Farmaajo speech -Somaliland accepts to join Somalia

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Waa hadal qiimo badan oo sax ah.
Laakiin carabtaa waxay ku maah maahda 
       من يقع في خطأ فهو إنسان ومن يصرعليه فهو شيطان                       

Qofkii khalad ku dhaca waa bini-aadam balse qofkii kusii socda waa shaydaan.

Walaalayaal, walaalo yaan nahay snm ma daawayn karto.

Aduunka dad is dila waxaa ugu horeeyay haabiil iyo qaabiil samirkana waxaa baray "tuke" waa shinbir.

Hadii qof ka dhintana 30 sano bay miiska oohin ka tir-tirayaan oo samirkeeda ma'leh.

Hadaad dhahdo xaal qaado oo qowmiyadoo dhan hogaami iskuma kalsoona.

Hadaad dhahdo siyaasadda geeska afrika bay ka hor imaanaysaa in la idin aqoonsado mana shaqaynayso,waxay oranayaan adinku na hor fariista oo noo geeya beesha calamka, si aan shacabka been ugusii sheegno.

Aragtidayda waxaan qabaa in fanaaniintooda la maal geliyo ayagaa aakhirka noo keeni doona.

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He is lying through his teeth. Somaliland government never agreed to anything with Somalia. The talks are about how to create two seperate nations. The talks are as good as over from the Somaliland  side. 8 years of talks Somaliland and Somalia agreed on 2 main points. Not to politicise aid given to the former  defunct Somali Republic. Somaliland to receive its own fair share from  the international community aid, through SL channels. And the airspace deal,  these were the 2 main points agreed. And the koonfurians refuse to honer them both. And we know they are politically dishonest. Since the talks collapsed in 2015. The only ever lasting solution is for these talks to get proper mediation. Only then we will see  real results. 

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