Che -Guevara

This is what happens when you let crazies ran the asylum

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The safety and security of Somalia are in the hands of a 30 years old criminal who built his wealth by looted relief aid from the poor. 

The next logical step should be for the cabinet to resign as a whole to stop this power grab. Every region should nominate their members of parliament quickly and hold the elections before total colapse.

Why the Americans always like chaos?

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Why is Rooble hanging with his own rope. 

few days ago he was accused of looting land, yesterday he removed intelligence service people from the airport and now he want to give Emirates the money confiscated by the state without proper legal chanell. 

Maybe those bloody Qataris reneged about their earlier promise to pay him, and this a payback time. WE need to free Somalia from the gulf fat boys both Qataris/Emirates.

Peso waxa laga isticmaala dalka Mexico iyo Koonfurta Somalia keliya. 

Does he know what we call honor?

Ilaah baa deeqda bixiye dalka fawdada kadaa.

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On 1/8/2022 at 9:43 PM, Che -Guevara said:

Sabti, Janaayo, 8, 2022 (HOL) - Warar soo baxaya ayaa sheegaya in dowladda Soomaaliya ay dib u furtay isticmaalka UN Terminal ee garoonka Aadan Cadde oo aheyd qeyb u gaar ah isticmaalkeeda...


How long has this terminal been operational, and why threaten to closing it if nothing will change. Lol 

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