PM Hassan Ali Khaire suspends WB Development Project for PL, JL, SW capital inc. Mogadishu

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It looks Planning Minister was trying to sneak this project under PM's radar, but it fails spectacularly. 

Missing from the list are Jowhar and Dhuusomareeb/Cadaado. Also, Mogadishu got the same funds as village sized Garowe. 

What was rationale behind this? 

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I just want to see what this $28 million dollars for these towns after few years. That kind of money could transform a whole city in terms of roads, bridges, parks, street lights and even thousands of public housing. 

Yet, it will all end up in Dubai banks , Nairobi and Booli Qaran.

Never in history of Somalia that much money is given to a province let  alone a city.. That is why leaders do not want to disrupt the money follow and rule as overseers instead of elected leaders who must rely on their people and nation.

Somalia waa mashruuc ayaa la yidhi. 

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More than half of that money will be pocketed by the donors themselves in Nairobi.

You can not imagine how many hundreds of millions were looted from 2012 to 2017. A friend who works with USAID told me that when the London conference was held a half billion was raised, plus the millennium fund and other drought related funds.

Since Mogadishu was unstable,  NGO directors and donors were unable to travel there and most of the capacity building money were spent in Somaliland and Puntland. He told me that most of the money were divided between the NGO directors and Somaliland ministers. Hargeisa water development alone was spent around $160 million with zero water to the public. There are ministers with $20 million dollars in their banks in Dubai. Because of the millions of dollars leaving Somaliland inflation went to the roof.


Today, this Mogadishu town is where billions are looted . This artificial money creates inflation and higher prices for commodities for most of the population. Every president is trapped by these billions thinking the country is being rescued and capacity being enhanced by donors. It all creates false image of the reality. From the ministers to the members of parliament , everyone knows their groceries are paid by others not the nation they serve. How can you say no to the person writing your check. 

As they say, there is no free lunch in the real world.



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It is wrong to stop the money after the fact. Too bad minister Bayle was overuled by the clan. When 200 million from Qatar was allocated to Banadir and two Shabbelle roads , no one complained, yet if money from donors are given to others regions why cry?. 

Besides, Hir-Shabbelle and Galmudug do not even have a functioning administration to manage these dollars. These two regions should have joined the project after a year or so when they establish a system. Every time a dollar is given to others our freinds in Mogadishu complain.

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Besides the backtracking of an already signed agreement, what is the wider implications on this? 

How can they ask the IC to funnel all Aid/Development through N&N? It leaves very bad taste at the back of everyone's tongue. 

He should have rather stuck with it, at least that could have earned him a lot of respects from some quarters but now, dhan walba kaa ka dhintay. If you know what I mean. 

On another note, this reminds me of the old Lion vs rest of animal kingdom story, where the Lion takes everything at the end,  ma badh mise badh-kale, badh libaax ayaa leh, badhka soo hadhay ma in mise inta kale, in Libaax ayaa leh, jabka soo hadhay ma jab mise jabka kale jab Libaax ayaa leh. :D 

Imika Mogadishu wixii la siiyo Mogadishu ayaa leh, wixii goboladda kale la siiyo badh-ayay ku leeday. 

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As you know our culture very well. And of course you being a Suldaan, no less, (I will presumed for you nothing less than that 😁). So let me say that what Dr Beileh, the finance minister of Somalia, is in relation to Somalia, at least politically, is in effect of what we Somalilanders (or northerners in general) call "Awr-kiraale" (i.e., hire-able camel). And he is that sort of thing in more ways than one, indeed.

In other words, he is essentially a man who doesn't have any "political cards" to play with it in the eternal high-table of the "power-play-politics" of Somalia. Or at least, he doesn't have any "reserved seat" at that table.

And in particularly, he doesn't have a "reserved seat" at the political table in which the endless competition for power that has been going on from the get go since back in early 1950s in Somalia gets usually to be staged on it. 

And that era of early 1950s was when Somalia tentatively assumed her role of a would-be sovereign State in the post-independence era, that in turn was going to start from 1960. And, of course that competition in Somalia (i.e., South), that I am talking about in here was always the competition between the "H-Block" and the "D-Block" of Somalia, as you know of it so well, indeed. Which in turn essentially is a "Zero-Sum-Game" sort of "power-politics".

Hence, Dr Beileh, will simply have to accept to fulfill whatever he is told to do by the powers-that-be in Somalia at this time around, namely, the "H-Block-Chieftain" by the name of Mr Kheyre. For he is essentially, and politically speaking, a "glorified guest" within Somalia (i.e., the South) and it's endless tug-of-war version of power competition. between the usual "duopoly hyenas" that are out there in Mogadishu in particular and Somalia in general.  

