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Che -Guevara

I don't wanna be a Canadian Id*ot

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Well, it was nice knowing you.


They say the last thing you see is a hockey mask before she brains you with an ice-pick.

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As a kid after watching the first mighty ducks film i wanted to become the greatest hockey champion of all time, i had one of those 8 wheels rollerskates(4 on each side) because i kept falling with those advanced type of inline skates (i tried them on in the store in front of my mother who decided rollerskates were safer)


anyways it was ''hockey time'' you know, ducks ducks ducks!! i had my gear on, all pumped up went outside but there was nobody to play with, only two dutch girls my age who were twins and kinda sinister too cause they offered to help me (when i was still trying to learn how to skate with these things) but they kept pushing me on the road - the younger sister had a crush on me but the older one i think really wanted me run over by a car' or atleast in serious pain


<-- i only wore them one day...The Hockey Champion that never was...

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who actually says 'aboot' in canada?


and i'm pretty sure its 'a to zed' not 'zee' that just sounds wrong.


also, where is pucca and why hasn't she not creamed you yet?

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"Don't want to be an



Its a known fact that americans arent smart and that canadians arent the

of north america.


God bless canada and its people ...Amen

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I'm not a lumberjack or a fur trader

And I don't live in an igloo or eat blubber or own a dog sled

And I don't know Jimmy, Sally, or Suzie from Canada

Although I'm certain they're really, really nice

I have a Prime Minister, not a President

I speak English and French, not American

And I pronounce it "about", not "aboot"

I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack

I believe in peacekeeping, not policing

Diversity, not assimilation

And that the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal

A toque is a hat

A chesterfield is a couch

And it is pronounced Zed, not "Zee," Zed

Canada is the second largest land mass

The first nation of hockey

And the best part of North America.

My name is Jaahil

And I'm Canadian



That dude's commercial used to rule the Canadian

in early 2000.

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Hehe...that song was really making fun of the ********* of americans...


Maskin...dont say long ago, feels like the other day..*crys* I become older..everyday yuk

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