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With the Darwiish castles logo in the letterhead, the Khaatumo consultative committee is really well organized and professional compared to the 32 years old Jamuuriyad.

THeir message hasn't changed since day one. I think the Laascaanood resistance has won a great victory altrady. Furthermore, Abukar Baalle, the Somali UN envoy has put a dagger on Somaliland.

He visited our town from New York few years ago, and when he finished his speech, jokingly,  I told a friend from Mogadishu that this guy was the first well qualified and educated speaker from that part of the country.

Soon we will see the faces of the Biixi kids who torture people in Hargeisa, especially women. Some for having blue flag in their bed, others for visiting MOgadishu or just bad mouthed the dear leader. If there is a sanction list, then police chief Dabagale must be on the top of the list. This is the man who shoots civilian to kill and claims that they were responding stones thrown  to police.

Also Caateeye, the young defence minister sent by Omar Geelle should be on the list. Ciidanku gacan Bir ah ayey ku qabanayaan waa hadaladiisa.




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35 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:

Their minds don't register what their mouth is saying.

32 years of brainwashing,  it will take sometime for reality to kick-in

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11 minutes ago, Illyria said:

UN Security Council calls for SL to withdraw its militias from LasAnod,



Reer Sool and Somalia in general owes Muse Biixi a gratitude. He has managed to reduce Somaliland to Northern Somalia and miraculously united the Garaad Community. Of course, he and his minions need to be held accountable.

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It was a brief encounter, but bountiful. Ina Cambaashe removed from the city, and his weapons have been reallocated to their rightful custodians, Garaads.

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