Of course, in another era such that of Gen. Afweyne and his time in power, and if he were the finance minster of that outfit, then, of course, he would would have been basically required to fulfilled his "marching orders". And duly give all of the international aid money there is going, solely, to the "D-Block regions" of Somalia, as the case would have been in that era, indeed.

For as I said it, he is essentially a "glorified version" of "Awr-Kiraale", at least within the power-distributions equation in Somalia. And in particularly when you strip away all the tendentious and cheap talk of "Somalinimo".

However, he would not have been that sort of a "hire-able camel" in Somaliland. Or at least he would not have been treated as such by any leader in Somaliland. For his kin and kith in Awdal region are the "real political stake-holders" into the very existence and to the depth of the "social marrow" of Somaliland's institutional structures, unlike, say, how they are in relation to Somalia.

Consequently, since, Mr Farmaajo can't overruled the said "H-Block-Chieftain", namely, the ever self-regarding and the highly conceited Mr Kheyre, given that Mr Farmaajo, himself, is in effect a "tolerated-house-guest" (in the political sense of that word) of the same Mr Kheyre, then that actually means, Dr Beileh, being a "hire-able and functioning camel" (i.e., Awr-Kiraale) would have to carry out, both the letter and the spirit, of the the direction and the orders of his "patron" in Mogadishu, who in turn hard hired him for his current political gig, namely the same Mr Kheyre.

Subsequently, understand that, my friend (and I am sure you do know that, already). Then you will really understand every thing else that is going on in Somalia or the south, politically.

  • Haha - That was funny. You made me laugh! 1

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12 hours ago, Oodweyne said:

in other words, he is essentially a man who doesn't have any "political cards" to play with it in the eternal high-table of the "power-play-politics" of Somalia


The man has all the cards if he wanted to play the game in a very  smart and screwed way. N&N without Dr. Bayle is is just a paper tiger. THe most positive and successful program of the government by far is  the financial management, budgeting and anti corruption reports which is widely welcomed by the international community and major institutions like IMF and World Bank. It is the only shining ministry within the government.

Have you seen the so called defence minister or you even know his name? or the interior minister who is working full time to resolve one single file--Galmudug- for the last two years? 

Today Dr. Bayle is the most trusted man within the government. If I were him I would have threaten to resign unless this " Buuryo Qab" kid Khayre acts like mature adult and stop interfering with the financial management of the ministry.

I can assure you that if he resigns today N&N will be toasted. Khayre is punishing Dr. Bayle because he is close to Farmaajo. 

This project was in the pipeline for over a year. In Somaliland it is implemented by  a program called JPLG (Joint Program for Local Government). How can you start this program in Galmudug while there was a turmoil in the leadership since Xaaf was targeted by the federal government and there is no replacement. Hir-Shabeeke doesn't have a financial management or even stable leadership. He could have told the winning hyenas in Mogadishu about  the millions spent in Mogadishu since 2011.

As I said before , it is all about confidence and being proud Somali. If I ever go to that place , I will not be anyone's guests. I will kick butts. One more thing , Sr OOdweyne, those of us who want to join the national government want something much bigger  than our local Somaliland government. We want to rule the horn of Africa and leave big marks in history. No one can stop if Dr. Bayle want to run for higher office.

Who knows , some day that zeal might diminish, or the hope may fade in old age, but at the moment we are still craving of getting back the paradise we lost. 

Last week for almost seven days we had a day time temperature between --27C to --35C. Now, those beeches back home would be only accessible with law, order and responsible government.









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Saaxiib waan arkaa in aad difaacis iyo "macawista" u xeji Ina Beyle aad shah kulul u soo cabtey (waliba waan garan karaa in mar haddi ay Canada ay maal-mahan aad u qabow tahay, aad dhowr koob oo kulul oo shaah iyo coffee ahi ay kugu tageen inta aanad soo fadhiisan halkan iyo SOL😁). Laakiin, saaxiib, runtii, ninka Ina Beyle layidhaahdo waa la qaawiyey. Waxaana la tusey in aanu Xamar ka aheyn wax ka weyn "Awr-Kiraale". Isaga oo qudhana maahe ee waa dhamaan inta magaca laga sineysanayo ee Somaliland ah huwan ee leh Hargeysa iyo Somaliland ayaanu Xamar ka dhex matalnaa waa wada "Awr-Kiraalayaal" aan is ogeyn.

