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LayZie G.

The Wake: A Tribute to PeaceNow

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Having a wake for brother peacenow is more than paying my respects to him, it is also a time to reflect and recognize his many achievements in SOL. To this end, I hope he enjoys the short montage I put together for his honour and what an honourable man he was.


In short, peacenow was was brother to few handful people, a friend to many, most of all, he was a personal confidant to me. All in all, PeaceNow was a man loved by many but hated by few for that, Peacenow shall live in our hearts for a long time to come. May you rest in peace while you rejoice in the pain and suffering of your enemies and the total destruction of the ARAB race. Amen, Amen, Amen


....and now, I present you, PEACENOW...



Peacenow on being born to the Somali race


I'm cursed.


An address to the Somali people

The shame you are.


Peacenow on the curse of the Somali race

The cursed.


Peacenow on the subject of SOmalis pandering to the Arab race

Utter Utter embarrassment. Shock horror Arabs now accuse Somalis of bringing in Aids in Yemen.



PeaceNow on the rise of insurgency

No sympathy for those who want to turn Somalia into a Arab colony where we worship backward arab culture and beliefs while they live it up in their developed cities.



PeaceNow's ultimatum, you made your bed, you must lie in it, you cursed lot


No more Arab worshipping. No sympathy for the islamic thugs.



PeaceNow's warning to the white race: They are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!


They have been venting hatred against blacks for millenia but they are just starting to know who is their real enemy.


The Arab and the Asian.


The arab wants to destroy his civilization and enslave him and the asian wants to destroy his economy and take what he has.

Unlike the jews, the blacks have never been a threat to anyone. They are not dangerous to the state and never subvertive. They are harmless and whites are starting to notice that. The arab and the asian must be destroyed.




PeaceNow, a poem dedicated to President Sharif, edited by me "Mr President no more", January 31st, 2009:

He is a not a Killer

He is not a Warlord

He has not sold out his country


He thinks with his head(and/or his testicles)

He is pious and educated

He care about ordinary people.(only if they are have long legs and a booty to go with)


That is President Sharif

I'm proud to call him my President for the first ever time. (or mr Pimp, who is minding the house, Mr President)


Time to stop the bickering and name calling.


The nation is in ruins and we come last in nearly every international standard.


Our message is clear. Now that the war is over, we must rebuild the country on a much fairer basis. We must rebuild the infrastructure and educate a generation of people lost. There must be an equitable redistribution of Somalia'sresources. This must be a redistribution of funds on a just basis, so that the whole country will benefit from the country's revenues.


From the bottom of my heart, to the depth of my soul, I Thank you for being you peacenow......


filed by: LayZieG

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a lot was said about Peacenow, but the most disgusting thing i heard was that he used to be a shopkeeper in Italy were he refused to serve somalis

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.. LayZieG: Although I didn't board the bus on time to catch up with the said gentleman, I greatly honor him for he was one of a kind. Let there be another peacenow NOW!

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Peacenow was true worshipper of white pple! He reminds me of the house nigga syndrome.


I see layzie's oven is ON for peacenow! lool. Its aigt homie-gal, once that xalimoos love oven is turned on, its hard to turn it off! Not even a fire exstinguisher can tuurnet off.

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