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Secessionists on PM Roble

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Walee Koore waa runtii .

Dilaalintii NGO'da ayy Soomaliya u gacan gashay.

Whether they are in Garoowe, Hargeisa or Muqdishu, these NGO boys work together to make to cash. It is the Nairobi based mafia .

Khayr ha ka sugin.

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27 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

We don't know, but it could be money issues. Like a good old mobster he probably wanted his cut.

Yes something happened,  they came out guns blazing, 

Something is up

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1 hour ago, maakhiri1 said:

yes something happened,  they came out guns blazing


The way these guys are talking to him says a lot about his past. THey might have paid him some money while  at his current job. Somaliland do not usually expel UN staff like ILO or others. THe false expulsion could have been a scheme for his resume to deceive " Mooge" the man in Villa-Somalia. WE need to find out the date of the so called expulsion, because the more corrupt you are the more you get along with hungry ministers in Hargeisa.

THis man probably might have broken a promise. If you look the statement Rooblaawe made toward the Laascaanod tragedy, it was mild and weak, yet they came guns blazing which means he failed to hold the line as he promised.


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