilada ee wakhtigiisu dhammaaday ?


J:> Waxa weeye horta baarlamaankii hore uu shaqeeyey oo shaqo wanaagsan ayuu qabtay, kuwan imika waa la soo doortay kuwii horena lama soo dooran, waxaan ilaahay ka rajaynayaa inay shacabkii soo doortay ee rajada ka filaayey inay noqdaan baarlamaankan cusubi wax toosiyaan, inay wadanka shuruuc wanaagsan u sameeyaan.


S:> Sida dad badan oo shacbiya ayaa sas ka yara qaba oo leh aqlabiyada mucaaridku u batay waa arin ku jiqsiina oo misananiyadii ay laalayaan, wasiirkii la yidhaa soo ansixiya ay lalayaan, dadka qaba fikrad noocaas ah maxaad ku qancinaysaa?


J: Waxaan ku qancinayaa aduunku uu kala soocan yahay. Shaqada fulinta iyo shaqada baarlamaanku waa kala laba shaqo oo kala duwan. Oo hayadaha qaran hadii mid waliba ay shaqadeeda ay qabsato inuu wadanku hore u talaabsanayo. Waxay ilatahay inuu dhamaaday wakhtigii ku jaqsiintu. Labada xisbina iskumay kaashan inay kufiyaan dawlada oo ay carqaladeeyaan ee waxay labada xisbi isku kaashadeen inay dawlada toosiyaan


S:> Iyamaad werwer badan tahay shalay oo aad ahayd musharax iyo maanta oo aad tahay xildhibaan?


J:> QOSOL: Waxaan idiin sheegayaa waxaan werwer badanay maanta waayo waxaan maanta dad reer Somaliland u qabandoona xil {culus}

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President Mudane Daahir Rayaale Kaahin slams at the opposition specialy Kulmiye leadership accusing them of acting like " Dibiga Doollood" when it comes to UDUB and its achievements since it came to power few years ago.



Hargeysa (Halganews) Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland Md.Daahir Rayaale Kaahin ayaa maanta shir jaraa'id ku qabtay qasriga madaxtooyada, waxa uu kaga hadlay arrimo dhowr ah oo ay ka mid yihiin hambalyo uu u soo jeediyay shacbiga Somaliland sidii nabadgelyada ahayd ee ay ugu codeeyeen doorashadii baarlamaanka ee ka dhacday dalka 29, bishii September. Sidoo kale shirkiisa jaraa''id ayuu aad ugu weeraray labada guddoomiye ee xisbiyada Mucaaridka ah Axmed Siilaanyo iyo Faysal Cali Waraabe, isla markaana uu sheegay in ay soo faro gelinayaan arrimaha maamulkiisa.


Madaxweyne Rayaale waxa kale oo shirkiisa jaraa'id kaga hadlay arrimaha baarlamaanka cusub ee ku guulaystay doorashadii golaha wakiilada, isagoo sheegay in baarlamaankan cusub ay wada shaqayni ka dhaxayn doonto Madaxweynaha laakiin uu suxay in aanay ahayn sida ay u dhigayana labada guddoomiye ee xisbiyada mucaaridka ahi. Waxaana uu sheegay in uu la shaqayn doona cidii ay Baarlamaanku u soo doortaan shir gudoonka cusub. Hadalkii Madaxweynaha oo dhamaystirani waxa uu u dhignaa sidan:-


"Inkasta oo xukuumadda aanay dhaqan u ahayn mar walba u jawaabidda ashkhaasta iyo u adeegayaashooda hinaasaha iyo damacooda gaar ahaaneed ku qanciyey inay ujeedadooda ku gaadhayaan guul kasta oo dalkan u soo hoyataba inay shacbiga been iyo xumaan uga sheegaan hoggaankooda, si ay u qariyaan waajibaadka uu hogaanku ku guulaysto. Sidaa darteed, waa lagama maarmaan in la ilaaliyo dhaawacyada loo geysanayo jiritaanka Somaliland shacbigana lagu shirqoolayo.


