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States Of The Mind, and Soul Series



The Dhanb State ( Sin State )


(Please Note: Not To be Confused with US State Colleges)



The sin state is the result of a prolonged Ghaflah State (oblivion), when we park idly in a ghaflah state, we become numb, our senses go to sleep, our reason takes a vacation, and presto, we find ourselves in the forbidden half side of the game of life. The referee ( angels, waves a red flag, and you are tagged)


Sins are like gravity, if we let ourselves loose, it easily takes place,taking us down to lower layers of the soul, closer to the animal levels of intellect and uncontrolled desires, There are four major drivers for sins:



1. Anger

2. Lust

3. Greed

4. Pride


1. When we are angry and in the ghaflah state, we abuse others verbally or phyisically unproportionally to the annoyance that we felt, and at extreme situations we injure or commit murder. Therefore the way to control the result of the anger is to control anger itself according to the Hadeeth of the Prophet SAWS " Do not get angry"



2. When we are under the influence of the NIMA + Ghaflah states , abundant food, and good health and some money, and our desires are not safeguarded with Dhiker Control Systems, or fasting, our automatic desires pilot takes over our comprehension and we begin to use our hormones for thinking instead of our heads, this process of following the steps of Satan continues until Satan guides his victim step by step to commit a haraam action, and later convice his victim that they are now hopeless and bad, so contiue on this sinful track for a while. The sin here is a springboard to make a somersault to higher sins like shirk and kufr, acadanallaahu minhaa.



3. When we encounter the potential of making money, and we are in Ghaflah state, and we have dire need for money, we cross the decency line by stealing, cheating and in serious cases robbing or killing someone for the money.


The last case is the sin we committed when we were hallucinated with Pride, this type, all Nomads are familiar with, I guess, it is what caused the Uncivil war in Somalia.



So, if we do not repent from our sins what happnes?


Well, first the angels log an error message on your file which usually is sent to the heavens twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, at Fajr and Asr prayers respectively, so if you fail to settle the sin by making Istighfaar or Tawbah, the Constables on Patrol ( COP) angels will be looking for your tags, you are WANTED. So, when your file is reviewed, and it is deemed that you are a Muslim, the angels are instructed to serve you a regimen of punishment much less in proportion to the sin you have committed " Wa maa asaabakum min musiibatin fa bimaa kasabat aydiikum wa yacfuu can katheer" meaning, " Any misfortune that happens to you is what you have rightfully earned with your bare hands, yet, Allah had forgiven you the most of it" just like a judge reduces a traffic ticket as a mercy, but you do PAY, because if you do the crime, you do the time.


So the way to handle your sins is first to be guardful, HAFEEDH, so you do not fall in it to begin with, however if you find yourself in the sin pit, don't just sit there, do something like repenting and sitihfaar, so you become AWWAAB, that way you are like Muhammad Ali getting up from the canvas after being hit by an stray right jab to the jaw.


Now, Sins are two categories


1. Those we commit when we are well aware

2. Those twe commit when are not aware of


The first category, we must immediatley repent, the longer we delay repentance, the more likelier that a misfortune will happen to us as a punishment for our sin


The second type, we should always say " Rabbanaa laa tu'aakhidnaa in naseenaa aw akhda'naa" Our Lord do not hold us responsible if we forget ( and commit a sin) or if we mistakenly commit an error" we should always make Istighfaar, so that they wipe away ours sins since Allah SWT said, " Wa maa kaana Allah mucadhibahm wa hum yastaghfiruun" meaning Allah was not about to punish them while they actively seek forgiveness ISTIGHFAAR. So, what do you have to loose, continuesly say Istaghfirullaah, I tried it, you will be safe.



Our sins affect the following:



1. Wealth, money, a sin logged on our record can earn us a punishment that hurts us, such as a loss of our money or our possession being stolen. etc.


