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Israel Humbled as America sends more weapons

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1 hour ago, maakhiri1 said:



Rag waa ragii hore, hadalkoodana hadal caadi ah ma ahayn. Now we have madaxweyne gacanta duubtay oo daruuf iyo rif rifid ka muuqato tuugsi dartiisa, caalamkana dambiil tuugsasho la wareegaayo. Xasan reminds me kuwa jiisaska iska dhigo caalamka ka tuugsado


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Tan waala ogaa. They also killed many in senior homes. They would rather kill a hundred of their fellow Zionists than allow a single Xamaas flee.

Now their invading military casualties in northern Qaasa is severely restricted. Hundreds of them have died and probably tens of thousands injured, but there is a media blanket.

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