Labadii toddobaad ee ugu dambeeyay qalabka warbaahinta Caalamku, waxa uu si baaxad leh uga hadlay oo qiray in Somaliland yahay dal aan waxba la tarin oo hadana dib-u-heshiisiin, dhisme qaran buuxa iyo hanaan dimuqraadiyadeed u hirgalay, taas oo horena loogu tilmaamay mucjiso ka soo if baxay wadamada soo koraya , waxaanu dalkani mutaystay in tusaale loo soo qaato.


Labadaa toddobaad shacbiga Somaliland Dibad iyo Gudaba, waxay u ahayd farxad iyo guul u soo hoyatay garawshaha qadiyadooda oo caalamku u soo jeedsaday, iftiinkii aqoonsiguna uu dunida ka muuqdo.


Hadaba, waxa la yaab leh, in Guddoomiyayaasha Axsaabta Kulmiye iyo UCID ay todobaadkii hore soo saareen Warsaxaafadeedyo ay kaga masuugayaan shacbiga iyo hogaankiisu libinta u soo hoyatay, kagana been sheegayaan, iyadoo Goob-joogayaasha Caalamku ay qireen in Doorashada Baarlamaanku ay u dhacday si xor, xalaal iyo nabadgelyo ah, balse Guddoomiyayaasha labada xisbi ay sheegeen khaladaad aan jirin.


Waxay caadeysteen Masabidid Xukuumadeed iyo ku hadaaqid bedelaad Xukuumadeed oo aanay sharci u lahayn iyo inay Golaha Cusub u sawiraan sidii Askar Xukuumad inqilaabaysa.


Axsaabtu waa marin loo raaco talada dalka, sidaasi awgeed ma jirto awood dastuurku siinayo ninka xisbi mucaarad madax ka ahi inuu la maamulo cidda markaa xilka shacbigu u igmaday fulinta. Waxa nasiib darro ah, weliba inaanay fahmin hanaanka dawladnimo ee aynu qaadanay oo ay weli maskaxda ku hayaan habkii lixdankii ee Baarlamaaniga ahaa.


Awooda Fulineed sida Dastoorku dhigayo waxa iska leh Madaxweynaha iyo Golihiisa Fulinta oo aad tartankii Madaxtinimada aad u wada tartanteen April 2003 la idinkaga guulaystay, waxa maanta inoo soo baxay Baarlamaankii la doortay ee ay wada shaqeyn lahaayeen Madaxweynaha la soo doortay iyo Xukuumaddiisa.


Xukuumadda bedelkeeda waxa iska leh anigoo ah Madaxweynaha loo igmaday hogaaminta dalka, wax saameyn ah oo Doorashada Baarlamanku ku leedahayna ma jirto, sida Dastoorku dhigayo, haddii aad akhrisateen, waxaan qabaa Baarlamaankan cidda ay wada shaqeyn doonaan waa aniga iyo Xukuumaddayda.


Guud ahaan, Baarlamaanka cusub ee la doortay xisbi kasta ha ka soo baxeene, waa Baarlamaanka aan wada daadihin doono Guusha Somaliland dhammaystirkeeda, hadduu eebe idmo. Waxaanan ballan qaadayaa in aan si wanaagsan u wada shaqeyn doono.


Dastuurka Qarankuna inaynu wada shaqeyno ayuu dhigayaa ee ma dhigayo in aynu noqono koox is khilaafsan, sababtoo ah dan qaran oo kaliya ayaan wada fulinaynaa, Dastuurku wuxuu si cad oo aan mugdi ku jirin u qeexayaa xilka aynu wada leenahay iyo ka aan kala leenahay.