2. Health, a sin logged on our record can earn us a punishment that hurts us such as getting sick frequently without suspecting that you are being cleared of your sisn which you take lightly, Allah SAWT says " Seek forgiveness from your Lord, ..He will further strengthen you with your strength"


3. Family, a sin logged on our record can earn us a punishment that hurts us, for example,

your family and friends can drive you nuts as a punishment of your sins.


4. Depression. A sin logged on our record can earn us a punishment that hurts, in the from of depression, we find ourselves depressed without an apparent reason, then we go to Pizza Hut for help just to get heart from the large vegie pizza we ate to feel happy.



So, if you continously make istighfaar, you will wipe out your sins before you pay the price, so you will have a trouble free life, a little paradise on earth, you'll be smiling all day and your friends would wonder what are you up to, but as Allah SWT said, " Seek forgiveness from your Lord, ...He will make you happy" " Yumattickum mataacan xasanan"


Sins also withhold good things to happen to you (NIMA). So, if you continously make istighfaar, your sins are reduced and good things begin to flow your way like rain, money , good grades, and kids if you like to have some little anarchists at home. Allah SWT says " Istaghfiroo Rabbakum innahu kaana Ghaffaaraa, Yursili samaa calaykum midraaraa wa yumdidkum bi amwaalin wa baniin wa yajcallakum jannaatin wa anhaaraa" meaning, seek forgiveness from your Lord, for He is the often forgiving, He will pour down the rain abundantly, and he will provide you with wealth and kids, and He will provide you with gardens and flowing rivers ( from the down pour)


See how many good things are your sins costing you? is it worth the price? take a pen and a paper and do Cost/Benefit analyses, it is more economical not committing a sin.


So, if you are smart, you will stop thinking about sins, if you still enjoy your sins, let us visit the exciting horror show next ( No munchies allowed at this hall)


If you get sick due to your sins, and have a large file of sins logged on your account, you will realize that your time has arrived, moment of truth is at hand, you begin to shiver and shake as death approaches , now you are at your death bed and the angels are administering you with a punishment of pain before you depart, your bed sheets are like Lake Michigan from your sweat, but this punshment is really good for you because it wipes a portion of your sins, it is easier to pay here than over there.


Next, if you still have sins left on your file, Muslims will pray on your Funeral Janaazah, and the more people the better, so they will ask Allah SWT to forgive you, as a result Allah SWT will reduce your sins proportionally with the size of the attendants and their iimaan quality ( Watch out, your grandma in Garasbaalley sacrificing a camel to make a big funeral may not do the trick, if that was on your mind)


Next, you find yourself in the grave, this is not the executive suites of Marriott at Maui, or the Shangrilla at Dubai, you are in dark pit buddy, accompanied by a terabit file that you never paid attention to, so the angels look at your file and when they see the remaining sins, the punsiment of the grave begins, the real horror show, you are the actor, and accordingly a lot of yours sins are settled here.


Next, you hear the horn of the day of judgement being blown and you wake up, and follow the DAACEE, your leader angel, the driver and the witness ( Saa'iq wa shaheed) so you have to go throught the siraat, the straight narrow path, which is like the sobriety line test on which the police make drunk people walk on to see if they are balanced. So if you have been drunk with love of the worldly goods, you will fail this test and fall off to hell, otherwise, your sins will be waiting for you on the sides of the Siraat, depending on the severity of your sins, a corresponding hook bearing your name will be looking out for you, and will zapp you when you pass by, either tossing you below to hell or scratching you and causing you agony fear, here on the siraat more sins will be wiped out.


Next, if you still have some sins left, you will fall in hell and the torture will cleansen you or your remaining sins.


Now, that was some trip! init?



So, is it worth fooling around yaa geelley Nomad?



2004 e-Nur Softwaano Series

Contemporary Conveyer Of

Eteranally Conservative Content

e-Nuri is Powered By Quran and Sunnah

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^^^ was about time you (Nur)visited other forums other than Islam...dont get me wrong Islam is all good but I've noticed that's the only place you contribute to :rolleyes:


I'll come back to this topic later insha allaah.


ps, mase waxaad is tiri Islam forumka dadka uma badna ee meelaha kale ku xad? btw how come u never visit the womens section....we r all soo booqo ;)

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e-Nuri Old Editions



Imaan and Sins quanititaive Relationship Theory.



