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Back again.I miss the "Nomadic Expression".

anyway, i'm back again, to write again

express the insane,so i can maintain

words help me release the stress & pain

that nums inside my brain

hold my self in cubecle in chains

the only way i know how to free my self is to rhyme again

excuse the verbs that drop like rain,

they may come down hard w/hurricane.......



some of you may relate

and some may get it late

But, it's Aaaall for good sake





Can I consider this extention in my profession a second blessing

Cuz I cherish every excellent second that I spend in this session

The setting got me feelin' like child freed from heavens detention

Cuz my tension was set to be stressin' quick...

Can I rhyme freely or let 'em face the censorship

Cuz it was like a remorse where my essence lived

It's like I was set free and released by an

The destiny set to manifest this sh*t

And this enlightenment is constantly supplyin' me

Like the economy, I was blessed with an efficient variety,

The purpose asserted to stress the message to society

To partake in the odyssey that is the Main Event

Excitement fufilled to the same extent

Think not, check the smile in your facial sense

The building where non-believers can make amends

To blaze the set and endulge in life's gift

The experience is like seein' heaven through your eyelids

The best part of a life spent inside this device of divine excitement

patiently take good moment

Cuz this is your Advancement.......



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Salaamz all...herez one i thought of just reflectin' on some of our female experiences...not finished like always...



all you wanna do is touch and grab

don't wanna go home witcha

all of sudden you mad

altho we both know we aint here to shag

sec i step in da apartment, all of sudden imma hag

whoar they call me

when all i wanted to do was spend time with ma mi' amore

talk to ya boys

all of sudden, i'm too cheap, itz you i can't afford..

when i'm withcha all you seem is bored.....



lol...imma be rite class will finish the rest lata...



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good try this time, Benovelent,

You gotta add a little scream to it.

Like ya mean it..Words have no action,

they just act alone.....


I almost felt it..

Kick it little bit more..

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My Thread,

My words,

My Expression,

My Heart,

My Love,

My Hate

My Hunger,

My River,

My Rain,

My Cloud,

My Earth,

My Moon,

My Sun,

My Universe,

My Friend,

My Girl,

My Brother,

My Sister,

My Family,

My Mother,

My Own,

My Mind,

My Rhyme,

My Line,

My Sign,

My Kind,

My Shine,

My Time,

My Car,

My Star,

My Music,

My This,

My That.


Please.Express ya self..Welcome to the world of word Freedom.

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My My My...We got talented Nomads in here. Maasha Allah...keep up the good work guys & girls.


InstinctPoet...I have tried to express myself through Poetry...It didn't work! So I'll just stick to being on the sidelines... rooting for you guys.

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Disillusion, hate, anger, strife

Burning, boiling seething rage

And children running around

With guns and knives

Dead bodies everywhere you go

Gang violence,riots and teen hoes

The land of the supressed

They steal your identity from you on arrival

With a melting pot of no survival

Fearing pacifism and communist dictatorship

Ignorance and fear have made

The government lose their grip

# 1 priority on their list

Is bloody foreign affairs

What signals that is their cockiness

And the way they put on airs

The law enforcers bully the innocent

And attack the meek

All this corruption makes kindness seem weak

The rich get away with murder and more

The poor get punished severly

Just to settle the score

With a past of lots of boodshed

And a future of attempted domintion

Hope exists no more

For this poor and dying nation


God bless America or so we would be fooled into thinking

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Nice One S.O.S...Corrupted 52 states,

you can foresee the truth?we could have used your

telepathy help back in somalia, 15yrs ago, where

were you?


Hey, D.Vission, I liked them lines

Ya know I always do.

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Instinct poet, 15 years ago I was a little kid and just like a lot of little kids at that tender young age I was abducted by aliens...okay okay I was playing with dolls and ponies smile.gif


and besides my telepathy was given to me as a gift 6 years ago from a small blue man I saved from a wombat smile.gif

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How many bottles?


You drink one

Your socializing



You drink two

Your unwinding



You drink three

Your celebrating



You drink four

You cannot be understood anymore



You drink five

You have a serious problem



You drink six

Your trying toforget your identity



You drink seven

You pass out......maybe forever

so what's it like in heaven?

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Take a chance see what happens

Gamble your life away

Excuse me for sounding b*tchy

But I don't want to go into moral decay

I don't want my choices to be either A or B

Why can't I choose what I want?

