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  1. War this retard does not make any sense at all. He is a TRAITOR and should be dealt accordingly ASAP. You asked for opinions, there you have mine. Xuska
  2. Ganacsade, It’s very shocking to hear that you even think about starting a shifta movement in the region. NFD is part of Kenya and I think, it’s in the best interest of the province to remain with the rest of the country. You said the province is backward in terms of social, political, and economic aspects. No tarmac roads, water sources. But my question to you is whose fault is this? Bacadle, blame your own corrupted minded representatives such as Hussein Moallin and his likes who are at the forefront to undermine their own people and misuse the province Budget. Wasn’t Hussein the Head of the Ministry of Water? The same guy who spent the Province’s budget on Eldoret water system just to please the same guys you claimed to be oppressing your ppl. NFD needs leaders who have the best interest of their ppl in heart NOT a swine like Hussein. Xuska
  3. I dont think I've violated any rules or used any vulgar language. There are many far offensive words used on this forum daily but I guess wax kale ayaad kakululaatay e cadayso sxb. One word isn't a good reason to erase my whole post so, please, stop overeacting.
  4. *********************DELETED************ [ September 26, 2003, 06:46 AM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  5. You can ask for the basis of the sheikh’s opinions and there is nothing wrong with that walaal. I myself posed this question (navel piercing) to Sh. C/Rahman at Shaafici Masjid and his response was that “it’s not allowed”. One thing though I never asked him some specific ayah or hadith , maybe I should have done that. But the way I see it is, if you are in doubtful, avoid it as these hadiths tell us….(1) “Leave that makes you doubt for that which doesn’t make you don’t” (saxiix Hassan) (2) That which is lawful is plain and that which is unlawful is plain and between the 2 of them are doubtful matters about which not many people know. Thus he who avoids doubtful matters clears himself in regard to his religion and his honor, but he who falls into doubtful matters falls into that which is UNLAWFUL…………long hadith.(bukhaari iyo muslim) Ladiif
  6. Flying Still, Yes Qur’an and Hadiith are the main sources of the Islamic sharia but that is not all. There are things which are not mentioned in either one of them. I’m pretty sure you know what FIQH(Islamic Jurisprudence) is. It refers to the legal rulings of the Muslim scholars, based on their knowledge of the shari`ah; and as such is the third source of rulings and to disregard this and demand for ayad iyo xadiith, xujaan u arkaa walaal. Ladiif
  7. ^^^^^illmarric, baryahan waxaa socota new version of Dhaanto oo loo yaqaan "Guuxa" very sofisticated nooc of Dhaanto sxb adiguna bahal outdated ah ayaad dhaantaan aqaanaayey leedaha, war naga fadhiiso yaan lagu maqline selee calaa Hey, when r u goin to hit the road? isla garan giigii-LOL!
  8. No Modesty, I haven't invent but was there since Ayeeyo iyo Awoowe arrived the Horn! Modesty and Magnoona, here are few more somali dances. 1. Batar 2. Guuxa 3. Dhaanto 4. Jaan dheer 5. Guuroow 6. Caways 7. Saar 8. Shirib 9. Wala-Saqo 10.Gabley shinbir Btw, all these dances available on vidoes "@Bulaale Somali Hidiyo Dhaqan Shop" in Mpls and you can place ur order and will receive 'em w/in 3 business days!
  9. Great Ideas indeed but it needs lots of time, energy dedications and many other things. It is not an easy thing and we really need to think through it, brainstorm, put our ideas together and come up with few things that we can say are basics and needed the most in our communities, then come up with next few things. In otherwords, lets put our ideas in categories(A,B,C...Z) depending on our societies' needs and our chances of succeeding with the help of Allah. "Canjeero sey u kala sareeso aa loo kala cunaa ma maqasheen?" It seems many of us are inclined towards "child Abuse" or "discipline" idea even though I prefer to called it the latter one just beacause connotation of the word "Abuse". This is a very wide and complicated issue among somalis and to change it, we have to alter the somali culture to an extent and it needs long time to do that. To start our program with such a huge and controversial issue, might create more problems and misunderstandings which is the last thing we want to happen so, lets start with less complicated issues and face those harder ones later on 1by1. These are the some of the most needed things in my opinion. Every1 can add some to the list, that is we you guys agree with me, if not majority rules!! a. High school Drop-outs b. Mentoring and Tutoring Services(for high, middle school and Adults too) c. Drug/Substances Abuses d. Aids and STD's e. Teens Pregnancy and Abortions f. Safety g. FGM h. Qabiil . . . . z. Children Disciplice/EDAAB **Hold conferences every once in while to educate the community as a whole on various issues such as "Living in the Ghettoes and Its consequenes"-just an example! After we agree on what to do, then w'll be able to proceed to "How" to do part.
  10. few yrs younger than me but if she is the Ideal women but same age as I'm and we love each other, I still dont see the problem.
  11. Does any1 here know Batar? I think its much more exciting than Buraanbur which is only for the durmarka/hablaha.
  12. Kulan Diineedkii labaad ee Soomaalida North America. Topic: SEDEE LOOGA BAXAA FITNADA? Where: Columbus, Ohio When: August 30th, 31, and Sept. 1st. 2003. Sheikhs: Shibile-Holand Mustafa Haaruun-Somalia Mohamed Idriis-Atlanta c/rahman sh. Cumar-Minneapolis Ibraahim Sh. Mohamed-Seatle C/Shakuur Ibraahim-Nashville Mohamed Khadar-San Diego C/Risaaq Xaashi-Boston Nuux Ciise-Virginia For further info. you can call these Borthers: 1. Omar Cige 614-207-2752 2. Mohamed Hassan 614-207-2552 3. Xafiiska Masjidka 614-888-7140 4. Imaam Shaafici Masjid 612-275-2512/559-0699
  13. Ladiif


    Gediid hawbixin sxb, I placed my order too!! Gedii, kawaran adigo Macawis qaba oo 2 Marduuf oo herari ah isku furfurtay. Darmuus shaahii layaqaanay dhinaca bidix, Sigaar Embassy ku horyaal, Heeso qaaci ah iyo liilaloowdii iyo kabankii dananayo ooy fooxii saas loogu tuurayo jaba, oo isla markaana tu yar ood aad iyo aad u jeceshahay oo naftaadabu maan raacday hortaada mar marayso iyadoo sidata qalabkii lugu yaqaanay hablaha somaliyeed, of course hubkeeduna dhamaystiran yahay, "Afku qalin madoow,dhexdu taako qabad suniyaha bildhalatiyo.....sidii qaanso lugu dhigay" uunsiga aad sanka laraacayso marba dhenacey kaa marto. Dirac miyaad tidhaa mise laafyaha ayaaba iiga daran!! Ladiif!