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Italian police fine woman for wearing burqa in public

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I'm happy here and I haven't had problems with the locals, in fact I think they're lovely people once you get to know them. Speaking of Somalis here, I was reading about a Somali Emirati sister today who won Emirates Woman of the Year award. :cool: Khadija Ali Warsame her name is.. smile.gif


The only Arabs I dislike are the Labanese, so phoney and arrogant waaye dadkaasu.


Insha Allah, tell us more about your trip back home- I fell in love with it too. Somalia as so much potential, I would seriously consider it over UK if we're forced to move..

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Ms DD   

Somalia has a potential. Many people are returning from abroad. But they are finding that they have to start all over in Somalia and they can do so as long as they came money in order to establish themselves. Dadkii naga horeeyey, i.e people who relocated to Boosaaso straight after war and settled there are among the richest. There are poor people of course, but you know somalis, they help each other with food, charity, neighbourly help and generosity in general exists.


The way i see it, if we dont plan now (in reference to relocating eventually) back to our country, we will run the risk of being refugees in our own country with no money, and posibly kids wareersan oo dhaqan celis u baahan. We just need to work towards that by getting education or some sort of skill, saving money, and having one foot back home. There are huge opportunities over there and they will pass you by unless aad xog ogaal u tahay.

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