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Originally posted by Lakkad:

Bee Yu gat tha right MAMI!


Aint none special abt this Lakkad...just a rebel thas all

yeah....riiiiiggght! ar kan xaa ku been ah!!! ;)

naah...he aint all that......just an average faarax.... smile.gif

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fantastic movie. Quiet innovative, humor, and pays homage to different film styles and characters. Loved the music, espically the first song, fit perfectly into the scene. Although some people thought it was too much blood, the way tarantino did it made it more funny and less horrific. It's definitely a movie i will remember for a long time and watch multiple times. And i am looking forward to the second one insha allah

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Originally posted by Khayr:

The soundtrack to the movie

was really wicked

what else can u expect from

the Wu Leader-RZA.



he only does the score, i dont know if hes responsible for the movies soundtrack although even if he did, i think some credit should be due to tarantino, all of his movies always has some quirky music to match, or contrast the scenes.



The movie was Grimey

but grimey and filled with pussing blood


No real moral to the story

and the action series too damn-Hollywood!



its not hollywood like bad boys II, or triple x... i will agree that it is a lot of flash, very american, but also very respectful to old kung-fu movies(the theme of revenge, the dialogue that the bride and verneen green had, the daughter having witnessed it, and the bride telling her "if you still feel a lil raw about it in a couple of years, come and find me. but between you and me, youre mom deserved it") samurai movies (o-ren ishi, and the bride fight scene in a snowy garden... very reminiscient of japanese movies.)



How does a Samurai Master suddenly come out

of his attonment period as well as his retirement

for the past 28yrs just to help out

some American Blonde take out her revenge.



HONOUR!!! theres an honour theme troughout the film, when Bill pulls back from her murder because itd be too cowardly, and not honourable to her, when verneen and the bride stop fighting out of respect for her daughter, when O ren Ishi takes back the comment about her being an american trying to play pretend with a sword... the sword maker comes out of retirement because he owes it to her, he trained Bill to become what he is (remember the dialogue? if he trained Bill, and than quit making swords because he was afraid he has cause too much havoc on the world, dont you think its because Bill turned out to be a psycho, and he feels guilty for unleashing him, or at least training him? you gotta think back on all the martial arts movies you used ot watch as a kid)



Even Killers in the past had Moral and rules,

but this two bit, heroin addict looking

American Blondeeee, breaks all the rules

just for her own damn self.



tarantino doesnt follow any rules, his protaganist are never "good guys" but you root for them anyways cause theyre the lesser of evils in the group. shes out for revenge, they left her for dead, killed her baby (or so she thinks), and her fiancee, and not only that but shed been raped throughout her coma... even morally wise, you root for her cause even if she is a trained assasin herself, these people shes killing deserve it.



Its too Americanized!!!

tarantino is an american, besides he had to make it HIS movie, it IS his movie, its tarantino at its best (in my humble opinion). hes always incorporating american pop culture in his movies, and even with all the eastern arts stuff, hes looking at it with an american POV, cause it was a part of his growing up in america... (cow boymovies in somalia, and in a somali context would mean the protagonists are the indians not cowboys, cause thats who somali kids would root for way back when, or so my dad says)



Plus, they could have made this movie its appropriate 2 and half hrs to 3hrs but

they cut it into half for the sake of

Money. They said that audiences couldn't keep up with a 3hr long movie cause people have short attention spans.



no tarantino said itd be too pretentious, and also there is even more blood and goriness in volume 2, so people would probably have enough of it.


Tom Cruise is suppose to be starting in a movie

calld the 'The Last Samurai warrior' coming this christmas season-I'll pass on that for sure!


Finding NEMO was definitely the movie of the

year/summer so far. havent seen it, but im guessing youre not a fan of R rated stuff.



Hey Bishaaro, you got a real good memory

to remember that song.


Fi Amanallah

i love this movie and am convinced its the best film ive seen all year. DAMN!!!

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hey i havent seen this movie, although i havent been to the cinemas for a while, but my psychology lecturer was going on about how he had two vip tickets for it...and that it was his third time running.... redface.gif it really that good...good value for the money, how long is it, blablabla...tell me the whole caboodle! smile.gif

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Only movie-lovers can appreciate the artistry of this movie.


Oh all those severed limbs :eek: I like action movies but dang, I didn't want to see blood spraying left, right and center!

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Kill Bill make a nice change from all the usual predictable stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed it, the karate/konfu/samuria action, the Manga cartoon part in the middle of the movies, the way it goes back in time to tell ones personal story! got to appreciate the directory, it different and always keeping you focused on the film, with few laughs in there aswell

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