Xukuumaddu, dhalliisha macquula ee dan qaran lagu saxayo muwaadinka caadiga ah ayey ka qaadanaysaa, hase ahaatee, labadiina Masuul ee labada Xisbi, wali idinkama hayo tallo nasteexa oo dhaba oo dhalliila oo aan saxo, balse waxa kaliya ee aad ku caan baxdeen wuxuu noqday Cay, Namaamad, waxaan jirin oo aad sheegtaan iyo iyadoo Caalamku ina ammaanayo aad caydaan, guulaheenana aad daboolka saartaan. Shacbiga Somaliland, wuu idin ogyahay, ilaahayna wuu idin ogyahay, waxaan idinkula talin lahaa in aad maalin uun kala xishootaan Shacbiga buhtaanta aad maalin walba fidinaysaan.


Xukuumadda Maanta jirta ee aan dhisay, waa tan ku shaqeynaysa ballanqaadkii koobaad ee ahaa ambaqaadka iyo dhammaystirka hannaankii dimoqraadiyadeed ee uu jideeyay Madaxweynaheenii hore alla ha u naxariistee Marxuun, Maxamed Xaaji Ibraahim Cigaal, taas oo aan suuragaliyey in aan saddex doorasho oo isku xiga aan dalka ka qabtay, iyadoo duruufo adag oo dhaqaalena ina hayeen.


Waxa Xusid mudan tii Baarlamaanka ee ugu dambaysay, iyagoo labada gole ku ansixiyeen saddex dalloolow laba (2/3), Sharcigii Doorashada ee Golaha Wakiilada, Sharcigaasi oo aan Suurta galiyeen inay doorashada Golaha Wakiilada ku qabsoonto wakhtigii loogu tallo galay, hase ahaatee markii aan ka soo guryo noqday socdaalkaygii Koonfur Africa (South Africa), ummadda oo dhami way ogeyd dagaalkii aan ka galay ee suuro galiyey inay doorashadani dhacdo sannadkani intuuna dhammaan. Iyadoo waliba caraaqilkii hortaagnaa Doorashada Baarlamaanka aad ka mid ahayd adoo hogaamiyaha Xisbiga Kulmiye ah. Balse Faysal arrintaa wuu kaaga duwanaa oo taageero buuxda ayuu arrintaa ka bixiyey.


Maalin dhaweyd, waxaad sheeganaysay in kalsoonidii ummaddu u dhiibatay Mucaaridka, adigoo Axmed Siilaanyo ah, taas oo ah waxaan raad lahayan, waxaanad qirtay in Guulo badan inoo qabsoomeen, maxaad uga masuugaysaa inaad qirto cidda guulahaasi soo hoysay ee hogaanka dalka taladiisa haysay. Horta ta Baarlamanka saddexda Xisbi Tirada ugu badan Xisbiga UDUB baa helay, ta labaad Xisbigaaga helay, ta Saddexaadna Xisbiga UCID baa helay, taasi waa tartankii Golaha wakiilada.


Aprill 2003, baan u tartannay cidda ammaanada iyo kalsoonida ummadani u dhiibanayso, aniga ayey ummaddani ii dhiibatay, iina igmatay muddo shan sanno ah, laga soo bilaabo Maalintaas. Kalsoonida Maanta aad sheeganaysaana waa waxba kama jiraan, ummaduna way ogtahay, ceeb bayna kugu tahay in aad sheegato wax aanay ummadani kuu dhiiban kuuna igman oo ah hogaaminta talada Dalka.


Waxaanan qabaa haduu faham siyaasadeed jiro in aad adiga iyo Faysalba Baarlamaanka soo gali lahaydeen oo aan talada dalka ka wada shaqeyno oo miiska talada dalka ee Golaha Wakiilada aad soo fadhiisataan, waxaanse hadda tallada wada wadi doonaa Xildhibaanada ka soo baxay Axsaabta Qaranka oo Dastuurku siinayo in aan talada dalka ka wada shaqeyno, insha allaah.


Waxa Kaloon idiin sheegayaa in 82-kaa xildhibaan ee la soo doortay ay iska dhex dooran doonaan cidda Shir-guddoon u noqon doonta, maahin wax Xisbiyaddu dibadda uga keenayaan, waxaanan ballan qaadaynaa in ciddii Golaha Baarlamaanku doortaan aan mar walba la shaqeyn doono.


