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Next Ethiopian War: Eritrea/Amhara vs Tigray/Abiy

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it seems abiye and the galla hordes are winning the war in amhara, i doubt these amhara are  match for the savage gallas

remember tigrayans  had far more arms and were defeated well most likely with the help of  eritrean tigrays and gallas and amhara the tigrayans were defeated or subdued but , the amhara  is weaker then the tigrayans they are not as belligerent  as the tigrayasns who are the ancient  Asxaabul fiil  , and can fight long wars in difficult environments

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11 hours ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

abiye is stepping up the came against the neftengas

He doesn't control most of Amhara. Their insurgents which he ironically armed during the Tigray war were getting stronger every day.

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