Signs of a crumbing Ethiopia: At Least Four Killed at Adwa Victory Celebration

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Galbeedi made an assumption that americans would dictate terms in the horn-africa.  His analysis of things are often correct but I wonder if he has smelled the coffe.  The battle of Adwa and the celebration of it was a redline for Ethiopia. During the era of Haile Seleassie it was the prime celebration equal to our blessed day of liberation. Years of marginalisation but also 50 years of political activism has finally awakended the oromos.  During the derg, even the oromos would in their millions with the national flag march to the statue of Meneliq. 

But the oromisation of Ethiopia has begun.   The orthodox church has been dibided into an amhara and oromo one with the blessing of Abey Ahmed who is carefull not to alienate the oromo activists who paid with their blood remove the TPLF from power.   THE OLF since its its founding  branched out and the most succesfull one was the one with the philosophy to instead oromize Ethiopia and engage with the ruling elite The oromo professor Merera Gudina is without a doubt  the turabi of Ethiopia today. Meles Zenawi was shrewd political and realized how dangerous this unarmed man with his ideas and even hijacked an yemeni airplance  to capture him and freed him severe pressure. His long pacifist struggle with the clear agenda of historical revisionism is read today by oromo students and have been made obligtatory.  He  was the one who said "why should we as oromos  celebrate and march to the statue of Menelik, the arch butcherer of oromors and who chopped of the hands of legs of oromo men and breats of oromo women"?.   The guy is old now. He is not after power but he has leashed his hyeanas on of the people. 

 What is highly remarkable  and without a question of doubt is that thousands of oromos marched on the same day demanding the removal of stature while thousands of out-dated amharas marched proud expecting fellow "ethiopians" to celebrate with them.   What is more remarkable and without a doubt is the political move that Abey Ahmed   made. This is the first time an Ethiopian ruler abstains from actually attending the celebration.  I have said it before and will say it again. Ethiopia is  in full disintegration.

While the TPLF are biding their time and simply and wisely choose to set the oromos free in order fire up the countrey is finally happening.  While somali cland hatred has died down and somalis have finally understood  that war does not solve any issues  the next show down in Ethiopia will be between oromos and Amhara.  Abey Ahmed gave Welkail to tigray  and  is engaging in getting political legitamacy from those he got power from, mainly the oromos.  The project of the oromisaion of Ethiopia has begun and the process of marginalization of the Amhara has begun.   If Abey Ahmed is not toppled   the low level civil war ethiopia is engaged in will blow into a full civil war. The Amharas are arming themselves and the oromos. Poor somalis are disoriented what to do.

Meles was indeed shrewd. He knew that creating a ethnic yugusloavia like countrey with ethnic borders  is like sitting on pile of dymanites and enjoying a good cigar.  Anyways Galbeedi, gone are the days of America dictating to internal somali issues to Ethiopia  when Ethiopia today is engaged:

1- Ethiopia is in a civil war, it has just reached addis abeba. 

2- The Rebel movements are armed and more armed since the 1980. The TPLF willingly left million of kalashnikovs and ammunition in oromiya. Their  nemesis is not the oromos its the Amharas.

3- The Amharas are bent of toppling on Abey Ahmed and  have tried 1 in failed coup to remove him. They are arming themselves.  Abey Ahmed armed every man in Ethiopia to its teeth.

In concusion.    The international community has no will to engage in African wars any more. You heard Macrons revealing words today. While the whites want the whole world to be against Russia and engage in Ukraine Macrone refused to sanction the tutsi led Rwandan government.  Munaafiqnamada cadaanka waa yaab.   Saaxirka Afwerki is holding a few strings but even the eritreans are tired on him.  He cant glew  Ethiopia together forever and I have slight feeling that he does not want to see arrival of  the amharas who sometimes have a bitter taste of letting of Eritrea. America can try  dictate but Ethiopia is in a mess.  Somalia and somalis have breating space for now. If Amxaaro return to power the old couch that Meles used to humilare rival somali factions with will come back.  Our avid frequent flyer and the FGS of Soomaaliya needs use this time to get a grip  on the Somali pshyche.