Waxa Maanta qof kasti oo Somaliland gudaheeda, dibadeeda iyo dhamman shucuubta Caalamka inta xogogaalka u noqotay hayaanka Dimuqraadiyadda Somaliland, daldhiska iyo suggida Amniga ay ku tilmaameen mucjisad ka soo if baxday Geeska Africa.


Inta Somaliland necebna waxay ka masuugaysaa guulaha ay ummadani ku tallaabsatay.


Dadweynoow, Somaliland waanu soo joognay mudaba, Guulahan ay Somaliland gaadhey ma Faysal baa hogaaminayey, Mise Axmed Sillaanyo, Mise Madaxweynaha aad doorateen baa daadihinayey oo hogaaminayey? Waxaan qabaa inaad ogtihiin cidda hogaaminaysey ee meesha caalamka aynu ka taaganahay soo gaadhsiisay, anigoo qaba Kalsoonidiina iyo taageeradiinaba.


Waxaan kula tallinayaa Guddoomiyayaasha Labada Xisbi, inay iska dhaafaan hadalada deelqaafka ah ee naxli mooyee waxba aan u tarayn ummadda, waxaanan leeyahay xil-doonista haloo maro marinka sharciga, hana la iska daayo warxumo tashiilka dadka aan idin aqoonin gaar ahaan shisheeyuhu run u qaadan karaan, taas oo dhaawacaysa geedi socodka qaranimadeena.


Golaha Wakiilada ee la soo doortay guud ahaan waan wada hambalyeynayaa , waxaanan u rajeynayaa inay noqdaan Gole Qaran oo aan wada daadihino guusha Somaliland inta ka hadhay oo qarka soo saaran. Sidoo kale, waxaan hambelyaynayaa Komiishanka Doorashooyinka Qaranka JSL.


Mar labaad, waxaan hambalyeynayaa Shacbiga Somaliland ee sida wadaninimada ah ee fiican uga qayb galay Doorashadii Golaha Wakiilada, gutayna xaqoodii Dastuuriga ahaa, iyagoo ajiibay baaqyadaydii aan u soo jeediyay Saddexdii doorasho ee isku xigay, kaas oo ahaa “Nabad Ku coddeeya†waanaydun ku coddeyseen.


Waxaan kaloon Hambalyeynayaa 82-ka Xildhibaan ee la soo doortay, iyo intii nasiib u heli wayday inay ku soo baxaan tartanka Golaha Wakiilada ee ku qancay Natiijada Doorashada".


Abdifatah Hassan, Hargeisa Somaliland.

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Parliamenterians will sit tomorrow to elect their speaker and his two deputies. Hopefully the process will be smooth and orderly.


I think this will be an easy win for the opposition (I just realised Jirdeh wasn't running for the position on behalf of UDUB).


My predictions is that our new speaker will be Mr. Abdirahman Cirro from Sahil region.



Loolanka shirgudoonka Iyo Kulanka Beri Ee Baarlamaanka cusub Maxaa laga Fili karaa karaa



waxa maalinta beri ah fadhiisanaya Xildhibaanada Cusub ee Somaliland oo yeelanay fadhigoodi ugu horeyaay tanyo markii la soo doortay 29 sep .2005


Waxa maalmahan Danbe socday loolan adag oo luugu jiro shirgudoonka golaha Wakiilada Mucaarid Iyo Muxaafidwaxa qolo waliba Doonaysa inay ku guulaystaan Kursigaasi


Xildhibaanada Mucaaridka ah ayaay tiradoodo dhantahay 48 xildhibaan kadib markii Xildhibaan Siciid Afweyne laga saaray Xisbiga UCID halka Musharixiinta UDUB hada dhantahay 34 kuna Jiro Xildhibaanka UCID lag saaray


waxa maalmihi u danbeyaay jiray shiraar xasaasiya oo qolo waliba goonideda u qabanayso kuna doonayso siday ugu guulaysan lahayeen shirgudoonka shirarkaasi oo ay ka qayb galaayen Masuuliyiinta Xisbiyada iyo Mudanayaasha Barlamaanka