Developed while shopping at a supermarket.



I always look for a better way to explain the realtionship of iimaan with sins, sometimes I use analogy from the business world, sometimes from technology and science.



I once observed that our faith can be viewed like business profitability. To be profitable a busines has to:


1. Increase it's profit margin

2. Reduce it's costs

3. Sell more products or services


Today I will share with you my insights on how to reduce costs.


If Islam is our business, Hasanat are our profit margins, then sins are costs or liabilities that need to be reduced for a profitable business.


so yesterday, while day-dreaming between isles of a supermarket , I found the model of the relationship between iimaan and sins in order to control profitability of Islam as a business. Here is the model Alah SWT inspired me with:


Most readers would recognize the meaning of sins, but iimaan may be kinda difficult to define, so please refer to my old posts, or in case you can not find them let me know, I will repost them again inshaaAllah.



iimaan is inversely proportional to sins we commit, according to the following relationship:



iimaan = 1 / ( Total sins)



The higher your sins, the lower your iimaan reservoir gets.


The lesser your sins, the higher your iimaan reservoir gets.


Special case is when your sins are cleared on a daily basis by istighfaar and you have fractios left or decimals of sins in the denominator, then iimaan shoots up real high, so high, you begin to see concepts of iimaan much clearer like a soaring eagle.


Allah says:


" Inna Allaahu laa yahdii al qawmal faasiqiin"


So if you want to increase your iimaan, just reduce your sins, and enjoy the happiness of increased iimaan. A good business venture.


On the other hand, if your sins increase, they leave dark spots on your heart, your ( Truth Radar), Al BASEERAH, whose function is to help you see truth and follow it, and as they accumulate, they impair your judgement just like alcohol impairs your eye sight.



iimaan is also related to Hasanaat ( Good Deeds) by the following relationship.



iimaan = ( Ikhlaas coefficient) * hasanaat


iimaan is directly proportional to hasanaat times an ikhlaas coefficient ( Sincerity), the ikhlaas coefficient is a multiplier of the hasanat, the higher your level of ikhlaas, the higher yield on a given hasanaat action, for example, according to a hadith, a salat performed alone while travelling on the road can earn you 50 times hasanaat due to the ikhlaas factor, since no one is observing you perform this prayer.


So combining the two equations we have


iimaan = ((ikhlaas cooefficient)*(Hasanaat) / ( Total Sins))



So, what happens when your sins and Hasanaat (good Deeds) are equal?



Now if you find yourself at threshhold, the twighlight zone, you'd hope for another cooefficient to prod you up a little, I call it the heavyside coefficient, it is soo heavy, if you have a grain of iimaan, it will tilt your accounts towards the positive side ( MIthqala Dharra).


The heavyside factor is : RAXMAH



Continuation of Derivation:



We derived the general equation of iimaan as a relationship of sins and hasanaat.



we said that:


iimaan = ((ikhlaas cooefficient)*(Hasanaat) / ( Total Sins)) (1)


we further postulated that when your hasanaat and sins are equal, you need the Raxmah factor to kick-in so you can save your soul.


so the new equation becomes:



iimaan = (((ikhlaas cooefficient)*(Hasanaat) / ( Total Sins)) + Raxmah ) (2)



The Raxmah factor is NOT always active, ( we shall discuss what activates Raxmah later), that is why some people who may appear to you to be great Muslims may end up in hell, and vice versa. It is due to the Raxmah factor we are saved,not mere deeeds, because, without the Raxmah factor, no one will be saved.


Allah SWT says in suratul Faatir:


" Maa yursilillaahu linnaasi mir raxmatin falaa mumsika lahaa"



The Raxmah that Allah sends down to people can not be withheld by anyone"


It is with this Raxmah that everything good is possible, with Raxmah, our life becomes bearable, our worries reduced our good actions multiply and generally we become more successful witout apparent reason.


