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cynical lady

Lets celebrate music from Mama Africa.

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Join me and let’s celebrate Africa’s musicians and do share your favourites.


From Senegal Youssou N´dour- my favorite

Koffi Olomide & Youssou Ndour – Festival


Issa Sow


From Mali Salif Keita. Africa is my favorite song to clean the house/cook with...time goes by so quickly.


HABIB KOITE- listening to him reminds me of home, and the African sun.





From Guinea Mory Kante- for Malika you must remember this song

Yeke yeke


From Nigeria p-square - can’t get enough of this guys...Just love their album.



Oh yeyey eeh ohh yeey.....


From Congo Awilo Longomba- ohh the memories... sokotaaa sokotaa




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Jacl- you’re into Awilo? I’m amazed and impressed simultaneously.


Parg- no such thing as baba-Africa. Anyhow, the blooming thread is a working progress if you want to include Somali songs then knock yourself out. (*think Somali songs are overrepresented in SOL)


p.s Aduunka- me don’t listen to Somali heeso.

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