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my lovely summer holiday in the most dangerous and poorest country on earth lol

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past summer, like a lot of Somali people, I've been to the world's most dangerous and poorest country in the world: Somalia. I must admit, I thought that I would not come back alive. I estimated my survival in this African country 13%. the other 87% is being killed by a crazy militiaman (the ones you see on TV), the old rusty Russian airplane that goes to Somalia, lions and other wild animals or something.


Well I survived and I want to show all my brothas and sistas how wonderful it is, to go back to your roots. Eat fresh meat, milk and vegetables. Drink coca cola or shani for 5 cents. See thousands of people that by some way happen to be your cousins.



here i kissed the ground, because this was the first time i came on Somali soil. it was a flight from dubai-addis ababa-bosaso. i was really suprised of what I saw. an airport on the egde of a beach and on the other side mountains.



this is my uncle Indhacade's car, he's going to show us the beauty of somalia. we laughed when he said that honestly. somalia, beauty? let's just wait and see. my uncle Indhacade is an Australian from Melbourne, but somehow he wants to live in Bosaso. what a stange fellow eyh?



my uncle is showing off his assault rifle. it's an AK47 (made in ex-Yugoslavia, now Serbia) and he bought it in the weapon market downtown bosaso. i wanted to buy myself a small piece to, but how on earth would that go through dubai airport? damn!



never in my life did i saw acacia trees, palm trees, cactusses and normal trees all in one place.


we were brought to a place where we could relax. something like natural jacuzzis or something. so I must say, I was very much intrigued and I was suprised that the shit they were saying was true. they were like jacuzzis and there were like 30 of them. one could fill 10 people. women had 5 seperate ones, somewhere further on. you could hear them anyways. the water was hot, it's called biyokulule.



we came back to bosaso, but then we went back to another place. now i was told of a natural swimming pool? I was like, is Allah making everything for free for Somalis? i took the picture of this sandhill, because it looked pretty spectacular when we passed it. like a wave falling on you.



parked the car and went skinnydipping. nah, not skinnydipping but it was close enough. i had no smiwsuit, because I could never imagine swimming in somalia. so i swam in my white underwear. very emberrassing, you could see my the water was damn cold.

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my uncle Indhacade swimming



that's another uncle, forgot his name.



if your eyes are OK, than you can see bosaso. i must admit it is a bad picture. i had borrowed my father's camera that is older than me, because my digital camera ended up without batteries. this picture is my goodbey to this city. now we were heading down south, Gaalkacyo. the city where white people get lashed.



checking out the mountains from the window while listening to my own remix on my mp3. yeah! hehe



checking out the camels out the window. they are bigger than you think. i was in this restaurant in a small dusty village: burtinle and there they slaughter one camel per day. I've recorder it live with my camcorder. like 5 big strong guys were wrestling with the camel and one skinny guy slit the camel's throat. first something yellow came out of the throat, than the blood came out. damn!



finally in civilisation again. the road trip felt like centuries. by this time all my batteries for my mp3 ran out and all i could do was sleep. this village was garowe and i was told it was the capital of puntland. well it doesn't look like a capital city, but it was a pretty nice place. we went to luxury guest house, the place gives credit to it's name, for real.



allow me to show you my hero. this dude is cabdulqadir buluq-buluq. he repairs the highway between gaalkacyo and bacadweyn. he's doing the job of the president cabdulahi yusuf.

this man shouldn't be thrown at 1000 shilling out of the window. he should be thrown on the president's chair in villa somalia in muqdisho.

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welcome to galkacyo. like i said before, white people are not safe here. yeah! i learned that galkacyo people are a bit more rude than the people in bosaso. when I was at my grandfather's sister's house and picked up the phone during lunch, some girl was on the other line and she couldn't understand my somali. she was namecaling me with gala, oromo and xabash. i knew that meant ethiopian, but i rerfained from verbally abusing her.



loool this dude on the pole must have benefits on his job or at least life insurance. that doesn't really look safe. just check the guy with the hands on his back. he's supposed to hold the ladder.



the fadhi ku dirir talks. everywhere in somalia you will see some chairs and tea between some dudes and talking about bullshit. here i'm in garsoor neighbourhood in gaalkacyo, where my grandfather's sister lives.



meeting the sister of my grandmother for the first time was one of my special moments in somalia. i regretted that i haven't brought her a gift or something. it feels uncomfortable to come empty handed to your loved ones in Somalia, even if they don't need anything.



somali flag wavering high and mighty in a school in bacadweyn, close to galkacyo in the north. just one hour drive. bacadweyn was a pretty cool place, met a lot of guys that lived there for dhaqancelis for one year. a friend i made there was due at next summer, till then he's trapped there. a lot of other dudes just sit under a qurac and read the quran or play football. there's nothing much else to do.

i saw a karate school opened there by a somali canadian. too bad the karate school was closed when i came there.





this school looks normal, but weird thing is: the language here is English and the school is focused on math and physics (oh lord i would never survive, me and math are enemies). teachers and students are all somali foto madobe, but still the language spoken is english. and then you think you've seen it all....



that was all folks. hope you go to somalia very soon too. those that allready went, i hope you guys could relate. cuz at first i couldn't wait to get out, but you start to like it. very much even. and when you come home, you actually feel homesick. homesick to a place you've been only once last summer. now that's the power of going back to your roots.

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Absolutely splendid, my man. You made me feel like I was in Somalia at this very moment.


This picture is very cool and slick:




Thank you very much Ambassador.

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Fantastic, nice pics Ambasadoore.


Lately Bosaso is becoming a holliday dream , Sxb twice i turned down free ticket, seems next time i won't.


Thanks pal

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thanks a lot people. i really appreciate the kind words. it gives me the feeling that i didn't do the helljob of scanning these pictures for nothing.

my message is that somalia is a great place. not just because it's your country, but because it is a great place in itself.


here i have some more pictures of my holiday:



here we are in the beach of bosaso. we are those negroes that make up black dots in the sea. a cousin of mine was bitten by a crab when he was resting on the beach. damn.



a large rock in the natural swimming pool i was talking about. the name of the place is called laak.



this picture i made in garowe. the picture was allready a bit f*cked up when i scanned it. some of my friends have probably abused it when i showed them my country.



traffic in bosaso is crazy! you see some crazy people who leave a car in the middle of the road or something. this is tragic and funny at the same time.



no house can be without generators if you don't want to find yourself ina situation where you'll be without eletcricity for weeks. shit happens na'm sayin.



golis mountains. i regret not making pictures of the green mountians. but i was asleep then, so missed it.

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