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Russia Invades Ukraine

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Justice and truth on Russia's side - Putin

Putin also says "justice and truth" are on the Russian side, warning that Moscow's response will be "instant" if anyone tries to take on Russia.

The Russian president also says his country's actions are self-defense and tells Ukraine’s military their fathers and grandfathers did not fight so they could help neo-Nazis.

Source: BBC

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Ukraine: Troops moving in from Belarus

Multiple reports are now quoting Ukrainian officials as saying troops in Belarus are joining the Russian attack, meaning the offensive is now also coming from Ukraine's north.

Belarus, which is on Ukraine's northern border, has long been allied with Russia. Analysts describe the small country as Russia's "client state".

The attack from the north adds to Russia's attacks on Ukraine's east, and Russian troop movement on Odessa in the south.


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4 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:




Somalia Battalion (Russian: Батальон «Сомали») is one of the military units of the Donetsk People's Republic in Ukraine which participates in the ongoing war in Donbas against Ukrainian army. The battalion's full name is 1st Separate Tank Battalion Somalia (previously 1st Separate Tactical Battalion Group Somalia).[1] The battalion took the name "Somalia" because, according to its former commander Mikhail Tolstykh alias Givi, its members are as fearless as Somalis.[2] According to Givi, 70% of the battalions personnel previously fought in the 1st Slavyansk Brigade.[3]

The unit is permanently stationed in Donetsk and Makiivka.[1]

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