Breaking news: Somali Liyuu police had been dispatched to the Amhara region to fight TPLF.

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Breaking news:

Somali regional president Mustafe Cagjar had dispatched Somali Liyuu police from Jigjiga. Furthermore, he made speech telling those who make unauthorized speeches on this issue using freedom of speech will be persecuted.

I had talked to a freind who has family in Jigjiga and they confirmed the deployment of the Liyuu police. 

The Somali Liyuu police and the Amhara Liyuu (special forces)  are the only military police dispatch to fight along the Ethiopian military. It sad Somalis will be dying to keep the Ethiopian empire that oppressed them for centuries. History will judge the Somali stooge in Jigjiga, Mustafe Cagjar.

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