Ta kale waxa weeye runtii waa ayandarro weyn in aanad wali baran ragga Soomaaliyeed sida ay u kale cad goostaan. Taasna waxa aan uga jeedaa, af qurux badana waa lagu wada hadlaa, sida dhaqanka Soomaalidu ahaan jirey, marka madal loo dhanyahay lawada joogo. Laakiin, xaqiiqda dhabta ah iyo xiniinyaha kugu yaala ama tolkaa ku yaalana ayaa ah waxa lagu kala cad-goosto, marka lugaha laysu laabto, ee laysku soo baxsado oo "cad" rag ka dhaxeeya qeybsigiis laysugu jilba-laabto.

Taas waxa aan uga jeedaa, nin Reer Waqooyi ah oo Xamar dhex meereysanayaa waa marti. Nin D-aarood ahi isna waa marti, Nin Digil iyu mirifle ahina isna waa marti. Intaas horta fahan, oo wax kaleba hakuu dambeeyaane. Waa laga yaabaa in ay Soomali u dhawaan laheyd in aaney "marti siyaasadeed" isugu noqon Caasimaddii ay wada sheeganayeen haddii qaran lawada leeyahay gacanta lagu heyn lahaa maanta. Laakiin, taasu meesha ma taalo. Oo maanta Xamar waa goof reer leeyihiin, siyaasad ahaan.

Kama hadlayo dadka caadiga ah ee u soo xoogsi tagey magaaaladda, waxaan ka hadlayaa khariidadda siyaadeed ee "kaadiriintu" (ama waxa waqooyi looga yaqaano "labeenta iyo Qoorweynta" ummadda) ku kala qeybsadaan cadka hashii Maandeeq ee lawada lahaa.

Midkaasna afka lagaa odhan maayo, sababta oo ah "Awr-Kiraale" lagu shaqeysto oo magaca Qaranka Soomaaliyeed u dhidida waad ka noqon kartaa Xamar. Ama waxa aad ka ahaan kartaa ka xoogsade iska caadi ah oo ah nin Soomaali ah oo jooga magaaladda oo quudkiisa eryanaya.

Laakiin in aad "cadka culus" oo siyaasadeed oo Xamar lagu karinayo in aad ku muranto oo aad tidhaahdo waan leeyahay waa kugu nusqaanimo. Gaar ahaan adoo "marti lasooryeeyay" ah, waa haddii laguu garan waayo in martinimo lagugu siiyo cadkaas. Oo waliba marka aad ku dhagto oo aad tidhaahdo anaa leh, ayaa si "ficil" ahaana laguu tusi waxa aad meesha ka tahay iyadda oo waliba "Soomaalinimo" iyo "walaalo" ayaanu nahay lagu wada heesayo oo laysugu wada jiibinayo.

Micnuhuna waxa weeye, saaxiib: "Afka ayaa laysu qurxiyaa, boqontana waa lays gooyaa".

Ama waxa aad noqon nin sida Ina-Farmaajo ah oo ah nin reerka uu ka qabo marti u ah. Oo laga dhigto "iidheh" iyo "xayeysiis" la leeyahay waakaas oo madaxweyne ayuunu siiney reer hebel. Laakiin, maalinta, Ina-Farmaajo, uu ka horyimaado "danta" dadka leh "Goofka Muqdishu", warkiisu waa waxba kama jiraan iyo waxba kama soo qaad. Intaas-na fahan,  saaxiib.

Xusuuso midhkan oo ah, ragga Soomalidu afkana waa qurxiyaan oo hadal dahab wax ka yar ah iyo Soomaalinimo loo baroorta aan aheyn ka maqli meysid abidiyan. Hase-Ahaatee, qiimaha aad agtiisa ka leedahay waxa ay ku xidhan tahay inta uu le'eg yahay "Xiniinyaha" kugu yaala. Ama inta uu le'eg yahay kuwa ku yaala reerka aad kasoo jeedo iyo gobolka aad kasoo jeedo. Taas ayaad wax ku tahay Soomaali dhexdeed marka ay timaado sidii loo qeybsan lahaa "cad rageed" dhexdiina yaala. Taana waxaa soo raaca oo cad-qeybsiga wax weyn ka qaata waxa weeye, "halka", lagu qeybinayo cadkaas iyo in uu jiro ninka gaar oo sheegan kara in uu leeyahay ama dadka uu ka xigo halka iyo meesha "cadka" lagu qeybinayo.

