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A the rhyme

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Yearning to burn this paper with a rhyme

Young and fresh and never out time

Yall I want to get that degree

Yes to make my folks happy

Yell when you’re winning

Yes sir I aim to be the cream of the crop


Ying is a Chinese way of saying money

Yagshiid is that in Mogadishu?


Youth is what we have lost

Yahud is a distant cousin gone a stray

Yunis a hustler with bullets to spray


Yemen is next door

Ya’ man is that yard slang

Yurub is a misspelling

Yusuf is the prophet of grace (PBUH) is all up in my face


Yassin is my beloved father’s name

Yassir and Sharon are still the same


Yesterday is the past while

Yaris is a poor mans motor

Yaw was my worst ever teacher

Yahye was a great preacher


Yes we always get what we deserve, however

You can never measure true worth

Young Somali’s are our future

You will take us to that other plain

Y I still have hope I cannot explain

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Z is the last word I will drop

Zen-Uzi is fake science

Zakah is not just giving rice


Zeuz is that ancient stone

Zanzibar for centuries a Muslim’s home

Zimbabwe is a mismanaged nation

Zam-Zam water for soul purification


Zinedin Zidane is a real star

Zenith is the ultimate high

Zinc is a worthless metal

Ziare a hapless nation

Zulu is a tough African tribe

Zubiar a Somali clan rhyme


Zakariah is a man I much admire


Zoo is an animal inaceration

Zuu, a Somali weapon of mass destruction


Zadam Hussein or uncle Zam

Zamia is a friend of mine

Zainab is my sister

Z is finished

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S is for somali tha land of gold

o is orange were ever they grow

M is for mecca were all muslims should see

A is for abo my money machine

l is for life somethink i really adore

I is for ismail the man of my dreams


r is for rahma that iz my name

u iz for u turn that iz my game

l iz for loving something we all should do

e is for ectasy something we all should try

r is for romans they ruled in there time

s is for sex something i'll have 2 nite

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I'm feeling ill of hypocrisy

And deception,

Definite is what I am,

And destruction is what I speak.



Listen Perception

Has got into me, white house

Regarding you as a chief with a honorable assessment

but I have seen from experience and the books that have informed

Humanity still groans from the corruption

you have caused globally


Since Malcolm X years

Self absurd and lunatic is how you define us

Is it because we refuse to anticipate your

Fake stories, and what your phony

Media has to tell?


Let's talk of a world peace,

We can only speak of decay and deceive


We can speak of a fat

Nations who is world domination is their aspiration


Pursuing to eliminate terrorism on a large-scale

Nevertheless they seem to be concern

about the large-scale of human destruction they demolish

frankly Disgrace is rooted at this nation


Their reason in Africa is to eliminate warfare,

But they're selling artillery to warlords— U tell me how the brood have access to fire arms

But they can't afford to buy an extensive meal



P. S.

I think world peace is something we should search up the stars,

Because in reality we get money by wars,

Thus peace won't come anytime soon…

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Ms DD   

What a talent..Can we start this again? Only i dont have the ability to a write rhyming poem. I could try though. It will at least take me a week though t come up with something.

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Now why is the world full of corruption?

Now, why are our governments swayed by their evil desires?

Now inform those who you see in leadership roles

None will be successful, except those who are the truthful,

Now, why have we been created?

No other reason, but to worship our Creator.

Now, who brainwashed you and told you life would be easy,

Nevertheless, we’re prisoners within our own bodies,

Now, brother’s respect the sisters

Niqaab is designed to protect them from evils.

Now have you read the books of those from the past

Note; they lived like you live, and did what you did,

Now, why is time flying by so fast?

Next thing I know, I’m a be old with kids, who have kids,

No regrets do I have about my life

Never will I ever, question the decree of Allah.

Now take a look above you,

Now what do you see?

Now Junnah is the roof of dunya and a place of peace and security.

Now, I seek Allah’s protection throughout the day,

Nice it would be, if I stood up to pray in the middle of the night.

Night is designed for us to rest.

Now why do phones ring while people are in the salat.

No self monitoring causes us to fall into sin.

Now that’s the end of that.

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I seek solace in the midst of strangers

Individuals more corrupt than the word itself

Interesting as they seem

It’s my inability to judge

Inability to see

Infectious human beings

In the midst of me


Jaded by these ****s

Jet-lagged by their changing hypocrisy

Juke-boxed my feelings

Joyfully unzipped my pants for them to


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LOL. Salah..

I see your choice of words is regarded

as extreme,yet rugged, i dig it though.


Judge-mental as i can be

juiced up with vocabs more powewrful than

juggernoughts punches

Just in,Clever trevor got a weak bladder

that'll make a golden shower seem alot sweeter

Asha or ismina doesn't really matter

i'ma cheek turner call me ike turner

hilib burner key turner who holla

two dolla weak rhymer david banner

pan handler woman beater whos heater

sushi eater two time cheater triple dater

untrust worthy loser

what eveRRrrr..


I'm just glad to be back....

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