So how does the Raxmah factor play into this equation?


Whenever we do a good deed, it is due a Raxmah from Allah that we :


1. Remembered to do it in the first place.

2. Were provided by the material means to earn such a reward


The Raxmah factor is a gift from Allah SWT. It was reported that Messenger of Allah SAWS said no one enters Paradise with mere deeds, even him, unless Allah SWT encapsulates him ( YATAGHAMADUHU) with his RAXMAH.


The Raxmah factor ® is the Magic number, it is stealthy, it does not always appear due to our instantaneous state of the iimaand, it is iimaan dependent, and like you've wittfully postulated, it varies from 0 fro zero iimaan, to infinity in the case of those with iimaan who tolerated the path of Allah all their lives, as Allah SWT described them : " Innamaa yuwafaa assaabiroona ajrahaum bigheyri xisaab" meaning that the tolerant believers are rewarded infinitely, which says that due to the pain they tolerated, Allah SWT gave them infinite Raxmah which earned them infinite rewarrds.


Allah further SWT says : " Wa Raxmatii wasicat kulla shey" meaning, " My mercy is infinite"



With a catch!



Allah continues in the same verse: " Fa sa ajcaluhaa lilladeena" I will make my Raxmah available for those who........" among many other conditions, follow the Messenger of Allah SWT, Muxammad, the illitrate whose name is mentioned in the Torah and the Gospel, "


So, here is strong case for following the model of Muhammad SAWS, The Sunnah model for seeking the Raxmah factor, because Allah SWT says about Muhammad SAWS : " Wa maa arsalnaaka illaa Raxmatan lil caalamiin" meaning : We have not sent you except for the purpose of Raxmah for mankind" ,


We are also asked to make salaat on his soul to qulaify for Raxmah, The Messenger himself was ordered to: " Wa salli calayhim, inna salaatuka sakanun lahaum" meaning " Pray for them, your prayers are Serenity for them" , or Raxmah in our case.



Now let us look at (2)


iimaan is therefore a variable quantity, Allah SWT says in suurat Muxamad:


"Wa ladiina ihtadow, zaadahum hudan, wa aataahum taqwaahum"


"As for those who responded for the guidance (of Allah SWT), (Allah SWT) increased their (level) of guidnace in addition to providing them with a shield of protection from punishment (TAQWAA)"


Here we find an amplification and feedback effect, good deeds result in elevated level of imaan, and conversely, an elevated level of iimaan results in better deeds and actions. (3)


Likewise, bad deeds result in reduced level of iimaan, and reduced level of iimaan result in earning less hasanaat and more bad deeds. Allah SWT says about the companions who found themselves in distress during the famous Uxud battle after disobeying the orders of the prophet SAWS to stay their grounds:


"Innamaa istazzallahumul sheitaanu bi bacdi maa kasabuu, wa laqad cafaa Allahu canhum"


" Satan only caused them to sin due some of the bad deeds they have incurred, and Allah has forgiven them"



So in general, humans are born with an imbedded level of iiman in the subconscious, it is called Fitra or like I coined it on this forum ( Default State) iimaan quantity. If a person therefore carries out good deeds, and seeks his maker sincerely (ikhlaas), his good deeds will finally lead him to Islam. A good example of this is when a Bedoun asked the prophet SAWS:


O Messenger of Allah, before I became Muslim, I used to do good deeds, are these deeds counting for me? The Messenger of Allah SAWS answered him:


" Aslamta, bimaa aslafta" meaning "It was those good deeds that led you to Islam". So good deeds are a ticket to finding out truth and Islam.


In this thread we shall discuss, ways to decrease sins, increase hasanaat, and as a result increase iimaan, so that we can be guided to the straight path.


Your questions and contributions are encouraged to make this discussion a success.





