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Why is Africa (majority of sub-saharan) countries poor?

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For me,I quit reading books & looking at certain

statistics.Quite a normal-pure & simple.

Most African countries have the potential to go

forward like Korea,Indonesia,Malaysia,etc;which

had their flags about the same time as Africans.

I was reading an American newspaper couple of

years ago,they compared Nigeria to Indonesia,

because of a lot similarities.At the time both

were between 150-200 million(close),had good

agricultural sectors,oil,and in terms of

education,Nigeria was rated first,back then

in 1960 when it became independent.Indonesia

had theirs some time late 1950s.

So what happened?It is like day & Night now.


And I add dictatership,which leads to tribalism

and religious violence to maintain power,and

then leads to unaccountability,and then to

ultimate corruption & destruction.

Poor Us!

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The conclusions here if I may summarise are:


- Rent seeking by politicians and the elite which has led to malignant corruption, conflicts, and abject mismanagement of economic resources

-The presence of weak institutions or lack of institutions at all

- The lack of centripetal linkages (both backward and forward ones)

-dependencia ; many african countries still depend on industrialised nations for everything. Underdevelopment of the developing countries happens on the behest of the industrialised nation;Hegelian master and slave

-The notions of growth and development is perhaps alien to many african societies


The lazy argument and that which centres on population growth without productivity increase in agriculture or any kind of activities- which my friend Raamsade fends off (Malthusian nightmare) is a factor but it is a question of the hen or the egg.


As an African who has been doing some travelling and who is interested in development related issues I think we should not fear to unturn any stone (even if we may find a cobra) if we are to critically analyse the sitution.


Of course there are some factors which are universal.


But many countries are catching up; Latin American countries and Asian countries are doing that


But Africa (yes, economic growth was in double digits the last 15 years in several african countries) but that is nothing when you start from zero.


The story is almost the same.

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the problem is deeply rooted within the colonial powers, they still have a control and contribute to the african problems. its also a problem of power and money- the government gets the money, and the white men and arabs are feeding the public with guns- now we are all fighting for the top!

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Good reasoning but outdated. This is just reflecting what others described for us. Then, the question begins right from defining what ‘development’ means. And that is the core issue we are missing at this fast truck global change. Then Africa needs an alternative type of development not old mentality development prescribed by the woeful masters.

The search of answer for these critical enquires needs more innovative and contextual not borrowed jargons.

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^^^^ you have a point. Development is a term that needs to be discussed.

The truth of the matter is that the historical experiences of the colonial and undeveloped countries has demonstrably been quite different, available theory therefore fails to reflect the past of the underdeveloped part of the world entirely, and reflects the past of the world as a wholly only in part.


But why do African countries come up with their own measure or redefine the notion of development?

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