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Should Afro-Americans get reparations..?

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i dont think they should get reparation because i dont believe african american of present days deserve it..even if they do decide to pay reparation who will they pay it to? how would they know whose parents or granparent were enslaved?. am sorry to say but all of the slaves are already dead and the people alive have no right to get money for what their great grandparents have been through.. this is another way of making the afro americans dependent..


America has paid the Indians, Jews, and the Japanese reparation. Geramny still pays the survived Jews from HOllocust

these people got their reparation after the sufferage(my own word)(y'll know what i mean)..but why give reparation to afro americans now...the afro americans today have not seen the torture and they didnt suffer? so why pay them now..


if they would have been paid at that time it would have understood but why now ? it been more than a century


i agree with liqaye too on some basis ;)

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40 acres and a mule

If I'm not mistaken, this is what was said should be given to every Afro-American or that is worth the hundreds of yrs. of SLAVERY.


In Canada, the natives get off taxes and don't have to pay tuition in Universities/Colleges.

White people don't like it and complain about it.


But I say TOUGH! icon_razz.gif


They should definitely do that for the


But then, that would help them to get out of the ghettos and own proper homes and get decent education and hopefully good jobs and




a real Economic ENTITY/FORCE. :rolleyes:


But then it might mean no more RAP VIDEOS or

Football and Basketball players. :eek:

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I think the prospect of Afro-Americans getting compensation for the evil of slavery is very slim. The wound of slavery will always be there, but Afro-Americans should find alternative way of addressing the social problems that seems to haunt their communities across North America. Dwelling on those experiences, however evil, will do very little to help their cause.

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