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Minneapolis to Mogadishu

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Originally posted by Meiji:

On one hand I have to admit that the above men who left for Somalia in 2007 to fight the Ethiopian occupation are more brave and patriotic than all of us on SOL.


It is very admirable that most of these young Somali men bought a ticket and went to Somalia to fight the Ethiopian occupation. For that alone, they should all be decorated as True Sons of Somalia and comemorated for generations to come.


On the other hand, those who have been misled in religious retorics and have been brainwashed to the point of fighting Somali factions (mostly other brainwashed Somali kids) while actually believing that they are fighting Gaalo should be rehabilitated. They are victims of religious pretenders who are willing to force those young men to blow themselves up and in the process murder innocent Somali civilians.


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