2003 e-Nuri Mind Capacity Expanders


We Attack Problems, Not People

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Brother nur may allah bless you mashallah when i read this walahi it brought tears to my eyes. I haven't been on here in a while, and lately i've just been ignoring the religion... everthing else was a priority but the religion of Allah.. (istagfurullah). Stuff about religion seems pretty interesting to me, but rarely does it ever bring me to tears. Maybe it is becuz of the state i'm in lately. Mashallah may Allah make you among the dwellers of Heaven, you don't know what this post just did to me walahi. God bless you and i hope many people read this inshallah.

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Simple Woman


Amin sis, amy Allah make you also one of the dwellers of Jannah, a tear drop shed in Allahs love, fear or remembrance has no rewrad but Jannah, and an aye does not fill up with tears twice, so crying for our sins can help now, but not later.





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Masha allah nur. you have been wanted these days and we have greatly missed your dawah nevertheless it was an enlightening to read your posts. you have a way to convey ur message as well humouring us somehow. I do try my best to repent and say istaqfurulaahi as much as i can and walaahi i have seen the benefit so far. I have had a hard time with my chemistry class. I even tried to drop the class many times but my insturctor thought i could do better however at the end of the semester I was impressed of myself and couldn't believe I was doing well above the average..I guess the reason to it is of me being constantly remembring allah whenever i got spare time with myself and regeretting past bad deed I had did and repenting..



but i have a lil problem these days too and I am hoping if i keep saying istaqfurulah ( and ofcourse constantly making dikar) allah will show me the right way to take ( pray for me walaal that allah sets my mind to where is best for me for he knows what is good and bad for his servents)


it's old me by the way Xaajiyo Sundus..I try to change my Tshirt once in a while. perhaps I might trick someone.

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No thank you, brother. I don’t want to fool around on this thread. It will be like playing hide and seek in a mosque and the last time I did that the imam beat me black and blue. ;)


Jazaka Allah Kheer.

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Sareedo sis


Jazakellahu khariran as always, you see sis, if you continue making istighfaar, your reservoir of punsihable sins dwindle to a minmum, the sins form a barrier between you and Allah SWT, so when you constantly remove them the sin hills become smaller and saller, as you continue you begin to see your purpose in life the way Allah wanted you, so at this point good things begin to flow your way, that is how you got through with that Chemistry class, in my school days, it also happened to me too, i had this fields and waves class that was so taxing of my time and mind, but with Allahs help, and Dhiker i finished well, bad things are only the result of our obliviousness to Allah SWT, when we pay attention, mountains are reduced to hills, alhamdullllah rabbil aalamin.


By the way, your name Sareedo sounds from Mudug? am i right? I am working on a post about names of laces and people in Somalia, it will be entertaining.





Welcome, great name. I read some of your posts, and maashAllah, I like your structured logical dialogue. I wish more nomads carry on discussions like you, I hope that you have read the rest of the post, not only the title.



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Just visiting back the Genrals on this General page after a lomg absence, a much noisier room then our Islam Page next door, when you feel confused, please join me with a haroob of Camel Milk (Imaginery).


Fi Amanillah




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Your article reminded me with a conversation I had with my mom lately when I felt so depressed and angry from myself & this life:-


1- I remembed that the conversation started with a question from my side “Mom, why is that we don’t give priority to Allah (SWT) only, why we give more attention /concentration to our work, education, social life , money, interests,,, etc?!.

Why is that its easy on us to wake up at early hours regardless of the tiredness and the heaviness we feel; just to reach the office on time or even earlier than the required time in order to be punctual, to do the job well and to please the boss quickly; so that we get promotion faster. While it’s too difficult to do simple things that Allah ordered us that can help us to gain Allah’s treasures in this life and the Hereafter?!.


2- And Why is that we show respect, care & appreciation to the Humans and we don’t do that with our Creator and his Noble prophet (PBUH)?


3- Why is that it’s too easy to commit mountains of sins while Allah (SWT) is seeing/hearing us and he can finish us in a minute while we don’t dare ever to underestimate/belittle the humans’ instructions, opinions or words? How come it’s easy to break Allah’s orders, how come it became so easy and simple to do these sins day and night?


