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Minneapolis to Mogadishu

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Source: Minneapolis Public Radio


Name: Burhan Hassan

• 17 years old

• Senior at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis

• Allegedly left for Somalia on Nov. 4, 2008

• Killed June 5 in Mogadishu. Family members say he was killed by members of Al-Shabaab for wanting to escape, but one friend says he was killed by an errant bullet in violence-stricken Mogadishu.




Name: Shirwa Ahmed

• 27 years old at time of death

• Allegedly blew himself up in Somalia in one of several suicide attacks on Oct. 29, 2008.

• 2000 graduate of Roosevelt High School

• Buried in Burnsville in December 2008





Name: Mohamoud Hassan

• Engineering student at the University of Minnesota

• Allegedly left for Somalia on Nov. 4, 2008

• Classmates voted him 'most friendly' out of the graduating seniors at Roosevelt High School in 2006

• Reportedly killed in Mogadishu on September 4


Name: Abdisalam Ali

• 19 years old

• University of Minnesota student

• Allegedly left for Somalia on Nov. 4, 2008


Name: Mustafa Ali Salat

• 18 years old

• St. Paul resident

• Allegedly left for Somalia in August 2008

• Would have been a senior at Harding High School in St. Paul

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Name: Jamal Bana

• 19 years old

• Studied engineering at Minneapolis Community and Technical College and Normandale College

• Allegedly left for Somalia on Nov. 4, 2008

• Family members learned on July 11 he was killed in Mogadishu.


Name: Zakaria Maruf

• Graduated from Edison High School in 2000

• Left for Somalia in early 2008

• Friends say he was in a Somali street gang in the 1990s but left the group several years ago after he became religious

• Told a Somali radio station in early 2009 that none of the missing men were coerced

• Reportedly killed July 11 in Mogadishu.


Name: Mohamed "Miski" Hassan

• Left Minneapolis for Somalia at the age of 17 in August 2008. He had one year left before graduating from Roosevelt High School

• His mother, in an interview, said she does not believe he is fighting. He told his family that he got married in Somalia

• A mosque volunteer said Hassan and another friend tried to buy plane tickets to Africa a few months before they departed, but she was able to thwart those early plans.


Name: Ahmed Ali Omar

• Left for Somalia in late 2007 with the first wave of would-be fighters from Minnesota

• Graduated from Edison High School in Minneapolis in 2004

• Reached by phone, he told MPR News in July 2009 that no one had any proof he was fighting, but would not say why he was in Somalia


Name: Troy Kastigar

• 28 years old, from Minneapolis

• Left for Somalia in November 2008

• Authorities think he was one of 20 men from Minnesota who left to join the war in the east African country.

• Unlike his peers, Kastigar was not Somali, but a Muslim convert

• His family received information during the second week of September that he had died, according to family friends

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Returned from Somalia


Name: Salah Osman Ahmed

• Left for Somalia in December 2007

• 26 years old

• According to a friend, Ahmed left Al-Shabaab shortly after arriving in Somalia after deciding he didn’t want to fight. He sought medical treatment for allergies in Kismayo and eventually returned to the Twin Cities, where he worked as a security guard. He lived in New Brighton.

• Attended North Hennepin Community College in pursuit of an associate’s degree. A classmate said Ahmed wanted to become an X-ray technician

• Indicted in February 2009 on charges of supporting terrorism and conspiring to kill people abroad

• Held at the Anoka County jail


Name: Abdifatah Yusuf Isse

• Left for Somalia in December 2007. Court documents say he wanted to fight the Ethiopian troops who invaded Somalia.

• 25 years old

• According to court documents, Isse received weapons instruction and lived in Al-Shabaab houses shortly after arriving in Somalia. He eventually returned to the United States. An acquaintance said he left with Salah Ahmed, while the other Minnesota fighters remained with Al-Shabaab.

• Arrested in February 2009 at the Seattle-Tacoma airport while trying to travel to Tanzania for an internship

• Pleaded guilty in April 2009 of providing material support to terrorism; now cooperating with authorities

• Held at the Washington County jail


Name: Kamal Said Hassan

• Left for the al-Shabaab training camp in Somalia in November 2007

• 24 years old; Plymouth resident

• Pleaded guilty to providing material support to terrorists and to a foreign terrorist organization. Hassan continued to fight and “follow the orders of al-Shabaab in Somalia” after leaving the training camp, according to court documents and testimony. Unlike two of his peers who left shortly after arriving at the camp, a court document suggests Hassan remained active with al-Shabaab until about August 2008 – several months after the U.S. declared the group a terrorist organization.

• Attended Minneapolis Community and Technical College in 2006

• His Facebook profile page lists him as married, Muslim, and a fan of the 1990s TV series "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." He also belonged to the group "THE SUFFERING SOMALIS IN MOGADISHO," a page dedicated to the mistreatment of Somalis under the occupation of Ethiopian soldiers beginning in 2006.

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Johnny B   

Sad, very sad indeed.


Twin cities gaalo ma joogto.

Mugadishu gaalo buux.


If 'gaalo' must be killed in the first place.




It just struck me, i was told that most of these youngesters were from single-mother families and some belonged to those so called 'minority clans'.


Are the children of minority clans more attracted to joining El-Shabab than other clans' children?

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So many good-looking boys. I feel sad for them. Probably didnt know what they were getting into untill they arrived at the war zone. Death isnt as romantic as they think. Inti dhimatay ilaahay ha u naxariisto as he the judge of who died for what.

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On one hand I have to admit that the above men who left for Somalia in 2007 to fight the Ethiopian occupation are more brave and patriotic than all of us on SOL.


It is very admirable that most of these young Somali men bought a ticket and went to Somalia to fight the Ethiopian occupation. For that alone, they should all be decorated as True Sons of Somalia and comemorated for generations to come.


On the other hand, those who have been misled in religious retorics and have been brainwashed to the point of fighting Somali factions (mostly other brainwashed Somali kids) while actually believing that they are fighting Gaalo should be rehabilitated. They are victims of religious pretenders who are willing to force those young men to blow themselves up and in the process murder innocent Somali civilians.

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Che, adeer you seem very confused, 20 individuals left, regardless of clan only a few were from the Duke's family, they were dubed into going to Somalia at the hight of the "Clan jihad", those who sent them are now hiding and pretending to be normal, and the man who started the Clan Jihad Sharif Hotel is telling parents to keep an eye on their kids least they are druged in the Masjid and blow themselves up.


This story has not ended yet.

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^Are you for real? A few?


My cuzin is one of the ones who went there during the first Islamic 'jihad'. That was years ago and no one has heard from him since then. We believe him to be dead, matter of fact people think they found his body at one time.


This is not only affecting the people who are dying but families are suffering too especially ones where these young men were the only offspring. It is disgraceful how the community in minneapolis is so non chalante about this. They know who the culprits are but they stick their head in the sand and pretend otherwise.


Most of the young people are being made to buy into the whole charade of fighting for an ideology that is flimsy at best and ridiculously laughable at worst. They are the worst cowards in the world that they don't personally do the deed but train others to do it. Ugh............disgusting! :mad:

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Oh don't make me chuckle. :D


Law and order do their job when they are not privy to information. What makes you think that the tainted information they receive will amount to justice?


As for the community being scared, I only blame them. They are the ones who protect their assailants. Hiding those culprits under their skirts due to loyalty to blood lines! Lets call a spade a spade shall we?

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