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Laptop Terrorist!!

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Johnny B   

Sayid , din Filur.

This is what i wrote:


"Everything to discredit me .. it is applicable nowadays?, it was low of you to have denied my Somali parents the merit of having brought up this amazing Man."


2+2 ,

It'd be low of me making a huff statement like, you being a Russian adoptive daughter without me having no personal knowledge of you.


And no Jewish parents are as good/bad as Somali parents, but i just happen to be Somali, despite your wish of otherwise. icon_razz.gif

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Originally posted by Sayid*Somal:

Mitä helvettiä! - 2-2=1 - puhua suomisa?


haista vittu, satana perkele - i can not beleive this?

Haha thanks for showering all that love :D


Johnny Boy, how is asking if you were raised by Jews in any way discrediting you? You anti-semite. :D


If you asked me if I was raised by Russians, my answer would just be a neutral 'no'. Ain't der nuffin' rong wid Russians.


Lat oss tala svenska aight :D

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^Now she can get a real computer icon_razz.gif


They probably shot it because they couldn't figure out where the power button is.

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