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What Song Currently Describes Your Love Life?

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boycott, I like basketcase because I seriously can identify with that song the only other song that comes close is bitter sweet symphony by the verve and no neither are love songs. I have no love song to describe my life, but rather songs about lunatics and the bitersweetnes of life.

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Acuudka! aren't U guys have any Somali song which can descripe your love life or some. I guess that shows us how much we changed!

Songs carry profound meaning more than just the mere english words, they have societal and culture framework, which clearly is very differrent than our own. The Somali song which I can say it can describe my love life is by Khadro Daahir:


... Ugub nimo Xishood lee ilnugalyba waakee, afka kama cadaynkaro ergana umadiraynkaree Caashaqu ogaysiis maleeyahay...


It is not like I am in the situation the song describes, but it happens so often to Somali girls that they are in love and unable to communicate to the person.

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Mind goes like this:-


Timahaagan sagalkee saymo roob lamoodiyo, sanqaroorkan kugu yaal, ma siisteen aduunyada haday ii sinaadaan......sababkale hamoodine suntaadii habeenadan waan kaseexan waayoo sedahaad i g' TUBEEC.

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...Ya'll Crack senstve...and cool..woow didnt know we hav pple like ya'll


MIne will be this...<Qoraxdoo aroortii

Qaybisay falaadhaa aa

Ama qaanso roobaad

Daruur midab ku qarisay


Qaymaheedii leeyeey

Qof mid lama amaanoo

Qalad looma heesee

Qurayshtii haweenkaay


wa tasaa he...Ciyaal kUni Kuni....




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BRIAN MCKNIGHT back at one YOh :confused:



man a love life what.....LOVE AIN'T *SH MAN IT'S MATERALISTIC PPL unless it's the bond shared between mother and child brother and sister and freind and the befreinded ya know it's a neorological bond.

marvin sease CANDY LICKER(ya'll know the songlol)

man love been overexposed you know i mean love would of beeen something back in the day but now every other song or rap video is just tearing it's image you know. so fluckk it if you got anything better i'll take it microsoft and ibm bonds is the love of the future either u invest or u rott in inFEST ahhahaha

i know that had nutthin to do with this topic but i feel a'lil talky talky today so this is it.


if i had a love life which i don't it would be


common the light

cuzzzz i'm only there half the time CAN'T give u 100PERCEnt BOO IT'S imppossible not only scientifically but theoreticaly hypotheticaly,skinnylegz and fried'chickenally

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Originally posted by Nubian-Queen:


There is a verse that goes like this


Your friends tell you there's no future

in loving a married man

If I can't see you when I want to

I'll see you when I can

If loving you is wrong I don't wanna be right


Auch! You can't be serious :eek: This is old school, and I hope you misunderstood the question.

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Here it Goes.

(1) Hey Lover..LL Cool J.


Am in to somali noways so here s one which says alot......

if u can read


This Songs SUms up My Love life at the moment...

xiisaha bogaygiyo baahida

aan kuu qabo hadalada baroorta

siduu caashaq ii baday

aan kuu baadsho hadalkoo


kuu balaadhshee iga maqal Jasmeen.


Bil;igtii horeetiyo

awal barashadeenii

bilowgii kalgaclkoo

awaad iigu beertaan

iga dhigay bestayoo la baxaadegayaa

boogtii jeceylkaan

boga iiga taalaan ha bogsooto leeyoo

weli baan ku deyayaa


marka aan baxnaashee

beryo aan ladnaadoba

adaa damaqadaa boogtoo

bilaawiyo bartaba daray

oo bay goaygiyo basan

baaska caashaqa

XXXXXX aday baday


Baaqiyo salaantiyo

Nabadiyo bariidada

adaa badashay samihii

balantii adaa furay

beenay wacadkii

boholyowna igu riday


Gues Who wrote the Song..

U guys Guest it.... lol


1 Luv


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Nafisa... if u can beleive I saw the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai before and I know that sang.


I dont really listen to music no more so I can only offer old songs. A song that describes my life? There r a couple.


Right here waiting 4 u-Richard Marx----i'm studying away from home and really missin my family n friends.

Momma--Boyz2Men---again missin the one i luv the most.

Oh there is this song by Savage Garden. I forgot the name but the guy is singing really fast and ur not sure what he's saying. Something about "a chicky cherry cola". That's how i feel my life is, a crazy mad rush without any breaks.


i'm out

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Muslimah...finally someone who watches Hindi, it's a very romanantic movie, in fact i couldn't stop sobbing, lol...what can i say, it's all because of sharuk.


Did u say Richard Marx song...that song is only like my favourite, esp when he says " If i see you next to never, how can we say forever"...that song and Brian adams' Everything i do, are just amazing, they sure make a girl melt.


P.S Wish u all the best...i could'nt have made it one day away from home.

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Great topic!...the first titles that come to mind are my favourites...but that isn't the question...hmm tricky...naming a song that actually describes my own state of affairs...difficult!


Maybe Saynab Cige's Nafta/ruxii comes the closest at the moment...will have to give it some more thought.


English songs are passionless when it comes to romance...they don't speak to me as much as the somali numbers...well....maybe Enrique's Hero is an exception :D

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