Don't I have a right to be free?

Of course you would think

Freedom is key

But how is that possible?

When choices are taken away from me

Live life a certain way

Take this path down that street

And up that alleyway

The directions you most commonly get

Just follow them with no questions asked

And your all set

Yeah right! of course thats what

They would like you to think

They never even give you a chance to

Reconsider what it is your doing

Or even blink

As for me I'll take a different street

I'm not interested in the places

you tell me I have to go

Nor the people you tell me I have to meet

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The dark Premesis,had me under it's wingz

Slippin and trippin on mind paterns flingz

The focuz on my eyez bLingz

Eyez on the price lingz

Moving on along as the phone ringz

Hoping it bringz

Stop to my shallow wayz n'thingz

Holding guard on my Shingz

....I'm fallin off..yo...i'ma fallin' off......

Had enough,Yo,I had enough, heading off

Holdin' still the image of "mr.tough"

Spitting venomous out the mouth

catch my wrath down south

Oh'timeless,I feel so rhyme less

And STILL previliged to post this anormous

post existant annonymous

Like drought in the desert my mouth has is dryness

What happen to MPLS_finest?

I got my arrow,but yet so Aimless

Name is famous

Or just simple Infamous

Runnin,N'tellin honest

Wordz,cuttin'like swordz of samurai'z

picture this and memorize'''

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What is My Nomadic "Expressions"?



Tears flow down my cheek as i type this sincere letter....

i know your hearts been torched,sliced,or partially shattered by the worlds harsh weather...


we gotta move on...we gotta strive for perfection....

we gotta dig deeper than skin deep to see ones true reflection...


look at all this clanism,people hatin beliefs as it escalates beyond hate crimes....

some people put way much to emphasis on hawiy'e and dar'od? on the same meltin' pot we rot.


I try to set an example as I magnify deep into ones sides...

but still some get the wrong idea cuz im so painfully shy...


time flies as some try to get...just try to put the troubles behind them...

social isolation my own situation of solitary confinement....


but all this tension thrivin as simple as someones religious beliefs...

makes it hard for me to dig deep...and find where some remain unique...


I try so hard to listen to both sides but since i've been unheard so long my condition just defies...


the acquistion that i strive for....

a new way for some to connect....


we should join together as prospects and put together our dialect....


to measure success techniques why do some keep it strictly on beliefs...?

why dont they realize that this just deceases the research for the thesis...


I dont understand the ignorant delinquents....

that talk more sh1t than they can handle...


but my good nature just cancels the hatred...for a second as i attempt to dismantle the scandal....


I've been troubled,grew up with autism...most dont understand the small percentages traditions...

instead they choose to make fun of it and say were hit with mental retardism....


what the f#ck could you possibly know about a speech impairments struggle if you havent lived it?...

how the f#ck can I continue to tolerate such ignorance...


its like clanism and racism is malignant....

is it really such a big difference...?


some teach there kids to believe to hate another clan like a superstition....


personally i think its ridicoulous...everyone experiences their own pain and strife....

so we cant absorb properly the sunlight...and grow if we view in ****** and ***** ....

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My Nomadic Expression

My Poetic Reflection


My Heroic Perfection

Realize My.

My Logic Perception

Am Him watch out for Her in good terms

She's my sister my mother, Grand'ma

Aunt and lil'Neic

She' She get my mind to ease

My heart skip beats 'n Freeze

Gets me to my fear a chance so my braveness could advance

On my wrist on my watch on the tickin'time I take a glance

Plot better plans

With a nomadic expression I spit on 'em fans

Imagine learning to drive on stolen Dodge Vans?

Remember how 'em leaders threw chairs on the Parliments Ellection?

It's why we having a Somali nation infection

Back ploting B.S with a nomadic impression

See all the facts am pressing

Dropping my visions confession

F.U ain't U am addressing

Ain't about U so stop ur Lung Compressing

Breathe in Breathe out u rather be relaxing!

Here goes my Nomadic Expression

With a macawiis in winter time going down to my store near you!

Walking on the snow with my Dacas on, Bolice I don't fear you!

U yell loud, but guess what- Waraa I don't HearYouu!

...Aaaa flip this* I errase my 1st Nomadic expression wich was better than this one...

I regret but make it up for it now-

bla'bla so on and so on!








None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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