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Somali-Canadians caught in Alberta 's Drug Trade...Tragic story

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NNC saaxiib you are wrong and I also helped in the Edmonton Somali community and I'm one of the guys that started Edmenton’s first ever Somali Community and helped found you guys that school for your community center before I made my way back to Ontario.... Edmonton does have a huge Somali new comers, however is not the new comers who are getting killed.We know this because almost all the families of the victims, have left Ontario..


The fathers need to stay with their wives and raise their kids. That is the biggest problem our Somali community is having. Most of these kids have no role model, no father figure, no disabling. These are areas that come from the father’s side of parenting. Things are changing with the new generations in Ontario and newly wed families are starting to do parenting the right way which looks good for our future.


Peacenow, brother not all Somalis in Canada are drug dealers and losers. Somalis in Canada are the fastest growing and advancing community in Canada. When the Lebenese came to Canada and the Pakistanis, they did not accomplish what the Somali community have in their first 15 years… If you visit all the top Universities in Canada, you will find lots of Somali students. We are producing Lawyers, RA nurses, Engineers, Bio techs, Teachers ext every year in Canada. Next time you want to say something, please take the time to study the community. Don’t judge everyone



Wareer Badanaa!!!

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Originally posted by ElPunto:

Actually in this instance Peacenow is mostly right. Most of these 'kids' have been born in Canada brought up by parent(s) who have fled to find safety and opportunity for them. Yet they kill one another in the streets of Canadian major cities while others are dying in the Gulf of Aden or the Sahara for a taste of the opportunities they have been afforded.

People are products of their Environment. A Somali teenager will think of himself as similar to the people he lives amongst, his school mates and the pop culture on TV. They are not going to think, " ohhhhhhhhh gosh, people are drowning in Aden, i musn't try this blunt ". So peacenow is wrong as asual and he singles out SOmalis for communal and societal problems. Poor immigrants and their second generation kids are likely to be have their fare share of drugs and crime. Somalis are no different, although we think we live on a different planet. The article even mentioned this:



"In Alberta, the drug business is worth over $5 billion annually and is controlled by well-established gangs such as Hells Angels, native gangs and Asian triads. According to criminal experts, the ‘newbies’ — what the Somali-Canadians are called — are running headlong into other groups, rubbing people the wrong way and triggering turf wars in which they are coming out the losers"


lol @Tujiye. How many farax pilots you guys got, warya?

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^People are products of their environment. The environment we come from is one where corruption, war, poverty and lack of opporutunities have forced us to emigrate. It's also one where you constantly hear of relatives fleeing, barely surviving, asking for cash. Our environment is one of Islam where morality and ethics are integral parts of one's character. Given all of that - it's not unfair of me to have higher expectations of Somalis than some white kid whose 5th ancestor settled in Canada, lives comfortably on the hard work of his parents and can afford to try a blunt.


While Peacenow has major issues with regard to his own person and Somalis and Arabs - this thread was focused on Somali criminals and their victims in Alberta. If people comment on that and say these folks are garbage or animals - that is not a slur on all Somalis. And folks do NOT need to be defensive and say we have x number of good people etc. Everyone knows that already - unless you are completely retarded.

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These are animals plain and simple. All the world is representated in Canada today. How come the Chinese there are so successful.


These animals bring their backwardness to a modern country and 'let loose' to murder and sell drugs.


They now want sympathy and no doubt benefit money while they 'suffer'. Scum.


horta huuno cayda wa laga wacanyahay...


tan kale hadaan suashaada so qaado oo an ka jawaabo oo aan isku dayo..


horta anaga iyo indha yarta marnba iskumakeen barbardhigi kartid..


indhayarta caruurta ka awoow ka awoow yago halkan ku dhashay baad arkasa yagoo luqadood dhaqankooda ku dhagan..


tooso keentay in ay haystaan community isku xidhan oo caruurtooda u dadaasha xita waxaanxasusta aniga markaan dhiganay middle school caruurta iskoolka ila dhigata waxay aadi jireen after school chinese classes...waxaas oo kale hadaan somali nahay ma jira? taasi wa maya....taas waxaa kusii darta walidkii oo af ingriisi isku dayaya in uu ku hadlo asagii mesha ilmahisa oo kaga taxalujinlahaa..


tan kale duruufa jira caruur badan oo hoyo kaliya haysata oo yada ma caruurtay korisa mise way usoo shaqeesa


xita kuwa aba iyo hooyo haysta walidinti wali waxa ka maqan say caruurta ugu korin lahayeen dabad...


yacni ma aha dadka in loo koriyo say somalia jogaan


wax badan ayaa so wajahaya ..walidku wa in uu caruurtiisa uga taxadara


intaas oo dhan laakin waxa ugu daran in carurta lugu korinayo ghetto areas..oo walidki lacag haysan uu ilmahiisa guri wacan ugu gado oo ku koriyo meel dad wanaagsan jogaan..


tan kalena walidiintii oo dadaal caruurnay way xumaata


waxkasta wa calaf..


laakin waxa ugu muhimsan waxa weeyan hadaan somali nahay dal ma haysano daruufa badan iska jira....


markaa in la iska caytamo oo somali oo dhan la iska cayo ma wanagsana


taas oo ay tahy oo darufa badan jiraan dad badan oo somali ah baa wax baranaya oo meel kasoo baxay..


markaa so ducee uun ...

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You right in the sense that the deceased men were either born or grew up in Ontario. My cousin was killed 2 years ago in this drug violence also. I was talking about the majority, which is more like 6:1 ratio.

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