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Please Have Your Opinion Heard About This Matter! It Is Very Important

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To all the nomads,

There have been issues now a days regarding our way of live- "Islam" being criticized in every aspect of the way.... so please read on

and vote on the poll whether a foot bath is a religious accomodation or not...


Thanks for the attention.... and remember "Far Kaliya Fool ma dhaqdo" lets show support to the Muslim students at MCTC AKA Minneapolis Community and Technical College.



MCTC foot bath draws a broad response

A Minneapolis Community and Technical College proposal to install foot baths for Muslim students provokes action at the Legislature and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities board.

By Jean Hopfensperger and Dan Wascoe, Star Tribune

Last update: April 18, 2007 – 10:09 PM

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Somalis shocked by hate mail.


Joey McLeister , Star Tribune


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Phil Davis, president of the Minneapolis Community and Technical College, never expected his "plumbing issue" to become a national controversy.

However MCTC's plan to install foot baths for Muslims has prompted reaction from both a state legislator and the board overseeing Minnesota colleges.


On Wednesday, the board of Minnesota's State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system decided that it will discuss the possible creation of guidelines for all of its campuses on these types of cultural and religious accommodations at its May meeting.


And today Rep. Jim Abeler, R-Anoka, said he planned to introduce an amendment to the House Higher Education bill that would allow MnSCU workers to display religious symbols at their desks and cubicles.


"I didn't expect a plumbing fixture would become a board issue or national news," Davis said.


The foot-washing proposal sprang from an incident last year when a Muslim student slipped and hit her head while trying to wash her feet in a sink in a bathroom, MCTC staff said. There was also the potential hazard of slippery floors for other MCTC students because of the water that spilled on the floor .


The proposal was the subject of a column by the Star Tribune's Katherine Kersten, which was picked up by conservative bloggers across the country. It became the subject of a nationwide "action alert" by the American Family Association, which urged its Minnesota readers to contact their legislators regarding the MCTC proposal. Davis, bombarded with 3,000 e-mails, in turn sent letters to every Minnesota legislator and Gov. Tim Pawlenty this week.


The proposal has been misconstrued as a government institution favoring Islam over Christianity, Davis said. He noted that MCTC has a Christian Student Organization as well as a Muslim Student Organization, and that there's no preferential treatment for either.


MCTC staff said foot-washing facilities are available at colleges ranging from Stanford University, the University of Houston, Boston University, St. Cloud State and the University of Minnesota-Duluth.


In 2001, St. Cloud installed a bench and some ground-level faucets in a bathroom-sized room in the student union, said Ed Bouffard, interim director of the student center at St. Cloud State. The idea was to prevent puddles of water and slippery floors in the other restrooms, he said.


The facility, paid for by student fees, generated no controversy, he said. Most days, a handful of people use it, he said. But 30 to 40 people use the facilities on Fridays, the Muslim holy day. About a dozen Christian groups also use the student union for activities, he added.


"We're very happy to be part of a solution," Bouffard said.


A visit to the MCTC campus on Wednesday showed a major reason for the foot-washing facilities -- there are 500 Muslim students among MCTC's 8,000 total. Hundreds of young women, covered head-to-toe in traditional Muslim dress, can be found in the classrooms, library, computer labs and across campus.


Suleiman Isse, president of the Somali Student Union, and the college's Somali student adviser, Jamal Adam, said they were shocked by the opposition and hate mail that the foot-washing proposal has generated. "I thought the American people were more knowledgeable," Isse said.


At the MnSCU board meeting Wednesday, MnSCU attorney Gail Olson said the foot-washing issue raised potential constitutional issues regarding the free exercise of religion versus the establishment of religion. It might be difficult to devise a general policy for the systems' 32 institutions, she said.


Board member Cheryl Dickson said a foot-washing accommodation for Muslims at MCTC "is a safety issue and a religion issue" and could set a precedent with unforeseen consequences.


Abeler said his amendment would clarify what can be permitted in MnSCU workplaces, in light of the Muslim foot-washing issue.


"The foot-washing thing is absolutely a religious accommodations which they should do.," Abeler said. "My point is that as we accommodate one faith, we shouldn't suppress the rights of people of other faiths."


Abeler said he is likely to offer an amendment on the House floor today to send a legislative letter to college officials urging them to remember that as they might accommodate one group, they should accommodate others as well.



Staff writer Mark Brunswick contributed to this report. Dan Wascoe • 612-673-4436 Jean Hopfensperger • 612-673-4511

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I haven't read the article top to bottom but a request for 'Foot Baths' is a little over the top.

Whats next-Give me an Istinja bucket? :rolleyes:


If you don't live in Dar Al Muslimeen, then you have to have realistic expectation and now your identity. You will never be the "equal citizen" that some preach when they give you your U.S. passport and that will always be the case.


These demands are just become ridiculous and are often made by unreasonable people.


Imagine asking for a "foot bath" at your workplace. :rolleyes:

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Khayr if we continue to believe that we have to be `realistic` and not expect or hope for any changes in our favour will we ever get anywhere?


I really dnt understand the big fuss, give the muslims their footbath so they can make wudu in peace...


blooming Americans

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It looks this issue is a religious one. If it was a satety issue they would have introduced other safety procedures such as more drainages and nonslippery floors on bathrooms.


ps. I hope sister hawdgirl wont hit me on the head for saying that.

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U need a pass to vote.?


Many unis have wudu facilities. It isn't that much of a religious issue, really.


I'd vote for it only because I feel that it's nasty to wash your feet in the sink.

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it is both a religious and safety issue. I believe MCTC will continue with their culture of accomodating the muslim students at the school. Kimiya I hear ya on the sink idea.

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You know the deen is easy and extremes are counter-deen islam. For Islam is a deen of balance, of moderation (not to be confused with modernity and modern thinking).


In cases where in you are not in your home or a muslim owned building, then follow another maadhab

and do tayamum and leave your house with wudu.


For those that have to do the "foot bath" then use a private or handicapped washroom (which are often private)


Its not a question of safety but of unrealistic and foolish muslims thinking that they should be treated on every level-on par with everyone else.



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Having your bloody opinion heard, wouldn't make me hit you on the head, or on the second thought would it?! hmmmmm

Let me think for a while and get back to you

So are ppl voting for this issue

I have had the poll URL above

If you havent done it please do so, it would benefit us all... and make others think that we are united... remember the US presiden'ts saying

"United we stand, divided we fall"

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Aren't you making the issue a little more than it supposed to be!

I repeat this is for a security reason, as one of the students have had an accident due to the slipperty of the floor of the bathroom

So what is you in take in this? just wondering...

Don't be so negative bro... We all know that we live in Kufaar land and that its bit too hard to have everything be in the way of living according to our deen, but we can make effort and see where it gets us!

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