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1 hour ago, Che -Guevara said:


Ethiopia: At Least Four Killed at Adwa Victory Celebration

Posted on March 2, 2023 by Gedab News in Gedab News  30

Gedab News, March 2, 2023: Today Ethiopia celebrated the 1896 victory of the Adwa battle fought against the Italian colonial army. At least four people lost their lives after the security officers fired live ammunition at the crowd in Addis Ababa while they celebrated the 127th Adwa Victory Day.

This year’s celebration has more political significance and was celebrated with unusual fanfare. Usually, the day was mainly celebrated by WWII veterans, almost all of whom are dead

Preparations for the 127th celebration of Adwa were underway for many weeks and included practice parades that today displayed the might of the Ethiopian armed forces. Armored vehicles and missile-carrying vehicles rolled in front of the guests while fighter jets roared above. This year the government limited the celebrations to the main venue at Meskel Square. Prime Minister Abiy didn’t attend the celebrations.

However, many Addis Ababans, either by choice or in defiance of the government’s decision, flocked to the traditional celebration venue at Piazza neighborhood. Police have blocked streets that lead to Piazza.

The unauthorized Piazza event was celebrated in front of the controversial Minelik statue that stands near the Giorgis church. An eyewitness told Gedab News, “it was not clear whether it was a protest-demonstration, or a celebration. Soon a clash with the police ensued.” Security officers reacted by firing teargas canisters and live bullets.

At least four people have died in the incident including a student and a teacher. The toll of the killed and wounded is expected to be higher.

For the last four years, Ethiopia was marred by civil wars caused by ethnic conflicts and rivalries. So far, the conflicts have resulted in the depletion of the country’s foreign currency reserve and has destroyed the infrastructure that it built over a three-decade period. In the last two years alone hundreds of thousands of civilians and soldiers were killed or wounded. More were displaced or fled to the neighboring countries.

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Thanks for your analysis and information.

I thought the Adwa thing was like 1 July or 26 June. If ethiopia can't not even agree to  their national day, then they are in deep trouble. As you mentioned, it seems Abiy Ahmed must fully Oromize in order to rule. Ethiopia can't be stable unless the Amhara are reduced like a normal citizens. THey pushed for war and refused the peace between TPLF and Abiy, but the main issue is Amhara and their allies, the Guraghe control Addis city from business to culture and language. 

. In Ethiopia the death of hundreds of thousands doesn't change much. In terms of dictating to others, it all depends the players and the attitude of Somali leaders. Two low level officers showed up in Garoowe and Hargeisa and the waring nomads stopped killing each other. If Somalis keep looking overlords to subdue other Somalis, the Ethiopian domination will continue. 

Another issue is  the actions of the Americans, especially the democratic party leadership. Traditionally they have huge fear of making mistakes in foreign policy. It was Hilary Clinton who delegated the decision to appoint Nuur Al maliki of Shite section than allow the inclusive Iyad Alawi who was Shia but had big support, which eventually created ISIS and the Sunni insurgency. It was Clinton who abandoned Somalia in 1994 and deputized Meles. Who knows, they might even convince Abiy to change his Somali unity attitude and return to the old policy. 

It has been also a tradition to invite Ethiopia. In the modern times, it started in 1948 when the OG nomads decided to join emperor Haile Salasie and will continue unless we got different leaders. I agree with you that Ethiopia is weak to care for others, but the Somali nomads knows nothing else.





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Ciyaalka Kusoo koray hadhka Abyssinia, waxa leeyahay Boqortooyadii Nabi Mahamed SCW u duceeyay ma burburisee ee kursigii iyo sheekadii uun ba isbadalisaa. Meesha markii hore Tigray, Amxaar camirteen ee ka ciyaari jireen ayee Oromo bood boodisa so galeen oo umada isku dayiyan iney yaguna markooda bahasha dul maraan oo yara xoogaan.


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