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Cooked or boiled, it’s all the same

All you want are those sweet grains

Full of sauce or even qarax

You wouldn’t care even it was marax

You’d eat it sitting; you’d eat it lying.

And if you had wings you’d eat it flying.

“A rose by any other name smells just as sweet”

But you’d eat it iskudhexkariis, or even with meat

Even Baasto does not come close

You need your fix, you daily dose

This food of life, so tasty through & through

The only thing you live for, Yes it is Live

Your wife tried to fry, but oh no :eek: she burnt it.

Your husband tied to boil it, but oh no, he mashed it!!!

“My love, my life,” you gaze at it lovingly

You pick up the dish and eat hungrily.

So have you figured it out, or will your amazement never cease?

All right I’ll tell you, it is the wonderfully tasting dish of BARIIS.


This poem is dedicated to HARMONY ANGEL, as Bariis is the nectar of life to her :D .


Now fellas you know where to take her ;)

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a/c wr wb

heey Qaxooti-Mama that's delicius bariis ;) Qarax And Marax hehehehe :D

you olso make us isku dhexkaris

or sweet meet kala karis

loooool I'm rolling of the floor

ok .. time to read my cooking poem///



~~Are you a cook? Neither am I.


When dinner comes I only sigh,


Wake up the phone and his book


And let somebody be my cook.



An Isku karis is a trusty meal,


A color frantic tasty wheel.


It disappears in your friends


And lets the party never end.



But cooking is a tempting craft


And gazing down the oven's shaft


I start to wonder if I can


Create a dinner in a pan.



The cooking magic I will work!


No more I'll be a takeout fork!


I'll prove the world what I can be!


I'll make a meal for you and me.



Into the kitchen with brave strides


I walk like wolf, who danger bides.


And looking back to high school days


I recollect my mother's ways.



Spaghetti? Oh, that sounds good!


I grab the package where I stood.


Potatoes I shall add to that.


They'll make it better, so I bet.



My mother always said to add


The veggies, but they make me mad.


To top it off I think I'll put


Some oil in (I heard I should)



I say a prayer, turn the knob,


And a blue flame begins to sob.


It's magic, that's why it's so blue.


It makes my tasty dinner stew.



It starts to boil soon enough,


And bubbles make the oil rough.


And lo-'n-behold it starts to burn


Just when it knows my back is turned.



I quickly knew something was wrong


When my stew's smell became too strong.


But no fear, my dear friends,


G-d blessed me with intelligence.



All fires are quenched by water thrown,


That's one sure thing I've always known.


So thinking quick I pour some in


And see a frightening thing begin.



A fiery face came to my eyes,


It must be Satan in disguise!


It grabbed the stove in fire's grasp!


Behind I heard a frightened gasp.



What happened next I won't describe,


But threaten death, or give a bribe,


Or loose a lion in my den.


But never shall I cook again!!!

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biG mOm   




Yummy... much love... My I barrow some lines if you don't mind ;) Go girls.. I'l share you my poet later Insha'alah. "Baasto Garcadde" :D

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LOOOOOOL @ Batuulo, that was sooo funny , thanks for sharing it with us :D:D .


Nayaa Mz alpha, I thought your bariis karis skills were up for the best newcomer award, meaning it improved :D , anyway I demand a six course meal whatever the wheather :D:D .


Big Mom, looking forward to your contribution sis smile.gif

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biG mOm   

Qaxooti Mammi this is my Bariis & Caano let's take a Big spoon..


When you're cooking in the kitchen,

You're learning all the while --

To pour and measure, mix and stir

And sift flour into a pile.

Scrub your hands before you start

Then gather up the gear --

Like pots'n pans and measuring cups

That you use throughout the year.

Go over the recipe, step-by-step,

So you'll know just what to do.

By carefully following the directions,

It won't be hard for you.

Have a hot pad handy

And an adult standing by --

So you won't hurt yourself

When using the stove or cooking Bariis.

Besides the fun and learning,

There's always cleaning up to do,

And I miss my Burjiko And Babis :D

It's part of cooking too.

But after all the work is done,

It will soon be time for dinner.

And when someone asks for seconds,

You'll know you've cooked a winner!

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Hayaaaay, qoxootimammi, whats with the big qarxis??? :eek:


Dont let me tell them about your steak fetish? Huh? I wouldn't want to mention the steak-eating contests?? :D:D:D Just joking, gurl. Thank you for the poem. cooking now??? You gotta come back and cook some (bariis) for me!!


Big-mom and Batuulo, excellent poetry skills, ladies. Keep it coming!



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