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Caano Geel

Somali team Olympic

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Yes dear:


Somali Athletics


women's 400m: Samiyo Yusuf

women's 800m: Samiyo Yusuf

men's 5,000m: Abdinasir Saeed

men's 10,000m: Abdinasir Saeed


And is 2morrow I think ;)

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Qofta Reer Jabuuti ahayd caawa ordeysay yaa arkaaye in the 100 metre heat. Wiiw. The sister did try her best, laakiin meel wax murqo waa weyn oo wada kuus kuusan inay u dhawaan karto iska dhaafee...


She even received a yellow card for a false start.




Farxiyo Cali Buraale was her name.

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Farxiyoy dadaal waad gaari doontaa haddii aay sidaa ku sii socoto. Guul ayaan u rajeynayaa wixii soomali ah oo meeshaa ku tartamaya dalkii ama ciddi aay rabaan ha cayaraane.

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Oo qofta maxaa u asturan?

I had few choice words for the above comment, but I decided to keep it to myself.


However, I do believe that there is no winning with your likes.


Hadey gabadha asturantahay, you have a comment to make, hadeyna ahaan laheyn, you would have said something.


I just don't get you people, what will it take to hush you all up? A burqa/niqab perhaps? I'm sure even then it won't be enough.


I think she looks good with what she is wearing, to add to it aad iyo aad ayey u asturan tahay for track and field standards.


If I were in her coaching team, I would advise against wearing hijab in sporting events and competitions, but more power to her. I think she rocked it on the above picture.


Getting back to the somali olympians, couple of sites I went to had the girl listed at the 200m, still no evidence that she made to the 400m heat that I have seen or whether she will make to the 800m(the official site says TBA for nation listing)


As for the man, the 5, 000 and 10,000 m is not listed yet.(no way to check which team will represent)


To sum it up, I think you folks just dished out some false grouping for the two athletes, just a hunch, ya dig?


On a serious note, has anyone actually seen this girl compete in the heat for the 400m, or you people just like getting into the habit of copying and pasting from bogus somali sites?

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Originally posted by Dabshid:

Oo qofta maxaa u asturan? :confused:

what do u expect her to run in? cabayad, skirt, jalabeeb?

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