She answered: That’s bcoz of the SINS (AL Macaasi) the more macaasi the human do; the more his heart become blacker and blacker which leads him to forget about his creator and not to fear him or consider his Punishment. And nothing can bring back this human to the right path unless he washes his heart and clear it from the sins and the dirts.We should fear Allah as if we can see Him, if we cannot imagine seeing Him, we must believe that He sees us."


Yes, Nur, it’s very true that the more macaasi we do the more we stray from Allah’s Right Road. And the more xasaanat we do the more we get closer to Allah.


A Teacher of mine told me once that Allah is offering us a great offer but we are not even feeling that:-


1-If we a Muslim did a sin , Allah will consider it ONE sin only. And the punishment will be one time only.


2- If he thought about doing a Sin but he never did it , Allah won’t count it, at the contrary he’ll be rewarded for not doing it.


3- If He did a good deed , Allah will reward him for each Good deed ten Times. “Whoever brings a good deed, he shall be rewarded ten like it and whoever brings an evil deed he shall be recompensed only with the like of it and they shall not be dealt with unjustly†(6:160).


4- If He thought about doing good deed but he couldn’t do it then Allah will reward him according to his Niyyah.


Would you believe that, we are Three-times winners. What more we want & why would we stay away from this (Successful Trade with Allah).


We always forget that without doing MAJOR SINS, if the Minor Sins that we undervalue get accumulated; they can cause us the great punishment.


Its too bad that we only remember that “Allah is ghafuuron raxiim and we forgot that “Allah is shadiid ul ciqaab†too.



Jazaka Allah kulla khair.

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Great topic subject. I'm sure everyone would take a peak out of curiosity. I did. I then thought what a great marketing scheme. First lure those who are most susceptible to "fooling around" in here, then beat them with a big stick. That's great.


Good job Nur. You must know by now that "da'awa" (Islamic evangelism) is a tough business. Some people will be really nice to you for fear of being labelled infidels and others will just stay out of your way. I understand full well that asking muslims to be true to their religion is a duty of every muslim. However, the tactics have always been debatable. Should one use more carrots (promise of Jannah) or a bigger stick (fire of Jahanam)? It's a very delicate balance that's hard to achieve.


I do admire your eloquence though and commend you on a good sermon. I found it to be straight forward and convincing for the most part.



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Geeljire bro. Thanks walaal, I knew you'd be tempted witha Haroob of caano geel, inshAllah, one day, y'll take a time off in Nomadland sitting on a dudun, sipping a smoke flavored haroob of freshly squeezed foamy snow white caano geel.



Zulfa walaalo


Thanks for your input, maashaAllah, your obeservations were the dots on the (i), and the crossing of the (T), we all need to examine our motives and ikhlaas as you have pointd out in the other thread, then only could we be true to Allah and to our selves.



Ofleh walaal


The reason that i have resorted to this method is because those most in need of my posts, unless they are familiar with my name, would read a topic for its title only, so, just like Commercials, I fish in murky waters, I am out there looking for souls to be saved, which makes me scratch my head for ideas, because, once I get them to read, some of them have admitted that they cant stop, next thing you know, is, they are on their way up for an improvement. Once I even went as far as tricking them with a lustful title. One such trick worked so well on Somalinet few years back, my post recieved so many hits, that I began to believe in the power of deception. The title that I poste on Somali net read " The Joy Of S....." the article was about the joy of Sadaqah, but, my victims never realized that I have hypnotised them untill they were well into the end of the article, some of the readers were really annoyed, as I let them down, others gave me a thumbs up sign, but all of them got the message and hence no excuses in the day of judgement.




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Nur, that is mouth-watering, already!


I didn't know you were that tricky, though, Nur. Maansha Allah. You are doing a good job. May Allah reward you for it, and may we be those who heed to the message.



Salaama allaikum.

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