China & Russia come to the rescue as Europe turns its back on Italy

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This is a hinge point of history, especially the grand sweep of a Geo-political kind. Or it's pivotal time in that sense. And when it's over, just like the moment that was the end of WWII, which was when UK handed over the Western's global leadership, at least officially, to the Yanks, it likely that the bulk of world (outside of the traditional West) will see the likes of China from this point onward at the place where America was for the world from 1945 onward.

Hence, although we somehow had a "vague idea" that this hinge point of history was all along coming our way, it just that at this point in time, what we have is the clearest example in which we will ever get to the point of seeing the "changing of the guard" in world leadership in real time and as it was happening in right in front of our collective eyes.  

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Amazing how "small" incidents can trigger momentous other incidents.

On Thursday President of Serbia announced that he has asked China to help save the people of Serbia.
His voice breaking, announced that Europe America have been informed that their solidarity is not even worth the paper.

Saturday China send an army of Medics a group of aircraft with TONs of everything from gloves to medicine to food.

The Serb president greets every single one of Chinese at landing of stairs and at the end lifts the Chinese flag, hugs it and kisses it and the whole area including guards, workers etc breaks in applause and some noises of total pleasure.

You could not make this up no matter how experienced fiction writer you may be.

Friday Italian prime minister finally gives in and asks President Putin to save Italy.

Sunday the Russians are there with all Vehicles and jackets emblozened sticker "From Russia with love" two hearts of both flags of both countries. Russia sent its Military not Civilian red cross or crescent.

Could any movie producer have created such beautiful sites, but more consequential?

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EU is dead.

It was known the British were not going to leave a functioning and live EU. They succeeded first by staying in and being obstacle by veto to any progress and now by leaving it and not wanting to negotiate with EU, but individual countries.

Nigel Farage predicted Italy would be next one to leave.

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Except for the dumbed down world of today that does not remember yesterday, Russia and Italy is nothing new.

Berlusconi and Putin are personal friends

Italy has recomended to EU to lift sanctions

Look at the monument in Italy from 1908 when Russian sailors saved thousands of people after an Earthquake.


From a historical viewpoint, there is a precedent. In Sicily, in the city of Messina, there is a monument to Russian sailors, who in 1908 were the first to help the inhabitants of this city, destroyed by a terrible earthquake.

Click to see full-size image

For several days the sailors raked the rubble, pulling the Italians buried under the ruins, evacuated women and children to their ships, deployed field kitchens. As a result of repeated earthquakes, Russian sailors suffered losses, but continued to save people.

“In the history of Messina, there were thousands of pages of human kindness and generosity,” Italian journalist Matilda Serao wrote. “But they entered the most eternal and most imperishable page in this story – fair-haired Slavs, so restrained in appearance and so responsive in business …”




The participants in the Russian operation to assist Italy in the fight against COVID-19 said that the Italians were “dumbstruck...


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