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Israel Humbled as America sends more weapons

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Zionists initially celebrated the massacre and terror attack against children. Markee ogaadeen boqolaal dileen ayee inkiraad bilaabeen, deleting their tweets, including Satanyahu's own spokesman. They have been exposed.

Do they think we are all fools markee leeyihiin Xamaas ayaa ku qarxisay. Qaraxyada ee Xamaas tuuraan hal darbi luu jajabiyaa, unlike sar dhan wada duminaayo aa theirs do. I am glad their war crimes are finally exposed to all.

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2 minutes ago, Shurwac said:

Community college education + Mory$an culture upbringing


He thinks MAGA racists will side with him  against abaaydeen Ilhaan. Cawaansanaa. Worse to them, I believe he as a young male is a bigger threat than her.

He seems inuu Mareykanka soo galay in the last several years. Kuwa asaga camal here in Toronto, we call them Galkanada. Waa kuwa Mareykanka ka soo galay after Justin Trudeau ra'iisul wasaare noqday in 2015 and soogalootiga cusub u sahlay sharciga.

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