Sidaa-daraateed, hadii ninka "Goofleyda" ah ee deyniile kasoo "m-ooryaan-xoogsi-tegay" aanu islahayn nin Boorama kasoo jeeda ayaa "cadkaad" qeybiso kugu qabsan kara adoo Xamar dhexjooga, oo ninkaasi "tolkkiis" ayaa wax idin yeeli kara, waxba kasoo qaadi maayo nin yidhi wasiir maaliyadeed baan Sooomaaliya u ahey, oo ina Beyle ayaa layidhaahdaa, oo ku darsoo PhD holder baan ahey, ee waxa aan qeybiyo ama aan gooyo, anoo wasiir ah, yaan laga daba iman.

Saaxiib, xusuuso, Soomaali ayeynu nahay: Markaas Xiniinyo lagula garab joogo oo tolkaa leeyahay, ama dhulkii aad laheyd adiga oo jooga ayaa ah "qiimaha ugu weyn" ee hadalka aad ku hadleysaa lasiinayo, marka aad rag cad-qeybsi isugu timaadaan. Wasiir baan ahey, xildhibaan baan ahey, Madax-weyne baan ahey, midna Soomaali maxamed dhexdeeda intii ka dambeysay 1991 kama shaqeyso.

Intaas mar walba xusuusta kuhey, saaxiib.




Now in English:

My friend, you really  are as confused about Somalia's politics as any fish-and-chip kid in London can be, particular those who will say to you: "say walaahi" when they want you to tell them the truth. Although, you are very far from that sort of "addled-brain-creatures", at least in age wise.

And the reason I say that is that you really believe Somalia is some kind of a "normal" country, where any of the highfalutin stuff about financial integrity, honest's day work, and that of a legitimate delineation of government responsibilities hold sway. For Somalia is nothing of that sort, really. Given, it's essentially a shark-infested and tinpot make-believe facade of a State in which, cynically, the the powers-that-be in the Western's world, decided to go along with this sort of a charade in the hope of denying the murderous Al-Shabaab Jihadist some kind of "empty space" to which they could exploit it. And this "empty space" could in turn would have come about if there is no alleged legitimate government (such as FGS) which could be said that they are governing the country, when in fact they are not in any position to even govern a four (4) square kilometers inside the capital of the country. Much less said about the rest of the country.

Furthermore, all these IMF and World Bank lingo, in which you are regurgitating in here, in the sense of what Dr Beileh seems to have done it for Somalia, is again, the same UN and Western's inspired "verbal advertisement" they are doing for their "political project" of sustaining Somalia, strategically, despite the contrary and the ugly reality on the ground in Somalia, which can be easily observed by even anyone with the meanest of intelligence, really.

It's same old tired verbal advertisement they used to do for Afghanistan between the years of 2001 till 2010, in the sense of their old arguments which was that the Kabul's government had, finally, turned the corner in security and in the financial management sort of areas. When in fact the truth was (and still is) that the "Average Pashtuni's goat-herder", outsider Kabul, was still paying through the nose the usual hefty tax to the murderous Taliban who blighted his miserable life. And he still, lamentably, doing it even to this day. As most Somalis in southern parts of country are paying a similar sort of "exorbitant taxes" to the murderous clique known Al-Shabaab.

Hence, it's the diplomatic dance the western's powers are very good at when they want to make you feel as if you are "paragon of good governance", and therefore the rest of the very polished verbiage they will say on your behalf is essentially along that line of saying a good word for an "openly observed absurdity" of the kind that exist today in Somalia. For they are doing all these things because from their strategical stand-point it's their interest to shore you up, despite the glaring and repeated failures of your attempt in political State-making through out the years.

Which means it's their way of "self-justifying" to their tax-payers as to why they are given you these large amount of money, even if by any criteria you could think of any state that can't secure its capital, in security wise, can't be said in all honesty for that State to be in any position, whatsoever, to actually "qualified" any sort of "debt relief".Or for any of the "large financially stabilizing assistance fund" in which the IMF and the World bank are minded to "shower" on Somalia with it at the present time.

However they know that, of course. But their larger strategical necessity requires these sorts of make-believe assertions from the IMF and from the World Bank to be heard aloud by all (just like Afghanistan through out the years). And this means the money was always going to be given to you even if it comes thick and fast with all sort of beautiful verbiage alleging, absurdly, of how much you have done to deserved such lucrative largess. Even if the fact on the ground is that no such thing is really observable as a reality in your country.

So that is that.

And as for Dr Beileh, he is in more ways than one a real "Awr-Kiraale", like most of the self-serving Somalilanders's ilk who are now in Mogadishu. And, of course, it has to be said, that, their bogus talk of being "influential" folks in Somalia in general and in Mogadishu in particularly, will be indulged, harmlessly, of course. And they will be treated that way so long as they do not touch, or "contradict" any larger interest which may be owned by the "clan-family" who owns Mogadishu.