Hadab doorashada shirgudoonka oo ah mid lugu kal guulaysanaayo Cod dheeri Musharaxa hela 42 cod wuu ku guulaysan karaa hada Mucaaridku waxay shaystaan 48 xildhibaan waxan dheer cod dheeri haday noqoto 6 oo dheerad ah ayaay ku jira codkooda kuwaasi oo ah kuwu lugu saadalin karo inay yihiin kuwa ugu dhow guusha


Xisbiga UDUB waxay hada haystaan 33 cod waxan ka dhiman si ay u guulaystaan 9 cod waxan hada ay heleen ba la odhan kara mid kaaso ah xildhibaankii UCID laga saaray waxan sidaa kaga dhiman 8 cod hadaba Xisbiga UDUB ma ka heli karaa Xisbiyada Mucaaridka ah 8 cod?


Jawaabta waxaynu la sugayna marka codka la qaado


Xisbiyada Mucaaridka ah oo soo sharaxay Cabdiraxmaan Ciro iyo UDUB oo soo sharaxday Xuseen Ismaciil labadan Nin oo laga soo kal Doortay Saaxil iyo Togdheer ayaa waxay ku tar tameyaan Shirgudoonka Barlamaankii u horeyaay ee Codka Dadweynaha lugu soo doortay tanyo markii ay somaliland madaxbanaanideed kal soo noqotay Somalia 1991


Kursiga Shirgudoonka ay ah mid aad umihiim ah labada garaba Qolada ku guulaystaan waxa la odhan karaa waxay gaadheen guul weyn oo siyasadeed


hadii ay ku guulaystaan Xisbiyada Mucaridka ahi waxa uu u sahlaya Kursigaasi iyo tiraad ah Majooratiga ee ay ku heleen shirgudoonka inay guud ahaanba siyaasada Goolaha ay gacanta ku qabtaan isla markasiin xeer kasta iyo waxa waloo la hor keeno Baarlamaanka oo ay u arkaan inu khalad yahay am ay iyagu diidan yihiin mid ay ku hor istaagan una sahla inay si hawl yar uga takhalusaan


Hadii dhaka kale UDUB ku guulayso waxa iyagu u noqonaysaa Guul weyn waxanay Sidoodi Horaba u hagi doona Siyaasada Goolah iyagoo xeerarka iyo wixii quseeyab ay hore ka ansixin doona wixii aan dantooda ahayna ay laali doonaan


Hadab Kursigan Sida u miisanka culus waxa fooda lays dari doona maalmahan fooda inugu soo haya waxan lugu kal Bixi doona Codka Xildhibaandu dhankay isugu Biyo Shubtaan


Mucariidku ay durba ku dhaliilay in Xukuumadu isticmalayso Qabyaalad iyo lac taaso ay sheeg inay waxa u dhimayso nebedgalyada iyo Dimuqraadiyada


Baarlamankan oo ah kii i horeyaay ee dadweynuhu codkooda ku soo doortan wuxuu bedeli Doona xildhibandii hore wakhtigoodu dhamaaday Xildhibaanda Cusub oo yeelan doona Taariikh muuhima ah waxa ay u badan yihiin ninman dhalinyaro ah aqoonyahano iyo Qurbaawiyiin


Waxan xildhibaandi hore dib uga soo laabtay aqalkan wakiilada 14 kamid ah inakstoo ala ha u anxriiste xildhibaan reer Boorama ahi geeryooday oo ka mid ah Xildhibaanadii hore


hadab Waxa lays weydiin doona Nin dadweynihiisu ugu codeeyen Mucaaridnimo ma bedili doona Mawqifkiisa oo ma noqon Doona Muxaafid


Hadab madasha la dhawrayaaba waa maalinta codka loo qaadayo Xildhibaanada Cusub Shirka beri ayaayla filaya in lugu dhaarin Doona Xildhibaanda Cusub


Odwayne News Burao Somaliland

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