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General Duke

We have failed and we need a rethink....

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^ apparently stating few obvious truths is negative.


if that's what you consider as negative i would hate to think about what's worse.



sometimes i don't know whether you even bother self contemplation. tell me something.



when was somaliland's greatest progress achieved?



you have 2 choices.


when somalia was a single nation?


or during the last 18 years?



pick your choice.

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you're having a laugh aren't you?


Have you seen the city of burco my homeland? You think a snapshot of uptown hargeysa is somehow going to prove that somaliland is world's greatest paradise on earth?


My uncle was just talking to my mother yesterday. He said food prices are up, inflation is at all time high, there are no jobs or a decent standard of living. If it were not the money sent by the diaspora, somaliland will eript into chaos and hunger.


Brother sometimes you need to see beyond clan lives and see what's good for the country as a whole. Right now our country is fragmented and without hope. If you back to burco some 30 years, no somali would believe you if you told them that we would be a nation of refugees today.


We all as somalis prospered and lived at a high standard of living when we had a country and a nation. This is a simple fact. Try to have a bit of self introspection brother.



We somalis have all lost after 1991. Although some more than others

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Mr. Pirate,


Word to the wise: Please refrain from your usual 'my mother told me this and my father said this back in the day'. I realize you're young, but I'm just trying to save you from the mocking of other posters as they read your posts.


We all have family with their various opinions. State your opinions clearly and try to back your positions with any objective sources you may find.


Don't be hurt by my advice - take it as brotherly 'advice'.

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You sound like a person who has all 5 senses and yet are still blinded by the obvious truth.


How's the standard of living in burco? Why are somalis drowning trying to get to yemen?


Clannism has taken over your senses. You are living in your own dream world. Face the truth and see somaliland for what it is. Another poor tulo in a poor country.

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