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'Australia's biggest counter-terror operation'

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What were seeing is new laws/policies that are slowly decreasing the civil liberties of the Aussies, and at the same time increasing the authority/powers of the government, from the national levels to local levels.


We can question the timing of the laws, we can support/deny 'scare-tactic' allegations, and we can question the alleged accusations of the 17 suspects, but one thing for sure is that an amendment has been adopted, and future proposals are being considered that will not ask for evidence suggesting specifics in targets, etc. It's also not surprising to find particular groups falling victim to these new laws.


Civil liberties are being sacrificed for pre-emptive strike tactics..

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Once a Muslim is both thankful and patient, he becomes…invincible!


A man would be caught and held in a pit dug for him in the earth and he would be sawn in two by a saw placed over his head, or his flesh would be combed away from his bones with iron combs, but none of this would tear him away from his faith.


Allah will surely help Islam complete its mission, Ameen.


Muslim communities in Aussie are not united its had for them to make a stand..This So called modern muslims Creating all this problems for Us ..But Insha-allah we will come over it Ameen ...


Wcs all

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Originally posted by Khayr:



I was reading something earleir this week how the mukhabaraat subdued muslims.


who's the mukhabaraat?


they sound baathist secret police.

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