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Israel Humbled as America sends more weapons

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Nasrallah was just talk no action. Most the actions from the north are coming from the Palestinian resistance not Hisbullah.

The Shia has certain strategy which is to maintain Iran and their proxies intact after the war.THey don't want the war to expand to their patron Iran. His militia has the capability but won't do anything that endangers Iran and its place.

Historically, the Shia never fought war out the Muslim crescent and Anatolia to back stab Mohamad Al Fatih when he was quencuring Europe.

Israeli reservists are not match to the Hamas fighters. When a soldier is killed they take revenge of the Palestinian civilians. In the battle for freedom, the resistance always wins, and this will be recorded for the history of warfare for years to come.

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Israel wants to push all the Palestinians into Egypt and Jordan, they are not even hiding their intentions. I think the Palestinian people should be saved from the genocide by resettling them in other countries. What is the point of watching them being slaughtered while doing nothing to stop it?

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1 hour ago, Che -Guevara said:

You know you went too far when you lose the support of former colanizers


Hadalkiisa xataa cabsi ku jirto, having trouble to say correct measured words the Zionist terrorists can accept. He is literally struggling to say the truth. Cajiib. Obama was like this, too, on last week when he spoke on a podcast.

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