Let’s VC together in the Somalia server sometime every week

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      Join the Somalia Discord Server!
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      Somali Bantu and Somali Cushitic Situation | Medium
      MEDIUM.COM Somali Bantu and Somali Cushitic Situation There is an interesting history of the Bantus and the Cushitic people in Somalia. For centuries, the Somali Bantu and the Somali Cushitic lived in Somaliland harmoniously. At the time, they lived in different regions. The Bantu occupied the southern part of Somalia, while their counterparts, the Cushitic group, occupied central and northern Somalia. The land was peaceful, as no group interfered with the affairs of the other. Still, each group defended their territory and could even help one another in times of need. In their subgroups, they governed themselves for many generations.
    • By Come Learn Somali
      "Waan haraadanahay = I am thirsty"
      "Waan qoslayaa = I am laughing"
      "Waan Fakarayaa = I am thinking" 
      "Waan fiirinaya = I am looking"
      - http://learnsomali.com/basic/ereyo-maalmeed-everyday-words/#comment-854
      I say it like the following respectively:
      "Waan omanahay"
      "Waan qosloya"
      "Waan f iikiroya"
      "Waan f iirinoya"
      I never heard of "haraad". 
      I think the site has issues with lowercase double "i" s together. Thus I put a space so that it shows clearly.