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What do men really think woman think about

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Originally posted by *Hayat*:

quote:I think I would prefer the Echo to that Mercedes. At least finding the door handle wouldn't be an exciting mystery at 2 AM in the morning in an empty parking lot

lol. quite true!! you have an imagination cara


protocol, you just compared the worst edition of echo to the best edition of mercedes. when you look at both in their best, they are not quite that far from each other. by the way i want a red echo that blue does not look nice. I want a red echo becuase its a small car, and the prettiest of small cars. if i decide not having a small car then that is where the mercedes comes in.
;)you cannot be serious, mercedes and toyoto echo's are not in the same league. You could probably buy 3 echo for the price of a Mercedes. I will say that the echo is reliable like all japaneese cars, but when it comes to aesthetics and performeance, it's no match for a benz. it depends on what you want in a car i suppose.


Anyways if your in the market for a reliable and nice cars, go for VW jetta.


Here's a mercedes cl600, v-12 engine, a great performance car. But very expensive! Shall we compare that to an echo?






I changed my nick, I was the artist formerly known as protocol. i felt I needed a somali name. I was gonna go with shaydan shanlestey, but qalbi adeyg works. :D

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i quote:

dont tell me their disadvantages/features because you will probably lose me in a short while.

when i spoke of them being in the same league, i was making reference to their "looks". They are both hot when i look at them in their best. :D i know there is a huge price difference, i merely go for my cars in terms of looks, which my brothers tell me- i can be very much deceived.


I was gonna go with shaydan shanlestey,

:eek: .lol. yeah i agree qalbi-adeyg sounds much more reasonable.

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^^darls i confessed my knowledge deprivation along time ago..



^^ would love to help out, but i am knowledge deprived in this area

but if you want proof that ALL women know nothing about cars then read "bil-kiss" replies, the woman has wealth of knowledge at her disposal. ;) you would be surprised. :D

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