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Ladies what turns you off in man?

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Don't know if had mentioned it b4, but here it is:


Men who spit in public. No shame what so ever.

and I use to have a crush on this guy till I one day saw him wearing white socks with his the summer!!! Holly molly......summer? paleeezeee.


Q:When are we goin to end topics like these........turn ons/offs? I think the women's corner needs a lil makeover....don't think ladies?

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Originally posted by Honesita:


MARRIED MEN.....i dont know what is it but i always find myself dealin' with a married man who is lyin' about it....'war heedhe somalidu way istaqaanaa'...!!

Honesita, Giirl i totaly agree with u on the hole read my thoughts, expecially about the married men..damn what's up with that..yes you're allowed to marry four..but please don't look at me!!


And about the bad goes out to both women and men, what's more repulsing than a guy trying to kiss you and he smells like toon..damn..

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lol.....HONEISTA......gurl you are funny wallahi!

But that is so is a somali guy gonna try and drop game knowing he got a wife and 4 kids already.....DAMN SHAME!!! Like i want find out all i gotta say is "hooya hebel hebel waciyo?" and bam....da truth prevails.

But newayz yea my list is:

~ guys who are too nice....damn make it a challenge for me....I HATE EASY GUYS!


~somali guys who wear tight aka YOUNG bka ON-YA **@ JEANS....damn we aint in london!!!


~and guys who speak broken english and somali....well where the hell you from?

lol....i think thats all!

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Lady's here what turn me Off in a Women:


1-Bad breath after Smoking UFFF (I dumped 2 girls for that) :eek:

2-Bad Kissers Cmon now I'm french so u know...

3-Jealous Sisters (can't stand )

4-underarms( plz shave and used deodorant)

5-big Forehead( freakin'alien from Mars )

6-*** *** *** (specially somalian ,is degrating TO the society..

7- Nagging Type ....

8-girl who don't know how to make LOVE,,,

9-Girls who think men are all the Same.

10-Girls who turned u Down for Sex but Get pissed Off when u sleep with the girlNextDoor .

11-Girls with dirty looks when they see u with a NON-Somalian girl :eek:

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TIRENOIR, I don't think you read the topic closely... May be you wanted to post this in "FELLAS what turns you off in a woman"...


N'way, to add to my list, I hate:

=men who don't shave

=men who ask where you're going, with whom, when you coming back

=men who don't get along with my FAMILY

=men who are uptight and not open to new things/ideas

=men who talk about their ex's in a negative way

=men who compare me to their ex or other women

=men who are inexperienced (in every way)

=men with long nails or toe nails (uff, uff, uff)


Ok ok ok... I'll stop...

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Originally posted by STHLM_Lady:

Damn.........I can´t stand bad breath too and dry lips,u know faruuraha qalaley o qobka kaqacay damn.... :mad: whats vaselin made for.....

Lol@ faruuro qalalay


Originally posted by Rahiima_as-Somaali:

In the appearance department its quiet short:


- Ghastly breathe of course and BO.

- Appalling dress sense, especially white socks with dark clothing, OH MY GOD :eek: . I'm not saying dress in the latest fashion, but rather dress appropriate, appealing and most importantly colour coordinated.


I could probably write a thesis in regards to turn offs with character, but three are of utmost importance and hence will mention in the hope my brothers will learn:


- A man with no dreams might as well be dead in my books. Dreams to make a better living for himself, to make the world a better place and most importantly strive to reach that dream.


- A man with no deen, who doesn’t know his creator and does not endeavour to know Him.


- A man that disrespects women. I don't care if she is a dressed improperly, or behaves in a shameful manner or is even a prostitute. A man should never use foul language against a woman, or anybody for that matter.

Afkaaga caano lagu qabay.


Lool@ ahlaan

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Men with crooked teeth are big turn off for god's sake it's not that expensive to get braces ...invest in them smile.gif

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