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  1. What a blessed day! Ciid Mubarak to all! Best Wishes, and please make dou for those who were not able to be with us during this blessed day. Ameen
  2. Yeah can we get an update? I'm eager to see how your views have changed of some SOL characters
  3. Interesting thread. But one needs to understand the difference between Judaism and Zionism and after such a realization, the answer to your original question will be answered. Besides, if 'Muslims' were meant to hate 'Jews' then why, for so many years, did the Muslims leadership of past generations allow the Jews to live in peace along side the Muslims? If only you opened a history book, you would come to realize that Jews and Muslims co-existed for many decades. Even till this very day, Iran, who Israel promotes as being an enemy to the Jewish faith, harbours 25,000 Jews to live in its country. Now you tell me, do Muslims hate Jews? The answer, no! Do Muslims hate oppression? Yes. . The matter and reasons as to why so many Muslims (and non-Muslims by the way) hate the Zionist regime is due to oppression and not the Jewish faith. Personally, I know with certainty that Bani Israel were once upon a time, the selected group. However, that time has passed and I know with complete certainty and faith that Islam is the only path to salvation so why should I waste my time 'hating' a group of people when ultimately their final abode isn't good news? One more thing, check out YouTube 'Rabbis against Zionism' and you'll see some famous and knowledgeable Rabbis speaking out against Zionism and more importantly, one scholar from the Jewish faith calling for the Jews to return to that period of time when they lived in peace under an Islamic State. Will it ever happen? Sure, in due time.
  4. Ibti can write in Somali? Like WHOA! (just joking) MashAllah, good job. And here I thought you weren't capable of doing such a thing
  5. Originally posted by Nur: My question is: Is the adherence to the Quran and Sunnah an end or a means to an end? If it is an end, what is it? Nur That's a good question. And 2 years later, the answer is....
  6. Pucca, I'm not American (alhamdulilah). Ibtisam's laughing? Nooooo waaaayyyy! lol
  7. First Lady, firstly, how is your day going? (hooyo taught me, before you ingage in a conversation with someone, see how they are doing) Secondly, I think you are reading too much into my example. Besides, Pucca is Canadian and I am not! lol
  8. The Point, damn right my brotha! Nothing will be handed to you but it was just a question and apparently there is a thread somewhere discussing this very topic. Now I need to go and find it so I can be entertained for a bit
  9. Originally posted by *Blessed: the Little Mosque on the Prairie Oh mann, I hate that show! :mad: lol
  10. But Timmies is not the typical place where one would sit - lay back and enjoy the moment. Timmies is more walkin - order the goodies and get out- type of missions. But what would I know? The point is, would you make the first move?
  11. Well good luck with Canada, I wish you both the best. No seriously, only the best. Before we kill the thread, back to the matter at hand. Where you ask? Starbucks, 7:37pm on a cold evening, just after you ordered a white hot chocolate, he'll walk in, sit not too far from your sight of view but its upon you to make that very next move
  12. I checked their website and it seems like its not an online course but more of an sit-In class style of teaching but there are many online courses in which you can learn Arabic. Google it and if you cant find any, inshAllah I will post one or two for you (cant right this moment cause I got to run)
  13. Oh this is a great opportunity to learn Arabic for all the UK'ers. As I heard a friend of mine once say about something he wanted to take addvantage of: 'jump on that' <- Seriously, jump on this opportunity!