And if ever they were to do that, meaning they have touched, rather negatively, the financial and political interests of their "hosts" in Mogadishu, then they will be told that this Mogadishu and it's an "owned goof" (i.e., it's "clannish square-yards") of a particular "clan-family". And therefore, they as a "tolerated guest", should really mind their own manners on the whole, as Dr Beileh was told, in a rather brutal fashion, in action (no less) per se, but not in so many words.

So, please, bro, for once in your life, learn the "deeper truth" of Somalia's politics and put aside this touchingly endless infatuation you have for this "mythical place" call Somalia where all sort of a "honorable politics", along the line of "Somali patriotism" actually hold sway over it. For that is not present-day Somalia in which we know of it so well. Nor is it the current version of its political reality at all, really.

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The program will not be delayed who ever benefits. Khayre is just trying to win some time before the Galmudug election and Bayle very much understands it. The tribal thing that the old man is talking about is  not relevant in moqdisho. Saylici is more  a AWR-KIRAALE than Bayle if you ask Awdil people.

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18 hours ago, Duufaan said:

The program will not be delayed who ever benefits. Khayre is just trying to win some time before the Galmudug election and Bayle very much understands it. The tribal thing that the old man is talking about is  not relevant in moqdisho. Saylici is more  a AWR-KIRAALE than Bayle if you ask Awdil people.

If I really didn't know any better I would have questioned incessantly as to how on earth really is it possible that someone with such low intelligence could conceivably have the temerity to actually think he ought to detain us with his odious waffle? And do so rather endlessly in every decent discussion that could be going in right around here of SOL, in which he may himself in it. But then I do know better, so I won't bother to go down that road of thinking about it, really.

After all, we are talking about our cheap troll artist by the name of Mr Duufaan, who in turn had graduated from that dinghy school of cheap propaganda run by "N&N's gang" and the rest of the paid social media hired guns of that gang in Villa Somalia. So I wont really hold him to any sort of higher standard than by basically accepting that we have in our hands a sniffling troll of the most effing kind.

However, still having said all of that, let me educate this ninny in here, and say it would have been better to settled this affair in private between them. But the fact that Mr Kheyre saw fit to overruled Dr Beileh and then decided to "undress" him in so public of a way, and to boot he did all of that on the account of the "political interests" of his clan, shows you really how much of a political light-weight the said Dr Beileh do come across in the "fine scale" of the judgement of the "power distribution equation" of Somalia and that of Villa Somalia in particularly.

Hence, the reason I labelled him as some sort of glorified kind of a "Awr-Kiraale" being hired to do a given specific job. And indeed he was "retained", handsomely, to carrying out the "political agenda" of those who call the shots in Somalia of the present day, like the certain Mr Kheyre. 

As for the comparison of Mr Seylici to Dr Beileh, well, call this as the pleading obvious sort of argument, if you must, but the fact of the matter is that, unlike Dr Beileh, who can't set foot in his region of Awdal even if his dear life was dependent on it, Mr Seylici, on the other hand, is on the ground, regularly, whilst carrying out the political wishes of Reer Awdal within Somaliland.

Furthermore, he is accountable to them, unlike Dr Beileh, who is not to be heard or to be seen in any freaking village in which any Awdalite could live in it, let alone seeing the sight of him being found in their main city of Borama. And, finally, just like Mr Rayale before him, Mr Seylici, can win the "ultimate power" of Somaliland, if he is chosen by his ruling Kulmiye party to go for it, and if he also wants to throw his "political hat" into the "competition ring" for the Somaliland's presidential election of 2022.  

On the other hand, the nearest the likes of Dr Beileh will ever get to real power in Somalia, is if he is another "guest-boy" in Villa Somalia, like the current Mr Farmaajo, along with the notion or the idea of him marrying, for a political convenient sake, a local girl from the teeming "Unukaa-Leh-Goofley-Folks" of Mogadishu, like Mr Farmaajo did it before him.

And the reason for that is that unlike Dr Beileh who has no active "political constituency" within Somalia, let alone within Mogadishu, Mr Seylici on the other hand is dealing with the case of having his own folks being an actual and genuine "political stake-holders", with a telling weight at the scale of things, and with open and verifiable elected representatives, within Somaliland and its accepted across the board "clannish distribution equation of power". Which is not the case in Somalia where Awdal's folks are concern.

I know this is rather a "deep revelation" to some illiterate ninnies we have around here, like this Duufaan kid. But still, one must say that I am afraid, that, this is the "eternal political truth" that pertains, respectively, to Somalia and to Somaliland. And in particularly where the genuinely fine and the upstanding folks of Awdal region of Somaliland are concern.

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